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#976 RE: Scuderia Ferrari by Denorth 11.07.2016 12:38


well, autosport is not always negative towards Kimi. On a rare day they can admit his abilities. At least some of them can. It is a piece by Ben Anderson

He also possesses extraordinary sensitivity for the tyres, and ultra-precise feedback on car behaviour - an ability to spot problems that other drivers cannot.

Engineers who have worked with him closely say he is among the best there has ever been in this regard.

With all-new Pirelli tyres bolted to the cars and drastically revised aerodynamics on the way for next season, Raikkonen is a useful guy to have in your corner during these times of severely limited testing.

#977 RE: Scuderia Ferrari by WHATEVER 11.07.2016 15:09


Lets hope Kimi can start enjoying some of the success Ferrari will eventually have after all the hard work, starting in 2017.

The tyres and some other rule changes have affected Kimi's performance in the last years, so it would be a nice change if the new rules-tyres for next year can actually work in his favor this time.

#978 RE: Scuderia Ferrari by Jalumi 19.07.2016 19:27


I hope this is not true

Allison departure may lead to Brawn return to Ferrari
19 July, 2016

James Allison looks set to split with Ferrari, according to the authoritative Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport, with speculation emerging in Italy that Ross Brawn may be waiting in the wings to return to the team he led with such success more than a decade ago.

Although team boss Maurizio Arrivabene angrily denied the reports when they first arose some weeks ago, correspondent Luigi Perna now reports that there is truth to the rumblings from behind the scenes at Maranello.

It follows president Sergio Marchionne’s missed pre-season target of early victories in 2016, even though Ferrari insists the world championship is still not lost.

But La Gazzetta claims that Marchionne, who is also the Fiat Chrysler CEO, has decided to take more control of Ferrari, including an active say on the main management decisions.

The report said a physical and figurative distance has grown in the relationship between Ferrari and its technical director Allison, particularly after the Briton tragically lost his wife to illness earlier this year.

Adding fuel to the reports is the fact that under Allison’s watch the Ferrari SF16-H F has not been the challenger the team was hoping for, although it started the season reasonably strong it has not evolved into a competitive car capable of challenging Mercedes, and already appears to be lagging behind Red Bull.

Meanwhile Allison has been travelling regularly between Maranello and the UK, where his grieving children live, sparking speculation he could return to Renault.

“The question is who will fill his place?” correspondent Perna wonders.

“The name of Ross Brawn is circulating, having been repeatedly associated with the Cavallino,” he added, referring to Ferrari’s former technical chief who is currently retired.

But Perna said: “In fact, Brawn recently declined offers to return to F1 and would not be willing for such a demanding role. Not to mention that F1 has changed in the several years he has been outside of the sport.”

La Gazzetta said an internal promotion for someone like Simone Resta is more likely, or the poaching of James Key from Toro Rosso.

But the report suggested it is crucial that Ferrari gets its management in order, as while Sebastian Vettel is committed for 2017, the German is seeking certain assurances before signing another contract.

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It is

Ferrari part company with technical director Allison

27 Jul 2016

Ferrari and technical director James Allison have jointly decided to part ways, the team announced on Wednesday.

Allison departs the Italian squad three years after joining from Lotus.

Mattia Binotto will take on the role of chief technical officer, having previously been power unit director.

"The Team would like to thank James for his commitment and sacrifice during the time spent together, and wishes him success and serenity for his future endeavors," said Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene.

Allison commented: "During the years I spent at Ferrari, at two different stages and covering different roles, I could get to know and appreciate the value of the team and of the people, women and men, which are part of it.

“I want to thank them all for the great professional and human experience we shared. I wish everybody a happy future with lots of success."

Allison’s departure comes amid a slightly disappointing campaign for the Scuderia, during which they have yet to register a victory.

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Ferrari's new tech line-up works - Arrivabene

By AutoSport
45 minutes ago

Maurizio Arrivabene believes the action the Ferrari Formula 1 team has taken to turn its fortunes around is working after an improved showing in the last two grands prix.

Since James Allison departed as technical director in July, with engine chief Mattia Binotto taking over his former role, Ferrari has been making changes to its technical structure.

Enrico Cardile has been brought over from the GT project to take on the role of head of aerodynamics while the team is putting an emphasis on progressing young talent already working at Maranello.

Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne said at Monza that the team had failed to meet its 2016 targets as it had not developed its car during the season but Arrivabene believes its recent upturn bodes better.

"We failed on matching our targets we set this year but one month ago we took our action," said Ferrari team principal Arrivabene.

"[Marchionne] said that the structure is solid, we have enough people at Ferrari to be able to work in the right direction.

"He's not happy about the results this season but he also wanted to see some changes and he wants to move forward with these.

"Now since the last two races, things have been a bit better and the atmosphere in the team is very positive.

"Everybody is looking forward to race after race this year and also to move forward for next year.

"The team is solid, they are looking in the same direction.

"We just need a bit of time. That's it."

Ferrari reduced the gap to Red Bull to 11 points in the battle for second in the constructors' championship after Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen finished third and fourth respectively at Monza.

Arrivabene said the weight of expectation on Ferrari meant it could not let up on its 2016 push in order to focus on next year.

"We are Ferrari and you cannot give up," said Arrivabene.

"This is our value, but this is our pressure too.

"If we are going to tell people we give up thinking about this year to focus on next year - of course the new regulations are important and require a huge amount of focus in terms of aerodynamics and so on - but when you are working in Ferrari you feel immediately the responsibility of this team.

"Hopefully we are finding the right balance to manage the situation properly, but we have the right people to do it."

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Mattia Binotto: Ferrari has the right people to win titles

Laurence Edmondson
F1 Editor

Ferrari's new chief technical officer Mattia Binotto insists his team has everything it needs to fight for championships, adding that the 2017 car is already "well advanced".

Binotto took over technical leadership of the team from James Allison in late July following a series of high-level crisis meetings chaired by Ferrari's CEO Sergio Marchionne. Binotto, who has been at Maranello since 1995, comes from the power unit side of the team and is credited with the strides Ferrari's engine department made between 2014 and 2015.

Since Binotto's promotion, Enrico Cardile, who formally worked on Ferrari's GT project, has been appointed as head of aerodynamics and the team's engineering departments have been restructured to encourage more creative thinking among its workforce. However, Binotto says Maranello does not require a complete overhaul and is confident it can succeed with the workforce it has in place.

"There is a lot of quality in Ferrari, and a lot of talented people," he said. "I'm sure that we've got all of what we need to do a good job and really to battle for the championship. So no, I do not foresee any real necessity at the moment to do something different compared to what we've got."

The changes Binotto does make in the coming months are unlikely to have a major impact on Ferrari's 2017 car, which started development some time ago under Allison.

"On the 2017 project, clearly it is well advanced," Binotto added. "I think that it is a continuous development and we need to especially make sure that we are progressing well on the development and there is nothing different that we need to do, except doing better compared to what we've done so far. It's really a matter of progressing, progressing fast and make it right."

Although Ferrari is approaching the end of its eighth consecutive season without a world title, Binotto has no doubt it can return to championship-winning ways in the future.

"I've known Ferrari since many years - I've spent more than 20 years in Ferrari. Ferrari is a great team, huge resources, a number of very highly talented people and I'm sure we've got all the resources to do well. No doubt that in order to win we need to improve furthermore. We need to push, to work hard, but we can make it."

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Sounds good Let´s hope he is right. I´m so tired to see Mercedes winning. Would be happy for a change.


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grazie momo!

i hope to see Allison back at a team after his gardening leave.....

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Why took it two years?

Kimi Raikkonen now trusts Ferrari F1 team - Maurizio Arrivabene

Kimi Raikkonen now feels he has the trust and commitment of his mechanics and that has inspired his improved form, according to Ferrari Formula 1 team boss Maurizio Arrivabene.

Raikkonen was comfortably outperformed by team-mate Sebastian Vettel last season and Fernando Alonso the year before.

But after re-signing in July for next year, his results have improved and he now sits five points and two places ahead of Vettel in the 2016 drivers' standings with four races to go.

Arrivabene has consistently praised Raikkonen's performances this year, at one stage saying he is "not a world champion for nothing", but at Austin elaborated on why he thinks the Finn has got better.

"Everyone gets surprised when they are talking about Kimi's performance but there is nothing to be surprised about," said Arrivabene.

"He's been a world champion, with us actually, and he is quite fast.

"He was most probably suffering a bit the last few years.

"Now he can feel that the part of the team that is working with Kimi is committed to him.

"He has a very good relationship with Sebastian and that helps.

"It's just a question for him to feel the trust of people around him and then he's going to do his best.

"When he has to push with his feet, he's pushing very hard."


Former Ferrari chief engineer Luca Baldisserri told the Italian media last week that the Scuderia is suffering from a "climate of fear" that is leaving staff afraid to take risks.

When asked for comment, Arrivabene rubbished the claims.

"The atmosphere inside the house is different to what people think about or what you are reading in the newspapers," he insisted.

"It's an old story. Ferrari in Italy is like the Italian national football team.

"Having pressure is normal, having tension is normal, having criticism is normal so you have to live with that.

"Sometimes it's going too far.

"Our job is to be concentrated in what we are doing, it is to follow our way.

"This is part of the job.

"If you working in Maranello, if you work for a brand like Ferrari, you have to accept all of this, like it or not."

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Finally back in the car

3 Feb 2017

Second and final day of data correlation testing

Fiorano – There was a second day of testing at the Fiorano circuit today, with a programme based on correlating simulator data with that gathered on track. Sharing the driving duties on the “standard” SF15-T were Scuderia Ferrari’s third driver, Antonio Giovinazzi, who was behind the wheel in the morning and Kimi Raikkonen, who took over for the afternoon. The weather was far from ideal, especially when Kimi was driving, with the Finn having to deal with rain as well as strong winds. Nevertheless, he still completed several runs.

Ferrari will be back on track next week, on 9th and 10th February, again at Fiorano, when it will be evaluating Pirelli’s we weather tyres.

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Kimi and his Valentine

Or are the Valentines this two?

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Seat fitting Can´t wait until the season start

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Here the new Ferrari!

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