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#181 RE: Sebastian Vettel by YiNing 02.12.2012 17:03

Zitat von miezicat
who is voting for those awards?

Held every December at the Grosvenor House Hotel on London's Park Lane, the AUTOSPORT Awards are voted for by AUTOSPORT readers

They said is voted by Autosport readers...

#182 RE: Sebastian Vettel by YiNing 02.12.2012 20:01

Dimi PAPADOPOULOS ‏@f1enigma

If you missed the show in Graz with Seb and his "Abbey" RT @gocargr: Video: Στο Graz ο Vettel

Google Translate:

Video: In the Graz Vettel Continuing the festivities
Dimitris Papadopoulos on 02.12.2012

In the Austrian city of Graz found that Sebastian Vettel to RB8, the car which took the world championship. The reason was none other than to give a show in the streets, celebrating with 15,000 spectators to win the world championship.

Along with Vettel was the director of Red Bull and old driver, Helmut Marko. The Marko commented on Seb: «I always knew that Vettel has everything one needs to overtake and has strong nerves. And at the end of the day Vettel wins forever. "The Vettel before the procedure was confronted by 160 journalists from around the world. "It will take some time to pacify the incredible success that we celebrate the last week," merely commented before getting the "Abbey" to make rounds in the city.

Then he went and parked at the Red Bull Ring, which is outside the city of Spielberg.

Also video and pictures here ... itle-graz/

#183 RE: Sebastian Vettel by ish678 02.12.2012 20:53


Zitat von YiNing

Sebastian Vettel versus Fernando Alonso again at AUTOSPORT Awards
By Sam Tremayne Sunday, December 2nd 2012, 11:57 GMT

AUTOSPORT Awards 2011Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso will resume their rivalry at tonight's AUTOSPORT Awards in London.

Both men staged remarkable Formula 1 title challenges over the course of 2012, with Vettel finally prevailing in a wild and dramatic Brazilian Grand Prix finale.

They are both leading contenders in the International Racing Driver of the Year category, although they also face competition from McLaren pair Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, plus comeback king Kimi Raikkonen.

Button won last year's British Competition Driver of the Year prize and will be up against team-mate Hamilton again in this category. Rob Huff will also be a contender after his World Touring Car Championship title.

The Rookie of the Year award pitches top F1 newcomers Daniel Ricciardo, Romain Grosjean and Jean-Eric Vergne against each other. Their rivals include rising star Robin Frijns, Formula 2's teenage sensation Matheo Tuscher, and GP2 ace James Calado, plus IndyCar's Simon Pagenaud.

Other categories include International Racing Car of the Year and International Rally Driver of the Year, while the evening ends with the announcement of the winner of this year's McLaren AUTOSPORT BRDC Award, which will involve one of six young British drivers receiving a McLaren F1 test and a £100,000 prize.

You can follow the 2012 AUTOSPORT Awards Live on from 21:30 GMT.

Thank you <img src=" title="hello" /> It seems that this year it's just going to be live text rather than a live stream as well <img src=" title="sad" />

#184 RE: Sebastian Vettel by YiNing 07.12.2012 21:37

So Seb really forgot to bring his passport.... oh dear....

Zitat ‏@wtf1couk
Sebastian Vettel is apparently still at the airport after forgetting his passport. Oops! #FIAGala #F1

Zitat ‏@wtf1couk

Apparently he's made it! - via @fran_b83

Zitat ‏@wtf1couk

Hearing that Vettel's passport was being hidden by a man called Luca in Maranello. One last desperate attempt from him #F1

<img src=" title="ha" />

#185 RE: Sebastian Vettel by icemaid 08.12.2012 03:35

Zitat von YiNing

Zitat ‏@wtf1couk

Hearing that Vettel's passport was being hidden by a man called Luca in Maranello. One last desperate attempt from him #F1

<img src=ha" title="haha" />

#186 RE: Sebastian Vettel by Olga 08.12.2012 08:52



Bernie Ecclestone believes F1 drivers are no longer given the freedom to express their true character, adding that the furore over Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen swearing on the podium in Abu Dhabi was blown out of proportion.

Ecclestone recently told the German press that he felt the current generation of drivers - including triple world champion Vettel - lacked the character of F1's past heroes. But in an interview with Formula One's official website he clarified those remarks.

"Today Sebastian is the yardstick," he said. "Times are simply different today and that doesn't only go for drivers. The whole environment is different. We have many more dos and don'ts than back in the old days.

"Remember when Sebastian swore on the podium? He immediately got into trouble. If that had been James Hunt or Graham Hill, they wouldn't have cared - and nobody else would have cared. Look at the television culture today - the f-word has become part of normal conversation. I don't think that Sebastian's spontaneous expression was a big deal for a lot of people - just for a few people. Complete nonsense!

"So if you ask what the real difference is between past drivers and today's drivers, it's that they were characters before and they're not allowed to be characters now."

But Ecclestone believes Vettel's charisma will grow with his confidence over the coming years.

"He will be alright. He will grow into this. He is now super confident - because a large part of charisma is self-esteem and not ego as some might think. I say watch him next year."

hmmm...Kimi has a character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#187 RE: Sebastian Vettel by YiNing 09.12.2012 20:57

An interesting interview with Formula One helmet painter and designer Jens Munser

Zitat ‏@wtf1couk

Check out my interview with Jens Munser - ... t-s-a-show and a behind the scenes gallery - #F1

#188 RE: Sebastian Vettel by Jalumi 15.12.2012 21:27


<img src=" title="ii" /> Seb and the old Uncle won again the Race of Champions <img src=" title="ger" /> ... pions.html

#189 RE: Sebastian Vettel by ish678 15.12.2012 22:41


Thanks a lot <img src=t" title="hat" />

I've just been looking at all the pictures, it always looks like so much fun! I watched it when it used to be on Eurosport and really enjoyed it, it's annoying that it's been moved to another channel over here now. But I'm so pleased they won <img src=" title="ii" />

#190 RE: Sebastian Vettel by an1th 16.12.2012 00:00

Zitat von ish678
Thanks a lot

I've just been looking at all the pictures, it always looks like so much fun! I watched it when it used to be on Eurosport and really enjoyed it, it's annoying that it's been moved to another channel over here now. But I'm so pleased they won

I dont know why, but i didn't like it.
Short, tight track. why cant they conduct it in a bigger setting than stadiums.

#191 RE: Sebastian Vettel by icemaid 16.12.2012 06:11

Woohoo so happy Vettel & Schumy won cos I don't like Ogier & Grogro.
<img src=" title="hula" />

Strangely they were/are both teammates of Kimi. <img src=h" title="hih" />

#192 RE: Sebastian Vettel by an1th 17.12.2012 17:04

Vettel has got great work ethic

our germans can probably summarise the article better

#193 RE: Sebastian Vettel by Sonny 17.12.2012 18:41

Zitat von ish678
Thanks a lot

I've just been looking at all the pictures, it always looks like so much fun! I watched it when it used to be on Eurosport and really enjoyed it, it's annoying that it's been moved to another channel over here now. But I'm so pleased they won

<img src=" title="hello" /> our Hiding Sebastian Vettel fan <img src=h" title="hih" />

I wish you would have followed the Brazil GP with us. You could have shared some of your heart pains with the group! <img src=" title="wink" />

I too am happy for the <img src=" title="ger" /> . That crowd always seems to really enjoy the driving. And I'm sure having pilots from their country win the event is icing on the cake!

#194 RE: Sebastian Vettel by Jalumi 17.12.2012 21:58


Zitat von an1th

Vettel has got great work ethic

our germans can probably summarise the article better

I try to translate the important parts.


"I have a high opinion of Fernando"

Sebastian Vettel is the youngest at age 25 three-time world champion in history. The Red Bull driver speaks in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport about his three titles and the past season. And that he has seen Fernando Alonso quickly than his opponent, he has to beat.

Sebastian Vettel chases from appointment to appointment. The three-time world champion already knows the torture from his first two titles. And it can happen in the marathon celebration, that he forgets his passport by all his flying and must wait four hours in the custom , until he is allowed to enter. What happened at the ceremony of the FIA ​​World Championship in Istanbul. It was the only time this season that the champion was too late.

The three titles all have their own story. 2010 and 2012 are similar in that, that they were decided in the last race, and his opponent was Fernando Alonso. But 2010 was Vettel the hunter and the hunted in 2012. In the intervening period the 25-year old Heppenheimer made ​​just five races to do all right. Sebastian Vettel says in the latest issue of Auto Motor und Sport (issue 27/2012), as he believed the third World Cup in comparison to the first two. Everything began in the year before the winning streak.

"2009 was the first year with Red Bull, in which we had to prove that we are in a position to win races. Though many did not expect that it could be enough for the world title and it was not our goal, but then it was close. then it was already a big blow in Brazil that it did not work. 'Cause you never know if you again can be so close . "

Perfect Season succeeded
Hence the title of 2010 was practically mandatory: "In 2010 we had a great car, the best in the field, it would have been a disappointment if we were not in 2010 won the World Cup, although it was short I have made ​​a few mistakes, the team has.... made a few mistakes. Ideally you drive a car with such a loose track. "The second World Cup pushes Vettel less on the superior car than on the fact that the team and he managed a perfect season. "In 2011 we have seen that we have learned an incredible amount from 2010 and made ​​no errors. After a very strong start, we had no weak phase. Having once had not won three races in a row, a crisis was just wishful thinking. This was the greatest compliment. We were competitive throughout, but it was narrower than the people have perceived from the outside. We just always got the maximum out of the car and we kept out of any trouble. "

Alonso quickly identified as the main enemy
Although far from clear who is for Vettel the toughest World Cup opponents, the defending champions put early firmly on his main rival: "It was clear that Fernando is my main opponent. I have a high opinion of him as a racer and a great respect. He was always constantly there, even when things are not going so well for him. The Ferrari was previously competitive than we thought after the winter testing all. Well, the victory in Malaysia might not be happened in the dry, but from Barcelona Ferrari was at the music. The strength of the car, it's fast everywhere, rarely the fastest, but it was everywhere. "

Despite his three world titles against Alonso Vettel scores worse in public opinion. If Alonso wins, it is the driver, if Vettel wins, it is the car. Vettel is coldly for this reproach: "That does not bother me. Fernando is as well even with responsibility that the people see it that way. I want to stand there not then and prove my performance especially. We have also won races that we should not have... . to win Monaco last year, consider for example. Since I made the decision, against all reason to drive through with a stop. Also in Barcelona 2011. Hamilton was stronger than we, but he could not overtake.


Vettel is working like mad
One of the secrets of success for Vettel is his work ethic. He leaves nothing to chance. After each race, he flies to England to drive the simulator. "Nine-thirty clock in the morning I'm starting a quarter past five I stop in between with one hour for lunch. You drive more miles than on each test day. 160 instead of 100 laps in comparison. With proper testing much more time goes lost by screws on the car. In the simulator they press a few buttons and you've got a new front wing on it." Per race weekend Vettel sits eleven hours in meetings. More than any other. "Because everyone has their own philosophy. McLaren makes it different and has success.This is nothing for me. I am different from usual, and could not do it with my conscience to go before I have not checked everything. This is inside of me. I always wanted to know what happened. Even in karting, only now have the luxury of data to look through everything. "

#195 RE: Sebastian Vettel by Sonny 18.12.2012 01:11

<img src=" title="ty" /> so much Ja!!! Great job! <img src=t" title="hat" />

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