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#31 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2015 by jpp47 28.07.2015 23:30


Nice to read what Vettel wrote. Hope other people read it too especially Arrivabene

#32 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2015 by Denorth 29.07.2015 09:53


I wouldn't say I can agree 100%, but it is still an interesting point that I highlighted.

Kimi Raikkonen did a solid back-up job a few seconds behind, until he suffered a hybrid system failure.

The Finn might well have made it a Ferrari one-two.

From Raikkonen's point of view at least, what happened might be a blessing in disguise.

His future at Ferrari is in doubt and it is probably better for him to get the sympathy card from his team rather than finish 10 seconds or so behind Vettel.

You might not think so, but a lot of decisions are made on emotion in F1 rather than by studying the data, so Sunday's events could end up benefiting Raikkonen.

#33 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2015 by WHATEVER 29.07.2015 16:45


Let's hope so

After all the bad one, he sure has earned his share of good luck by now. It might even start now, right when he needs it most.

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