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well, for us, its Kimi's car, hoping Kimi's winning car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#857 RE: Scuderia Ferrari by claudie 15.02.2015 18:38

It already annoyed me since day one and won´t get better when F1 starts on RTL. -.-

Oh well let´s wait how the season goes. Last year everyone was excited coz Kimi was new and well we all know what happend! =D

Do you guys think that it will be his last season? I somehow get the feeling that is about to leave F1 in peace.

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Quote: Olga wrote in post #856

well, for us, its Kimi's car, hoping Kimi's winning car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

German medias and RTL

I think it depends, how the season will go. If the car is good and he has fun he will run another year. If not, not so I really hope for a good season. Don´t want to see again so many wins for Mercedes

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Whole article from Autosport today

Ferrari boss says F1 should expect a new, happier Kimi Raikkonen

By Ben Anderson and Lawrence Barretto Friday, February 20th 2015, 15:14 GMT

Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene believes Formula 1 will see a new, happier Kimi Raikkonen this year.

The 35-year-old endured the worst season of his F1 career in 2014 with a solitary fourth place in Belgium his best result.

The Finn, who was Ferrari's last world champion back in 2007, was well-beaten by team-mate Fernando Alonso, finishing 106 points and six places adrift in the drivers' standings.

He struggled with the handling of the Ferrari, which did not suit his style of being heavy on the front tyres and gentle on the rear.

But Raikkonen seemed happier during 2015's opening test at Jerez and has said that he is feeling more comfortable with the car.

And Arrivabene says he has noticed a change in Raikkonen's typically uncommunicative persona, joking that the Finn must be feeling "sick" because he's smiling so much.

"He had his problems [last year]," said Arrivabene. "Problems because he was not feeling the car, especially the front.

"It was not a car that was adapted to the style of Kimi.

"He is demonstrating that these days, he is feeling the car better and he is smiling.

"This is very, very strange. It is the real scoop of the weekend."
Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene, F1 testing 2015

Arrivabene added that Raikkonen's behaviour in the garage has also been different to 2014 so far during testing.

"Kimi was also on the ground to move the car and try to adjust something," he said.

"I asked him: 'What are you doing?' He said 'I was a mechanic'.

"This is the atmosphere in the team, all the guys around him were surprised to look at him and to hear him talking and talking and talking.

"I thought he was sick but he is not. It is just enthusiasm and I am sure this year Kimi can demonstrate his level.

"Kimi is very motivated and he is getting very, very well with [new team-mate] Seb [Vettel] and this is great."

#860 RE: Scuderia Ferrari by Appletree 25.02.2015 09:34


In TS there is long article about Ferrari and for example Domenicali and whats changed. Will translate it when I will get in front of computer.

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#862 RE: Scuderia Ferrari by Appletree 25.02.2015 14:12




The new Ferrari F15 T is fascinating people with its competitivity on the top of F1 world.Based on winter testing the bar has raised remarkably compared to depressing last year but Mercedes has raised it even higher.The leading technical specialist Giorgio Piola has followed for decades the new cars marching towards the new season. TS asked him to define Ferraris winter development compared to last year.

-Compared to last year the new Ferrari is for sure much better. The car seems to be better when the certain basic errors has been wiped away such as the wrong placement of the oil tank and engine mounting.
Last year Ferrari sacrified its engine to have a better aerodynamics. So we saw very often how their car lacked power coming out of corners. The electric motor didnt fit together with the rest of the power unit, specially the MGU-H didnt work like in Mercedes. This was because of the flaw in general layout drawings which was different from the others and it made a huge difference during the whole lap as they had power only for a few seconds.
So everybody went by on straights, even Force India. This has been fixed now. The whole packaging of the car seem to be better now.


Suddenly Piola raises his finger and finds notable progress in the whole team organisation.
- I think Ferrari lacked discipline and punctuality under Domenicali. He brought too much democracy in the team.F1 team needs a strong leader who gives orders more and from outside point of view Ferrari seemed disorganized and out of controll.Jean Todt was much more determined. Serchio Marchionne and Arrivabene are both strong types and big leaders. In F1 you need strict sight, engineers do their job, mechanics their own and they are not going to start making desicions chatting with each others.


On the drivers side Piola knows the starting point for Räikkönen is now significantly better than last year.
- I believe the car works for Kimi much better and under his control . The driving styles of Kimi and Alonso are really different and the car suited better for Fernando than Kimi. The front end of the car was restless which caused Kimis troubles. Now Kimis and Vettels driving styles are similar. They both like precise nose and also technicians know that. The whole team works now into the same direction concerning car development.

Last year Ferrari couldnt change the car for Kimi.
- Its very difficult to change modern cars parameters. If you play with the front, you have to change the rear.Actually Ferrari was concentrated to the rear suspension of the car for Kimi in the last three races. The pullrod suspension didnt give leeway but now Ferrari has been able to change even that.
For sure we know Ferrari has been able to improve on every frontier, political, technical and organizational. Mercedes is still ahead but how much? Its impossible to say based on winter testing.

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thanks apple!

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Ferrari met all test objectives - Arrivabene 02 Mar 2015

Ferrari enter the 2015 FIA Formula One World Championship having met all of their pre-season testing goals, according to team principal Maurizio Arrivabene.

The Italian team went into testing under pressure, after a first winless season in more than two decades in 2014 led to a significant management reshuffle over the winter. They left on a high, however, in particular buoyed by what they believe are clear gains with their 2015 car.

"The SF15-T is behaving as we'd expected. Kimi [Raikkonen], who drove last year's car, sees an improvement and Sebastian [Vettel] is also happy," Arrivabene said.

"Now, I can say that we have reached our objectives. But we all have our feet on the ground, because we know the other teams aren't sleeping.

"It's clear that Mercedes is there, but we have to concentrate on ourselves. At the moment we have a rough idea of our position relative to the opposition, but we know everyone follows different test programmes. Therefore, we are following ours, with concentration and discipline, which I believe are the keys to success. I have spoken to the team and I have made this clear."

Technical director James Allison was similarly positive about Ferrari's development, adding: "We leave the winter testing pretty happy with the way the car is performing, the way the test has been done and the way the team is operating."

Ferrari finished fourth in the 2014 constructors' championship, with Fernando Alonso's second place in Hungary their best result of the year.

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quote Momo


Kimi Räikkönen #7 ‏@KimiFanPage
RT @sebvettelnews Nice picture of the Ferrari teammates Sebastian Vettel & Kimi Raikkonen #F1

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Australian Grand Prix - Full of energy

Melbourne, 12 March – There was a truly exceptional setting for this morning’s special event, put on by Shell for the first Grand Prix of the season and featuring special guests, the Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel. Kimi and Sebastian took on the unaccustomed role of assistant chefs at a well known Melbourne restaurant. There, they helped chef Guy Grossi create a special dish, intended to reflect similarities with the ingredients used in the Shell V-Power fuel.

Pics thanks to _TaniaS_

Kimi versione Masterchef:

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A journalist asked if Seb’s relationship with Kimi might suffer now they are team-mates. “I have known Kimi for a while now and we respect each other,” he responded. “He is very straightforward and honest. We will be trying to beat one another on the track, which is normal and if there are ever some issues we will be able to sort them out.”

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A nice article posted by Tania in Italian from Formula Passion It, after Australian GP
Too long so, Google translation, sorry

Let's talk with ...
March 15, 2015 - The opinion of the engineer Mauro Forghieri on the performance of the Ferrari at the Grand Prix of Australia, lucky opener for Sebastian Vettel at the wheel of a car from Maranello.

Senna tribute forghieriIngegner Forghieri, what happened to Ferrari from last year to this year, seeing the performance and the result achieved today in Melbourne where Sebastian Vettel took the third step of the podium?
"Well, we should be glad, finally! And 'something happened very simple: they understood the problem of the car last year. Then the men from Maranello have been able to work together and peacefully. The F14-T had a streamlined approach to value at which it was favored the appearance of the air flow under the car at the expense of the mechanical component. Reviewing Alonso's car, we will realize how influisse the thrust of downforce on the variation of the roadway. I omit the discussion of the roll center otherwise would enter into a long speech and complex to explain. In simpler words, the car of 2014 - in my opinion - when rocked causing lateral displacement of the muzzle and why Alonso had demanded the installation of harsh springs at the front to avoid movements that could create disorder. For this reason the car was rolling very back. No coincidence that the poor Kimi Raikkonen, who has a very aggressive driving - can I say like a rally driver? - Was in perpetual disgrace with that solution because he could not 'feel' the car as he wanted: a situation that had affected the entire championship Raikkonen. One day I could listen to one of the outbursts of the Finnish driver who, sadly, had the impression "to be returned without a license". "

Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne 12-15 March 2015

Just Kimi Raikkonen in Melbourne proved himself fully appropriated Ferrari, with excellent performance ...
"During the time in Maranello awaiting the arrival of Sebastian Vettel, finally free from the traps and snares that had tied Ferrari to certain characters, the engineers were able to work considering the opinion of Raikkonen. Kimi could not continue to make a fool of himself, seeming unable to overcome machines below Ferrari and drivers with lack of the substance the Finnish is made of. The SF15-T is a car with a trend aerodynamic much simpler and cleaner than the previous, in particular on top, with a front suspension able to better absorb the obstacles and offering them to the chassis a movement very effective, to the point that today in Australia Raikkonen got the lap record, repeating the performance with consistent performance. Unfortunately there was a problem on the left rear wheel, the more stressed, that in the process of dismantling perhaps could have ruined the screw thread on the hub and immediately after the second return, the pilot was rightly stopped to avoid the worst. "

15/03/2015 - Race, Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari on the podium: performance unthinkable until last year ...
"Vettel led a race of Felipe Massa, content intelligently for third place. I am also convinced that Raikkonen probably would be able to occupy the fourth position at the finish if he had not had the mechanical problem, given the steady pace that could hold at that stage of the race in which he had a clear track ahead. It 'was a beautiful day for Ferrari when compared to past seasons: good to see the smile liberating the guys in the pits, aware of the road taken to exit the tunnel of the recent past. Maurizio Arrivabene is the right person at this time because it fails to transfer enthusiasm and new incentive. In many years of work in Maranello I never said, but this time I say: long live Ferrari! "

12/03/2015 - Maurizio Arrivabene (ITA) Ferrari Team PrincipalOrmai we can speak of a new Ferrari, after that of Montezemolo, today Sergio Marchionne and Maurizio Arrivabene ...
"It 's nice to see a team - freed from certain" nodes "that had developed over the years - how he managed to find the right path. Who has allowed all this to happen? A man from Turin, that looks good - we do not say the one with a sweater - which I think is smiling now (Enzo). It 'a good financier, even brave, not because he went to Naples to talk to those who earn little, if we think of his salary ... It' a very intelligent man and is also lucky. If in life there is luck, all the good things you do, they end badly. At eighty I can say I have seen all the colors and I had the proof that even the best laid plans, if they do not have a component of luck, end up hurt or worse ... "

Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne 12-15 March 2015 Vettel left a Red Bull in which he could not express himself as Daniel Ricciardo, to embrace the Ferrari now bereft of a disgruntled Alonso to the point to migrate to the unhappy McLaren-Honda: only a matter luck or bad luck?
"Sebastian Vettel first to be a champion, has always proved to be an intelligent person with a certain humanity: these are the only qualities that will enable him to survive Ferrari. In Maranello only people with these qualities resist. Alonso had created a team in the team: we understand under what conditions they lived technicians excluded, those kept away by internal divisions? Hats off to James Allison who has been able to exploit the young working group who he found at the end of the 2014 season. Finally we have created a new team that can produce good and beautiful things, a team aware that Mercedes is a car with which its pilots go for a walk without the slightest effort. Today in Maranello is the best condition for the challenge of the right redemption ... "

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Seems Mr Arrivabene know our Kimi very good. Makes me

“Sensitive” Raikkonen will thrive with team support, says Arrivabene

Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene insists that Kimi Raikkonen can deliver this season – but he has to feel that he has the full support of the Italian team.

The Finn finished fourth in China after passing both Williams drivers on the first lap, and he was running close behind team mate Sebastian Vettel when the safety car emerged.

“They have different characters.” Arrivabene said of his drivers. “Seb is a kind of strong guy, very committed, etc. Kimi, he needs to feel the support of the team around him, and especially the team principal. I mean in Malaysia I was talking with him after the practice, and he knows me, we’ve known each other since many, many years. I said, ‘Kimi, if you’re attacking for nothing, expect me to react.’

“But Kimi likes this kind of relationship, when you talk with him straight into the face. He’s called Iceman, but actually apart from this image of Iceman he’s a guy who is very sensitive. If he feels that the team is around him and is pushing for him as it’s pushing for Seb, then Kimi can give us very good results and perfect performances.

“The race in Malaysia, I mean we were jumping like kangaroos – even if it was Malaysia not Australia – for the victory, but actually if you look back and look at the race of Kimi it was wonderful. The new news in Ferrari is that we have a team now, and we have two drivers, two very good drivers.”

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News from Italy

Gianlu D'Alessandro ‏@Gianlu_DAle 2 Std.
The new Power Unit is delayed to Canada. It will have new pistons, camshafts and combustion chamber
....The second update of the PU will be brought in Monza. Anyway, Shell has developed a new fuel for Ferrari (more 20/30hp) - #Gazzetta

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