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#16 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by WHATEVER 20.06.2015 15:16


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Q3 result:

1 Hamilton
2 Rosberg
3 Vettel
4 Massa
5 Hulkenberg
6 Bottas
7 Verstappen
8 Kvyat
9 Nasr
10 Grosjean

I really hope a P7 for tomorrow is still possible, anything better will be a blessing.

#17 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Bradamante 20.06.2015 15:19


The situation is frustrating but having to read the haters comments is even worse. I'm really tired now, really really tired. I don't want to waste my time commenting the haters. Do what they want. My opionion on Kimi doesn't change. He will ever be a great driver (and my favourite one).

The interview after the race:

#18 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by WHATEVER 20.06.2015 15:22


+1 Tania

Don't read all that, no haters here.

#19 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by WHATEVER 20.06.2015 15:31


Q1 was run on a damp but drying track, with the initial times set on intermediate tyres. Sauber’s Felipe Nasr was the first to venture out on slicks and the rest of the field soon followed suit as conditions rapidly improved.

A frantic end to the first phase saw the order changing in machine-gun fashion, with Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen the biggest casualty, the Finn eliminated in P18.

Rossberg really had his chance for pole here and he didn't profit from it.

#20 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Denorth 20.06.2015 17:24


bloody hell

Austrian GP: Kimi Raikkonen blames Ferrari F1 team for Q1 exit
By Lawrence Barretto Saturday, June 20th 2015, 14:44 GMT

Kimi Raikkonen said poor communication from his Ferrari Formula 1 team was the reason behind his early exit from qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix.

Raikkonen suggested Ferrari failed to tell him about a change of plan after it realised the Finn would not have enough time to do three laps in the first part of qualifying.

As a result, Raikkonen did a quick lap, a slower lap and was preparing to do another quick lap when the chequered flag came out.

He was only 18th fastest, continuing his disappointing form in qualifying this season, while team-mate Sebastian Vettel starts third.

"I got some information and obviously it was wrong," said Raikkonen.

"I was doing the same thing I had been told when I was out.

"I never got the information that what was first the plan is now not possible and obviously we missed the lap completely.

"The information I had was three laps and they obviously noticed we went out too late at some point and we were not going to have three timed laps.

"I was doing the normal thing and I was told that the plan had changed suddenly.

"The point is they sent me out too late, we missed the one lap and obviously it cost us a lot.

"I did the plan as I was told. There was a mistake at some point. The plan changed but I was never told."

Raikkonen said the weekend had been going well until qualifying. Though he conceded starting in mid-pack will be tricky, he remained hopeful of a good result.

"Obviously it is not ideal, we should be much higher up," he said.

"We should be fighting at the front, but we'll try to do our best.

"Yes there are long straights but also two tricky corners to be in the middle of the pack so you have much bigger chances of something happening in first two corners.

"So you try to stay clear of all the shit in the first lap and then I guess we should have speed but you never know what happens in the race.

"We'll do our best and see where we end up.

"More or less until this point, it has been a pretty good weekend.

"The car is handling well. I'm sure we can do a good job."

#21 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Bradamante 20.06.2015 18:12


Shouldn't the driver have a watch with the timing on his display?
But apart from that, he must learn to make a decent lap immediatly, not always waiting for the next try. He had not to do the pole, he just had to do a lap to stay among first 15.
His box was not too smart, but he keeps complicating his life.

EDIT: Genè has just said that with the new ECU they don't have a watch on the display anymore.

#22 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Denorth 20.06.2015 21:26


agree Bradamante. Though - we don't know what was the plan that failed.

#23 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Sonny 21.06.2015 02:39

Bradamante: I echo your thoughts, feelings and emotions. I'll defend Kimi until the second he leaves F1. I don't think his talent can be disputed. My one critique of Raikkonen is maybe his work ethic. There must be something he can do to improve these qualification sessions. And he has failed to deliver in essentially every quali session this year. He needs to start addressing this particular issue immediately if he hopes to have ferrari honor his contract for 2016.

He could start by working his way to p4/5 tomorrow. The poor guy needs his confidence back in the worst way.

#24 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by WHATEVER 21.06.2015 05:20


I thought they were going to bury Raikkonen in tonight's F1 after-quali show. But fortunately Perez had exactly the same problem as Kimi, so they understood and said no more.

Perez clearly explained the track was improving by the second, so each lap was considerably better than the previous one. And that there was to much trafic so it was really hard to figure out the right time to go out. Then he and Kimi got stuck behind a slower Alonso and didn't have time to do a very important last lap.

They also said here that since Kimi and Perez were 3rd and 4th in FP3, they have new tyres and are both very good at making them last, they still have a decent chance for tomorrow. They only have to survive the first laps. And of course, they are also aware it's still going to be difficult, even with just one stop, because it's very difficult to overtake here.

PS: D, lucky you didn't came with me to the trip, it's 33 degrees Celcius here with a real feel of 39! When we went into our car after lunch, inside the car was over 41! Crazy hot!

#25 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Bradamante 21.06.2015 12:58


I've seen Kimi during the drivers parade. He was in the front row of the special truck, so he couldn't avoid the interview from Natalie Pinkham. But he clearly didn't want to speak. More he was between Vettel and Alonso and near Hulkemberg. I think he wanted to disappear.

Marchionne is there. Again. Let's pray.

#26 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Jalumi 21.06.2015 13:55


He was freezing too. And he want to disappear

#27 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Bradamante 21.06.2015 14:13


No words.

#28 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by WHATEVER 21.06.2015 14:35


How about shit Saturday and shit Sunday

#29 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by WHATEVER 21.06.2015 14:49


I just heard Alo and Rai...

Alo said it was really weird, Kimi sliding on 4th or 5th gear so everyone passed him in the right but he was in the left and got hit by him for being in the wrong place when Kimi lost total control of the car.

I couldnt hear Kimi to well but he said he wasnt sure what happened, he lost control of the rear and that he will see later exactly what went wrong.

#30 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Jalumi 21.06.2015 14:55


OMG, that was scary

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Glad they walked away unharmed

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