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#1 RE: F1-jokes by Ragingjamaican 13.08.2011 02:38

Keep them coming :up

#2 RE: F1-jokes by Denorth 13.08.2011 12:33


I think Ross Brawn got that crystal ball :) I assume the joke was from 2007/08

#3 RE: F1-jokes by Kinga 13.08.2011 19:42


Zitat von Wolfie

Christmas gift wishes:
Fernando Alonso - Kimi Raikkonen to retire at the end of 2009

It's not funny for me <img src=" title="shake" /> <img src=" title="sad" />

Zitat von Wolfie

Kimi Raikkonen and a giraffe walk into a bar and start getting drunk. After a few drinks the giraffe collapses and Kimi goes to leave. The barman stops him saying 'You can leave that lyin' there'.

Kimi turns and replies to the barman 'Mate, that ain't a lion, thats a giraffe.'

<img src=lol" title="lol" /> <img src=lol" title="lol" />

#4 RE: F1-jokes by beefree88 14.08.2011 09:26

Zitat von Wolfie

In Australia Ferrari marketed a Kimi Raikkonen boomerang. It was a flop as, no matter how much people wanted it to, it never came back.

I'd say McLaren marketed that boomerang

Love the jokes Wolfie,keep them coming ! :up

#5 RE: F1-jokes by SpaMaster 14.08.2011 10:41

Good ones! Loved that Kimi boomerang joke - "no matter how much people wanted it to, it never came back". <img src=ha" title="laughter" />

#6 RE: F1-jokes by Jinx 14.08.2011 19:05


that kimi boomerang joke makes me feel sad ...that no matter how much people wanted him to return to F1, ain't gonna happen...that's how I feel <img src=" title="shake" />

#7 RE: F1-jokes by Ragingjamaican 14.08.2011 23:04

Love that last one! <img src=lol" title="lol" />

#8 RE: F1-jokes by aivilK 15.08.2011 13:25

Thank you :) . This thread made my day.

#9 RE: F1-jokes by Ragingjamaican 15.08.2011 16:53

"Yet at the same time behind the scenes, the Spanish bank Santander was pissed off with Kimi's behaviour and they bought Kimi out from the team, because they thought that Fernando Alonso who behaved much better, should drive the red car. The rumour is that Kimi would have anticipated this and sabotaged Rubens Barrichello's car so that one part would have taken off and hit Alonso, but instead it hit Felipe Massa."

<img src=lol" title="lol" />

Thanks for that Wolfie, that just shows how good the <img src=" title="moose" /> is, thinking about tennis and driving idly and still manages to score 2 points in his debut :moo

#10 RE: F1-jokes by Jalumi 02.02.2013 19:10


Do we have a thread for funny pictures? <img src=" title="dunno" />
Found this on facebook <img src=h" title="hih" /> I think its a joke <img src=y" title="wink" />

#11 RE: F1-jokes by Sonny 05.02.2013 20:43

Nice find, Ja. <img src=" title="lol" />

#12 RE: F1-jokes by WHATEVER 06.02.2013 17:37


This is old but still... <img src=" title="ha" />

#13 RE: F1-jokes by momo 31.05.2013 14:18


From Gabriella Márfi: ... 7521_n.jpg

<img src=" title="giggle" />

#14 RE: F1-jokes by Olga 31.05.2013 14:26


<img src=" title="ha" /> Seb..... <img src=h" title="hih" />

#15 RE: F1-jokes by Jalumi 12.07.2013 16:11


Oh deer <img src=ha" title="haha" />

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