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#91 RE: Romain Grosjean by Jalumi 03.03.2014 22:58


Seems the team leader is not that happy

#92 RE: Romain Grosjean by Olga 04.03.2014 09:09


wow! the team leader slams the hand on the bench!

#93 RE: Romain Grosjean by Denorth 04.03.2014 09:24


and his rant is because? possibly he broke the nail? the car wasn't polished enough on inside and he scratched his bum?

#94 RE: Romain Grosjean by Olga 04.03.2014 14:01


#95 RE: Romain Grosjean by Appletree 04.03.2014 15:07


The mechanic: " ou..I better put my headphones on..Radio energy is on lalalaaa"
Grosjean. And then during the breakfast someone had eaten my croissant and put coffee into my teacup! That is unbearable!Slam!"

#96 RE: Romain Grosjean by Sonny 04.03.2014 15:22

I keep thinking about how many articles were circling during Kimi's absence and Gro's P2 in Austin 2013 claiming he's now the team leader.. And the man to lead the team forward...

Can't wait until Lopez admits he misses Kimi

#97 RE: Romain Grosjean by WHATEVER 04.03.2014 15:38


Hey, if Montezemolo admitted it publicly... I'm sure Lopez will too.

#98 RE: Romain Grosjean by Jalumi 28.04.2014 22:47


Romain Grosjean glad he stayed quiet over Lotus F1 team pay issues
By Jonathan Noble Monday, April 28th 2014, 12:23 GMT

Speaking after revealing that he had finally been paid by the Enstone-based team, Grosjean confessed that last season's money troubles were a cause for concern at the time.

But he said he preferred to put personal interests to one side in support of the team, rather than going public in a bid to get paid.

That stance was different to Raikkonen, who spoke openly about the issue and then came close to not racing in Abu Dhabi because of his wages dispute.

"It was certainly not the way we wanted things to go," explained Grosjean. "I never opened my mouth in front of the media, because that was my own business, and that was my own personal thing.

"Kimi kind of launched the whole thing.

"It wasn't easy for the guys, and things have not been made right always, but on the other hand everyone stayed together.

"The team spirit has always been there, and even though things were not as good as we would have loved them to be, the results were still there. So everyone was keeping their head down and pushing hard."

Lotus says money issues were overblown

A management shake-up at Lotus following the departure of Eric Boullier, allied to a financial restructuring, has left Grosjean convinced the team is in much better shape - even if it is facing some on-track struggles.

"At least we don't have the problems that we could face in the past - which is a good advantage especially in a tough situation," he said.

"We work as hard as we can together and, of course, when you come from two successful years and you get to a more difficult season, it can be quite different.

"But everyone is trying as hard as they can to get the car as good as we can to move forward, and not blame something he shouldn't.

"We are moving forward and staying forward, united, and at the end we are all in the same boat."

#99 RE: Romain Grosjean by jpp47 29.04.2014 14:06


His own way to see the money problem at Lotus vs Kimi.............

#100 RE: Romain Grosjean by Sonny 02.05.2014 04:42

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