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#16 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by Jalumi 09.05.2015 11:28


Schoolboy is going to work Its so funny with his backpacker. (Picutes from yesterday)

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#17 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by Bradamante 09.05.2015 15:03


Very bad lap. But I'm not sure of what happened. :s
During Q2 he was ahead of Vettel.
In Q3 worse than Q2, ok he made a mistake but behind Vettel of 1 second?

#18 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by Jalumi 09.05.2015 15:15


Why has he always trouble in Q3
P7 is not good But lets see what he can do tomorrow

#19 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by Sonny 09.05.2015 16:09


Pains me to see Kimi p7

I missed the quali. I'm at the airport getting ready to fly to California! Please Kimi for me tomorrow!

#20 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by WHATEVER 09.05.2015 16:41



Yearly trip to Napa, I guess.

Have a nice trip Sonny, we have missed you here.


I guess Kimi likes it hard, he sees no point in winning from P1

#21 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by momo 09.05.2015 23:18


2015 Spain - Post-Qualifying: David Coulthard on Kimi Raikkonen's qualifying issues

#22 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by Denorth 10.05.2015 10:59


new set of tyres been burned in the warming blankets. what a freak accident?

#23 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by Olga 10.05.2015 12:29


i feel and

but hoping for today

#24 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by Bradamante 10.05.2015 13:56


Pirelli gave Ferrari a new right rear tyre, so team can use the whole set of tyres not used yesterday.

#25 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by Bradamante 10.05.2015 15:50


5° place but the gap is bigger than Barhain. I don't think upgrades have worked.

#26 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by WHATEVER 10.05.2015 15:58


Yes, no chance to overtake in that track.

#27 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by Boudica 10.05.2015 16:29


Kimi lost hope for this race with qualifying. Looking back at the race Kimi properly did a great job with his stint on the hard tyres it would have been interesting to see how Kimi would have done if he started higher up.

Ferrari's updates isn't looking promising.

#28 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by miezicat 10.05.2015 19:43


I hope it's more down to the track. Sure the updates didn't bring the desired results but they all say now that it improved the car though.
Also what Arrivabene mentions about S3 doesn't look good for Monaco but I guess that can also be different because there they will have soft and ss.

Kimi Raikkonen: “Overall, it has been a difficult weekend, but non a disaster and we learned a lot. In the race today we gained a few places, but I was not very comfortable with my car, as it was sliding around.

Besides that, and for whatever reason, we are able catch the Williams but it’s very difficult to overtake them: they are very fast down the straights and once we get behind them, our car starts to be difficult to handle, much more than when you’re following other lapped cars. About the choice of going back to the ‘old’ aero package, I think it was good for all of us to be able to compare them on the circuit and I was prepared to run the risk.

Maybe it would have been better with the new bits, that is probably the case, but at least now we know about it. So, for the next races, we have to do a better job and we need to have more clean weekends, without any issue, even a small one, to make sure that everything works. We know where we have to improve”.

Maurizio Arrivabene: “The comparison of the two aerodynamic configurations in the race clearly shows that Sebastian’s car was going very well versus Kimi’s. But we need to improve. The gap to Mercedes is there and we need to analyze our data to understand the reasons.

We’re not blind to the fact that we were losing about half a second in T3 only, which puts a premium on traction, and we must find out whether this depends on the nature of the track or on our faults. Strategy-wise, we took an aggressive approach by having Seb stop only twice for tyres. If we had gone for a three-stopper, things wouldn’t have changed or would have been even worse.

The numbers tell us that the new solutions are good, the reality shows that they are not good enough. We did make a step forward, but it was supposed to be a jump. I am not blaming anyone in particular, I am taking my own responsibilities. We need to work harder”.

#29 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by Denorth 10.05.2015 22:03


I am sure that he didn't use upgrades on his car, only Vettel did. But they didn't help nevertheless

#30 RE: F1 Spanish GP 2015 by WHATEVER 11.05.2015 14:20


Our commentators were wondering why Kimi always gives it his all at the end of the race and not since the begining, or since Saturday or even since Friday. They even compared him with those rebel kids who leave homework until the last minute on Sunday afternoon. They are sure that if Kimi puts the same effort he puts at the end of the races since the begining of the weekends, he will end up much, much higher.

Oh well...


So, aparently a piece of a helmet's visor was the cause of the heat in Alonso's brakes, that is pure bad luck, since he had the posibility of making McLaren's first point in him home race. One word comes in to my mind, but I leave it to your imagination...

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