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Kimi after the race

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Quote: Denorth wrote in post #29
I am sure that he didn't use upgrades on his car, only Vettel did. But they didn't help nevertheless

yes, Kimi didn't use the updates, well apart from the rear wing, but I meant that Seb, Arrivabene and also Kimi said after the race that the updates improved the car. Although I have to say it's not that obvious if you compare Kimi's and Seb's pace in the race so...

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Some videos of the weekend:

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Quote: Bradamante wrote in post #33
Some videos of the weekend:


It's nice not to hear bad comments of Kimi this year, I guess the good atmosphere at Ferrari is even reaching the Italian media

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F1Bias race review

Spanish GP- Kimi drives a hard race

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I'm guessing Kimi will feature in all this articles through the season


Say what? The best of race radio in Spain

"Is it impossible? That's the question..." From Lewis Hamilton's refusal to give up the fight to Kimi Raikkonen's (numerous) outbursts, we bring you the best sound bites from a busy weekend in Barcelona...

I lost something at the rear...
Romain Grosjean's understated response to exploding bodywork

"I don't know what you guys are doing..." (FP1)
"I have no grip whatsoever. I cannot understand how can it be so difficult..." (FP2)
"Can we DO a lap or not?" (FP2)
"Do you want me to keep doing laps and laps, because I get nothing out of this..." (FP2)
Say what? favourite Kimi Raikkonen had his frustration piqued several times during Friday practice, and responded in typically forthright fashion.

"I lost something at the rear!"
Romain Grosjean is an early contender for understatement of the season after the rear bodywork of his Lotus explodes in spectacular fashion heading down the main straight in FP2.

One joyous exclamation sums up months of frustration, now turned to elation and relief, as Nico Rosberg claims his first pole of 2015.

"The rear end is terrible..." (Fernando Alonso)
"As soon as I touch the throttle I have wheelspin - that's not normal." (Jenson Button)
McLaren's drivers give a rather frank appraisal of the MP4-30 in Spain.

I was worried for him after I saw I had no (brake) pedal...
Fernando Alonso expresses concern for his front jack man
"Lift on the bad gear, Romain. If you don’t do that you’ll blow the engine!"
Lotus's Alan Permane gives it to Romain Grosjean straight after the Frenchman runs into issues with fourth gear midway through the race.

"What the **** is this Marussia doing? He has been three corners now in the middle of the road."
It's fair to say that Kimi Raikkonen is not particularly amused at being delayed by one particular backmarker.

"I was worried for him after I saw I had no (brake) pedal - he was very quick so luckily we didn't have any injuries."
McLaren's Fernando Alonso salutes his front jack man after brake issues cause him to run too deep at his second stop, and ultimately force him into retirement.

"You're doing a great job - we're pushing Vettel out of the pit window. Just a couple of seconds…" (Mercedes to Hamilton)
"We lost too much time in traffic…" (Vettel to Ferrari, a few laps later)

Mercedes' gamble on three-stopping Hamilton pays off after a superb middle stint from the Briton allows him to jump the two-stopping Vettel.

Yes! Come On!
Nico Rosberg, moments after taking the chequered flag
“Are you telling me it’s not possible (to catch Rosberg)?" (Hamilton to Mercedes)

"I don't think it will be possible with the remaining laps." (Mercedes to Hamilton)

"Is it impossible? That's the question.” (Hamilton in response)

Nine laps to run, and a hard-charging Lewis Hamilton is extremely reluctant to abandon his pursuit of victory despite a 16-second gap to team mate Nico Rosberg.

"Yes! Come on!"

Nico Rosberg lets the world know just how it feels to take your first victory of the season and reignite your championship challenge.

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