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#1 RE: Red Bull Racing by Ragingjamaican 02.01.2012 15:11


I couldn't find the Buemi/ Alguersuari Toro Rosso thread.

I was going to make a thread just for Buemi as other drivers have seperate threads as I couldn't find the other one, but I saw no point in it.

I have nowhere to put this rumour/news about him or Red Bull, so I decided to make a Red Bull one for 2012 since I couldn't find a Red Bull one either.

Anyway: ... 12-report/

If this is true, then what does it mean for Buemi? Will he get a few practice sessions for the upcoming season? Will he replace Webber if Webber leaves next season?

Who was Red Bull's reserve last season? I know Coulthard was for the 2009 season as for after that I don't know.

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It´s in the archive <img src=" title="roll" />
Wolfie has cleaned up... <img src=" title="tapping" />

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<img src=" title="ty" /> for making a thread, Rage. There is an announcement at the top of the "motorsport" section that we have archived 2011 threads and are starting a new.

About the team's reserve driver.. <img src=" title="hmm" /> I can't recall the parent Red Bull team having one. As far as I remember, Vettel and Webber drove all sessions for the team.

About replacing Webber: I would imagine this means he at least has a chance. I think the opportunity would be greater if he were racing for Toro Rosso in 2012.. I supposed if Ricciardo and Vergne fail to impress and Webber leaves in 2012.. Buemi could be a front-runner for the seat. <img src=" title="dunno" /> I guess time will tell..

#4 RE: Red Bull Racing by Ragingjamaican 02.01.2012 15:21


Not much point if he's not got a race seat...and the reserve seat isn't confirmed. Best to just leave it here now, will change the name later if it's appropriate.

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Zitat von Wolfie
Jalumi, don't be mad at me <img src=tme" title="notme" />

<img src=" title="hug" /> All okay! <img src=y" title="wink" />

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I've been looking for a distinction in the news for the 2012 Red Bull Challenger (RB8): Will it be a revolution or evolution of the previous challenger (RB7)? Here: Newey seems to confirm that he will evolve the RB7.

Of course, none of us know if that will be the best solution. Other than the design wizard himself. The only 'fatal flaw' that I see with evolving the RB7 lies with the major rule change. Firstly, Exhaust Blown Diffuser's (EBD's) are now a thing of the past. Tailpipe specifications in the 2012 regulations dictate very specific exhaust diameters, exhaust location and degree of exhaust angle from the reference plane. This essentially has negated what Newey himself admitted was the point of emphasis for the RB7.

So with different exhaust regulations for 2012, can Newey exploit other areas of the car and evolve them enough to keep Red Bull ahead of the pack come Australia? The best point of reference of inherent downforce without EBD's was at Silverstone. The final results saw Alonso victorious, with Vettel and Webber rounding out the podium. That result would seem to imply that the RB7 had other design features which made it extremely competitive in reference to the competition. So can Newey exploit those other inherent designs?

Before I ramble on more.. Here's Newey's claim that the RB8 is more "evolution" than "revolution." From

RB8 will be an evolution despite rule changes - Newey
ESPNF1 Staff
January 2, 2012


Adrian Newey: "The changes for next year are principally a ban on exhaust blown diffusers and a change to the nose height"

Since Formula One's aerodynamic regulations were given an overhaul in 2009, Red Bull has produced race winning cars each season and won championships in 2010 and 2011. Key to its success has been its evolution of a successful design over the past three years and a main feature of those cars has been the exhaust blown diffuser. In 2012 exhaust blown diffusers will be banned, but Newey says that will not mean a change of tack for RB8.

"It's still an evolution," he told ESPNF1. "The changes for next year are principally a ban on exhaust blown diffusers and a change to the nose height. I don't feel that that means you have to have a wholesale change of the underpinnings of the car. So RB8 will be the fourth generation of the car that started off as RB5."

Asked if he was frustrated that the FIA had banned a technology that Red Bull had pioneered over the last three years, Newey said: "I guess its par for the course really. F1 has a long history of a team, whether it's us or someone else, who comes up with an idea and then it gets clamped down. That's the nature of the business."

After a number of retirements due to reliability issues in 2010, the 2011 Red Bull was near-bullet proof. Newey said the team is hoping to maintain that into 2012.

"You can never count on reliability because it comes through a lot of hard work and discipline," he added. "It's that balance of trying to push everything as hard as you dare in the pursuit of performance without losing reliability in the process. In 2010 we threw away a lot of points with problems, but they were silly problems, they weren't problems due to the fundamental reliability of the car."

#7 RE: Red Bull Racing by Sonny 17.01.2012 19:25

Red Bull Racing to launch RB8 F1 car on February 6
By Jonathan Noble (autosport)

Red Bull Racing will unveil its new RB8 on its own official website on February 6, the day before the first pre-season test takes place.

The team announced on Tuesday that at 1pm on February 6, images of the new car and comments from drivers and management will be available on

The RB8 car will be the machine that the Milton Keynes-based outfit is hoping will deliver its third consecutive drivers' and constructors' world championship following Sebastian Vettel's back-to-back success in 2010 and 2011.

#8 RE: Red Bull Racing by miezicat 20.02.2012 11:00


don't know what or for whom they were filming but looks like fun <img src=h" title="hih" />!/thespoon007/stat ... to/1/large
<img src=" title="lol" />

#9 RE: Red Bull Racing by Olga 05.06.2012 21:39


Jun.5 (GMM) Red Bull sees this weekend's Canadian grand prix as a chance to set its almost perfect record straight.

Of the 20 circuits on the 2012 calendar, the energy drink owned team has won at all of them with the exception of newcomer Austin -- and Montreal.

Sebastian Vettel came close a year ago, succumbing to Jenson Button's challenge only on the very last lap.
Even if the circuit is not the most exciting of the season, it has always produced exciting racing.

Christian Horner

"I led every lap until part of the last one," the reigning world champion ruefully recalled.

Team boss Christian Horner told La Presse newspaper: "We love coming to Montreal. The city comes alive.

"It's always a great atmosphere. Even if the circuit is not the most exciting of the season, it has always produced exciting racing.

"This is one of the only races that Red Bull has never won, even though we came very close last year."

The 2011 loss was even sourer for Red Bull given the marathon day at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, due to an excruciatingly long red flag delay and torrential rain.

"It would be wonderful to come back and rectify the situation," Horner smiled.

Indeed, a win on Sunday would also mark a definite comeback for the reigning world champions, whose recent victory in Monaco meant Red Bull is the only constructor to have won more a single grand prix so far in 2012.

"In Montreal, power is crucial," said Horner. "It's the complete opposite of Monaco. Who knows if we'll be competitive, but we'll be in attack mode.

"We are still young," said 38-year-old Briton Horner, referring to the Milton Keynes based team.

"This is our eighth car for our eighth season in formula one and we're still hungry. There is a great desire to do more.

"Our people enjoyed winning but we want more. Motivation at Red Bull has never been higher."

The team comes to Montreal having had the floor of its RB8 declared illegal by the FIA, following complaints to the governing body reportedly lodged by direct rivals Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes.

"It doesn't get easier," Horner admitted. "Everything we do is scrutinised much more than if we were in the middle of the pack."

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Thanks Olga! <img src=t" title="hat" />

#11 RE: Red Bull Racing by Sonny 13.07.2012 04:32

Picture of Peter Prodromou: Head of Aerodynamics @ Red Bull Racing

#12 RE: Red Bull Racing by Olga 26.07.2012 12:26



Red Bull Racing forced to alter engine mapping from Hungarian Grand Prix
By Simon Strang Wednesday, July 25th 2012, 15:20 GMT

Red Bull Racing will be forced to alter the engine mapping of its Renault power units from this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix after the FIA moved to close a loophole in the regulations, as predicted by AUTOSPORT yesterday.

Although Red Bull's cars were deemed legal by the race stewards in Germany last weekend, they are believed to have been operating with engine maps that had reduced torque in the mid RPM range.

The intention of the regulation prior to its clarification was to ensure that there was a linear relationship between the throttle position and the torque demand on the engine.

As expected, the FIA has thus issued a clarification of Article 5.5.3 within F1's technical regulations to the teams ahead of this weekend's race.

And although no official statement has been made public, AUTOSPORT understands the new version of the regulation insists teams will be limited in the amount of adjustments it can make to the engine torque map race- by-race.

According to the clarification, teams will be required to nominate one engine map - as a reference - that they used during the first four events of this season, which must then be approved by the governing body.

Once passed by the FIA, the engine torque curves above 6,000rpm must not vary by more than plus or minus two per cent from that reference map.

Teams will be allowed to make specific requests for changes when races take place in 'exceptional atmospheric conditions' however.

McLaren's managing director Jonathan Neale said on Wednesday that he could not quantify the impact the clarification would have on Red Bull's performance.

"The honest answer is I really don't know," Neale said. "None of us really know what it is that antagonised the FIA so much to provoke Jo Bauer into issuing the note he did on Sunday morning. It was quite an unusual step - I don't think the FIA would have referred to the stewards unless they had very serious concerns.

"It's really not for us to know or tell exactly what the Renault engine is doing in the Red Bull, and therefore how much advantage they get from it because it is an integrated performance package. But I know we are not the only ones on the grid who are looking at it very carefully."

#13 RE: Red Bull Racing by Kurski 31.10.2012 20:40


Zitat von Suomileijona
Kurski, do you foresee problems with RB?

Didn't Perez sign the contract for two years?

At some point, it should be the case that Red Bull Racing will not be the tip of crowd, this is the place for all teams. (Or, F1 has been ruined), then Red Bull F1 betting weighed. secondly Red Bull seems to experience the F1 in favor of an advertisement, and do not want to leave the series. So, I would say that the RBR remains series, as long as the parent company goes well.

#14 RE: Red Bull Racing by Olga 15.12.2012 17:22


nice video! <img src=t" title="hat" />

The Red Bull Racing Story: 2005-2012 ... 3295927067

#15 RE: Red Bull Racing by Sonny 15.12.2012 18:12

Absolutely amazing video! <img src=t" title="hat" />

<img src=" title="ty" /> Olga

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