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#61 RE: F1 Spa 2015 by WHATEVER 25.08.2015 22:15


Yes, 100kms/h at some highways but in the city the max is 70kms/h, and a $50 for a speeding ticket.

#62 RE: F1 Spa 2015 by Jalumi 26.08.2015 16:17


Yes, we have some streets without speeding limit. Yesterday I drove to the north in Germany. My Golf is running 195 km/h and I don´t even give full throttle

About the Nürburgring- I better keep my mouth shut. I had Miezi, Olga and Yi-Ning in my car. Precious cargo! So I drove like an grandma People even wave at us

#63 RE: F1 Spa 2015 by WHATEVER 27.08.2015 01:10


better safe than sorry

#64 RE: F1 Spa 2015 by Olga 29.08.2015 08:55



great you had a good time at Spa....great pics too!!

the Nürburgring is a lovely track too! we had such a great fun waving to the crowds!

Kimi's luck is somewhere out there, i just hope it will be back!!

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