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#31 RE: F1 Mexican GP 2015 by Bradamante 01.11.2015 23:01


Maybe I'm wrong, but after hearing Kimi's interview after the race I think the Revenge between them is still open.

#32 RE: F1 Mexican GP 2015 by WHATEVER 02.11.2015 00:26


Kimi is not that kind of person, I think.

Kimi Raikkonen believes Valtteri Bottas' could have made more space ahead of their collision at the Mexican Grand Prix, but suspects his compatriot will try to shift the blame to him.

Raikkonen's race came to an end when he clashed with Bottas at Turn 5 on lap 23 of the race. Bottas was on fresher tyres and attacked the Ferrari around the outside of Turn 4 before taking the inside line for Turn 5. As Raikkonen came across to claim the apex at Turn 5, the pair made contact, breaking Raikkonen's right-rear suspension while Bottas continued without major damage.

"I saw him on the outside on the previous corner [Turn 4], it was tight but if you ask him I'm sure he's going to blame me about it," Raikkonen said. "I'm sure if he'd have gone over the kerb there would have been space, but obviously it was quite slippery there, he locked the front wheel and the end result is what it is.

"I had to turn in at some point, I couldn't have kept on going straight. I was there, but it's pointless to go through it, because I'm sure everyone will have their views. You guys [the media] always try somebody to blame, but that doesn't help anybody."

It's the second collision between the two Finns in three races after Raikkonen made contact with Bottas while trying an ambitious overtaking move at the Russian Grand Prix.

Asked if he would sit down with Bottas to discuss the matter, Raikkonen added: "I don't think it would help or change anything. What has happened, has happened. Maybe now he feels better about what happened in Russia, I have nothing against anybody. In the end this is racing. If he has a better feeling now it's better for him. Things have a certain way of balancing out in the long run.

"It's been a s--- weekend for us but we go to the next one and hopefully, at one point, certain things will turn around and we'll start getting good results. It was not nice for me or for the team but that's part of the game and unfortunately we've been going through this for quite a

while, but I'm sure we'll get good results."

#33 RE: F1 Mexican GP 2015 by mclarenplayer 02.11.2015 06:51

Maybe I am wrong. I have the feeling that Kimi hinted at the Finnish media that Bottas did it on purpose. He didn't forget what happen on Austin easily.He didn't blame bottas directly but just hint at someone.

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