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#46 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by WHATEVER 22.06.2015 22:35


Yes, it would be great he could retire on a good note, he deserves it.

#47 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Bradamante 23.06.2015 21:07


Don't know but, IMHO, Alonso was not 5 mt behind Kimi when the spin started...

#48 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by WHATEVER 23.06.2015 22:32


I don't get it, now I read that the problem was the same as in Canada, the "Race Start" mode it's an aggressive mapping and with cold harder tyres, makes Kimi lose control.

Kimi clearly said in Canada the mode shuts down automatically after 90 seconds after start and pit stops and that he can't shut it down. But now the Italian media are saying Kimi can turn it off and just "forgot" to do it two races in a row

We get all this crap thanks to Ferrari not defending Kimi or at least explaining the real reasons of both incidents publicly.

#49 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Bradamante 23.06.2015 23:28


I read it too on Autosprint. I wouldn't know, we have to consider that Antonini, who now works in Ferrari, was a journalist of Autosprint, so it's possibile it was him to give Sabbatini this information.
But even it's correct, Kimi is not so brainless as they want we believe. So I think it's more an infortunate combination of factors.
Terruzzi, the journalist who most hates Kimi now is famous. Great.
"Raikkonen losing support of Italian press": whenever has Kimi had the support of the Italian press?

#50 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by WHATEVER 25.06.2015 02:40


I don't get this whole thing, it's so confusing. Could Alonso be lying? (No surprise there) but why? And why there are no on board shots from Alonso's car or any other car who was behind them? (Really weird ) Can't Kimi tell if he was hit or not? Even Jaques Villeneuve is defending Kimi! Why so many strange things happen to Kimi in Ferrari? Is Alonso planning to go back in 2016? Was that on purpose?

Naaa... I'm just feeling paranoid because of all that's happened lately.

But now I'm even more glad nothing bad happened to Kimi in that crash.

#51 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Denorth 25.06.2015 08:55


there is nothing better than a good conspiracy theory

#52 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by WHATEVER 25.06.2015 13:43


It sure feels like it.

Kimi didn't know what really happened after the crash and it feels like there are powerful people really interested that we all stay in doubt.

#53 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Appletree 25.06.2015 14:20


According to MTV 3 "inner circle" information data records show something happenedcto Kimis car before the spin. Engineer from the team says Kimi got sudden peak of speed or Alonso did hit him . Team cannot say which it was as Alonsos cars camera was turned off. That was confirmed by Charlie Whiting to MTV3.
Now I dont believe in million years Kimi would do such a driving error on straight unless there is something wrong. Whole different thing is what Ferrari bosses want to think about it, not what happened. Allievi writes Kimi has time to Monza.

#54 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Mundo 25.06.2015 15:00

Hi everyone ( thought I would contribute as I think you don't have a link to these videos and comments yet)

This video

is from (thanks to covalent who posts there)

Its worth watching IMO as it brings it all together, Kimi probably didn't even notice any touch if there was one. But Alonso is not correct about his position nor the start of the incident, who knows why.

#55 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Jalumi 25.06.2015 18:09


Hello Mundo Nice you post something!

Fernando is really very close to Kimi. And he had red dots on the nose of his car. Even Villeneuve recognized this. And he is very seldom defending Kimi. The accident is strange. I read they need to send the chassis back to Maranello and Kimi will need a new one for Silverstone.
All in all I´m really happy that Kimi get not touched from the McLaren. Could have ended worse

I really miss a bit, that Ferrari is defending Kimi. He mentioned that there is a problem with the car in Canada, now this strange accident. I hope they are searching for the problem

#56 RE: F1 Austria 2015 by Jalumi 02.07.2015 19:55


Now he say he was 10 m behind Kimi
Nano you need glasses, maybe 50 cm....

Alonso lashes out at "sick" Austrian GP crash theories

By: Pablo Elizalde, News Editor

Fernando Alonso has labelled as "sick" the conspiracy theorists who suggested he made Kimi Raikkonen lose control of his car before their Austrian Grand Prix accident.

Raikkonen lost control of the rear-end of his Ferrari under acceleration on the opening lap of the Grand Prix, and Alonso was unable to avoid crashing into him, triggering a violent accident into the barrier.

Alonso's McLaren ended up on top of Raikkonen's Ferrari, narrowly missing making contact with Kimi's head and hands.

The Spanish driver insisted the only reason some people still thought he had made contact with Raikkonen's car before the crash was that they are "sick".

"I was 10 meters behind him, and some of the videos I saw – I'm clearly behind him," said Alonso on Thursday at Silverstone.

"Kimi after the race said that he lost the car, and even with that – still 15 days later – we are still talking about the same thing.

"It's just people are sick because they don't understand."

As as result of the crash, Alonso will have to use an old engine in this weekend's British Grand Prix, after the new power unit installed in Austria was damaged.

The Spaniard admitted it was tough losing the new engine.

"The engine is the toughest thing because obviously we put a new engine and we paid the penalty in Austria and then we lost the engine and the gearbox in the accident," he said.

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