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#106 RE: Sebastian Vettel by Olga 25.02.2012 01:29


Zitat von Sonny

Zitat von Olga
yes you can!!! :up

With feminine help, yes I can. <img src=" title="hug" />

<img src=h" title="hih" /> <img src=" title="yay" />

#107 RE: Sebastian Vettel by ish678 25.02.2012 19:17


Thanks for the pictures, Claudie! <img src=" title="ty" />

I like that he doesn't care about what he's wearing most of the time. The odd fashion mistake here and there makes you appreciate it so much better when he gets it right! :laugh

#108 RE: Sebastian Vettel by claudie 26.02.2012 11:20

:laugh :laugh :laugh

Some more pics

#109 RE: Sebastian Vettel by YiNing 26.02.2012 11:44

Thank you <img src=" title="ty" />

I think some people said Seb's new hair style make him looks abit like Justin Bieber :laugh

#110 RE: Sebastian Vettel by Olga 26.02.2012 11:47


<img src=" title="eek" />
<img src=" title="ha" />

#111 RE: Sebastian Vettel by Sonny 27.02.2012 15:26

Zitat von YiNing
Thank you

I think some people said Seb's new hair style make him looks abit like Justin Bieber

I'm with Olga on this one.. <img src=" title="eek" />

#112 RE: Sebastian Vettel by ish678 27.02.2012 16:32


NOOOOOOOO <img src=" title="mad" /> I am not having that! <img src=" title="" />
<img src=" title="lol" />

Thanks for the pics Claudie, that first one kills me <3 <img src=" title="aaw" />

#113 RE: Sebastian Vettel by Kriss 27.05.2012 10:46


Vettel linked with Ferrari move
'Italian insiders' claim World Champ has signed pre-contract deal
Last Updated: May 27, 2012 9:17am

F1's 'silly season' has started in earnest with a fresh wave of speculation in the Monaco paddock claiming that Sebastian Vettel has signed a pre-contract agreement with Ferrari.

Hot on the heels of the fevered talk on Thursday night that McLaren were poised to offer Lewis Hamilton a deal which, with bonuses included, would make him the highest-paid driver in the sport, speculation is rife that reigning World Champion Vettel has committed to leaving Red Bull for Ferrari if the Italian team can maintain competiveness.

'Insiders are adamant that the German has signed an option with Ferrari for 2014, subject to competitive form from the Prancing Horse stable for the rest of 2012,' reports The Independent on Sunday.

The claims are also repeated in The Sunday Times, with the newspaper proceeding to suggest that any such agreement would likely result in Vettel's current team-mate, Mark Webber, also leaving Red Bull for Ferrari, albeit a year in advance and for just a single season.

'With Fernando Alonso's Ferrari contract running until 2016, there would appear to be a Ferrari vacancy for only one year, should it choose to replace Felipe Massa. It is not known whether the Vettel option is binding on either side, but if there is a one-year Ferrari vacancy for 2013, it strengthens the case for Webber being the man to fill it,' declares the broadsheet. 'Thirty-six years old in August, the Australian realises the end of his F1 career is approaching - and a final year at the most iconic team alongside his friend Alonso would conclude an illustrious career'.

The speculation - and indeed any truth the reports may contain - could also have a dramatic bearing on the future of Hamilton, whose current contract with McLaren expires at the end of this season.

Although it is still expected that Hamilton will stay with the team that he has driven for throughout his motor-racing career, The Independent notes that, were Webber to join Alonso at Ferrari, it would 'open the way for Hamilton to jump into the Adrian Newey-designed car that he is said to crave.' ... rrari-move

#114 RE: Sebastian Vettel by WHATEVER 27.05.2012 20:17


I don't know... Webber can go to Ferrari if he wants. But Vettel, I wouldn't like that much. And Hamilton to Red Bull, I can't imagine how that would look like. <img src=" title="blink" />

Thanks for the info Kriss.

#115 RE: Sebastian Vettel by ish678 28.05.2012 16:33


I really hope this isn't true. Would Seb want to go there while Alonso is there? <img src=" title="hmm" />

#116 RE: Sebastian Vettel by ish678 05.06.2012 11:10


F1 champion Vettel to be guest on Letterman next week

By Dave Doolittle | Monday, June 4, 2012, 05:12 PM

Two-time defending Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel, who drives for Red Bull Racing, will be a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday, June 11, a Red Bull spokesman said today.
The guest spot is planned a day after this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix, F1’s first North American race this season.
Vettel, of Germany, is tied with teammate Mark Webber for second place in the standings with 73 points, three behind Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso of Spain.
In Austin, the Late Show airs at 10:35 p.m. on KEYE-TV, the CBS affiliate. ... ula_austin

<img src=t" title="hat" /> I hope he comes across ok though <img src=" title="pray" />

#117 RE: Sebastian Vettel by claudie 05.06.2012 16:26

Uuuh Seb will do well! He´s a funny guy <img src=" title="five" />

#118 RE: Sebastian Vettel by Jalumi 05.06.2012 21:55


First Kimi, now Seb. <img src=h" title="hih" />

<img src=" title="naughty" />

#119 RE: Sebastian Vettel by Olga 05.06.2012 22:00


<img src=" title="yay" /> <img src=" title="crazy" />
( i just like those new smileys! <img src=" title="ha" /> )

#120 RE: Sebastian Vettel by Spinster 06.06.2012 22:38


<img src=" title="whip" />

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