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#181 RE: Silly Season 2013 by vida 26.09.2012 14:14


Zitat von Olga

Dimi PAPADOPOULOS ‏@f1enigma

All eyes on the "expected" Mercedes announcement of the day. Will it or wont it have any mention on drivers?

hmmm what would it be.... ????

#182 RE: Silly Season 2013 by Olga 26.09.2012 18:57


Will Buxton ‏@willbuxton

OK Folks... 10 minutes until the big reveal. The news everyone's been waiting for. Drum Roll......

#183 RE: Silly Season 2013 by Olga 26.09.2012 19:08


Will Buxton ‏@willbuxton

Here you go folks... the announcement is upon us. See you all in Austin.

<img src=ha" title="haha" /> what a this the announcement?

#184 RE: Silly Season 2013 by an1th 26.09.2012 19:27

It has to be read in this context

Will Buxton (@willbuxton) tweeted at 9:11 PM on Wed, Sep 26, 2012:
Tell you what folks. If nobody has announced anything by 18:00 UK time, I'll announce something. Ok?

#185 RE: Silly Season 2013 by Olga 27.09.2012 11:13


no spicy news? <img src=" title="oh" />

its boring......

#186 RE: Silly Season 2013 by YiNing 27.09.2012 12:46

Nothing has changed I'm afraid... Hurry up HAM... <img src=" title="snap" />

Ross Brawn says Michael Schumacher's future is still under discussion
By Jonathan Noble Thursday, September 27th 2012, 09:47 GMT

Ross Brawn says a decision about Michael Schumacher's future in Formula 1 will be a tough one, as it awaits a final decision from Lewis Hamilton about his plans.

Hamilton is currently weighing up offers he has from Mercedes and McLaren, with both outfits now believed to be offering the same wages in a bid to win his services.

His final decision will have an impact on Schumacher's future, because if Hamilton elects to join Mercedes it will leave no space for the seven-time champion.

Brawn concedes that the situation is far from settled, and suggests the team is still aware of the benefits Schumacher brings despite his embarrassing exit from last weekend's Singapore Grand Prix.

Speaking about Schumacher's future on BBC Radio 5 Live on Thursday, Brawn said: "It's still under discussion, I'm afraid. I can't comment very much on that, but Michael's been a huge asset to the team, he's really taken us forward.

"I do think Michael contributes an awful lot, so I think the decision for Michael to stay or not continue is a difficult one. Obviously he's very involved in that decision, and discussions are ongoing at the moment."

Brawn said that it was possible a decision about who lines up alongside Nico Rosberg may not be made for some time, as he all but confirmed for the first time that the outfit was interested in Hamilton.

"I think any ambitious team looks at the top drivers and we're an ambitious team, but I think there's an awful lot of speculation," he said. "We will have some things to say in the next few weeks, next few months, and then all will become clear."

#187 RE: Silly Season 2013 by WHATEVER 27.09.2012 14:47


Same ol', same 'ol... let's just wait and see untill Interlagos or maybe Jerez?

#188 RE: Silly Season 2013 by Olga 27.09.2012 16:05


hami, stop being a spoiled prima donna and decide! <img src=" title="girl" />

#189 RE: Silly Season 2013 by YiNing 27.09.2012 16:26

Martin Brundle ‏@MBrundleF1
We should hear about Lewis tomorrow. Suspect there's been lots of last minute negotiating/action so don't know which way it will go

Pablo Elizalde ‏@EliGP
I don't like to brag, but I'm sure Hamilton may or may not announce he will stay at McLaren or move to Mercedes tomorrow or any other day

Pablo Elizalde ‏@EliGP
You can quote me on that

#190 RE: Silly Season 2013 by Sonny 27.09.2012 17:31

I see on autosport that McLaren have matched Mercedes offer.. <img src=" title="hmm" />

#191 RE: Silly Season 2013 by Ragingjamaican 27.09.2012 18:16


Why don't Mercedes get rid of Rosberg, Schumachers matching, I would say has driven better than him this year, while last year he was equal to him. Of course the points this season doesn't reflect that.

And since McLaren have offered Hamilton more money, I expect him to stay. Seems as if he'll always get his way despite being a...what's a nice way to say it...a whiny bitch?

#192 RE: Silly Season 2013 by xecksx58 28.09.2012 00:21


Zitat von Kriss
F1Zone ‏@f1zone

Latest rumours are Pic to Caterham and Alguersuari to Sauber. Kobayashi out, Perez/Massa stay the same, Chilton to Marussia #

That would be a shame if Kobayashi lost his seat

#193 RE: Silly Season 2013 by Sonny 28.09.2012 00:31

Seems inevitable, unfortunately. Hopefully he can give his home crowd one last show in Suzuka. He does have the occasional exceptional qualifying (I.e. SPA). But he hasn't impressed on Sunday like Perez in Canada and Monza..

Nice to see you around, Rich :) hope school is going well :up

#194 RE: Silly Season 2013 by xecksx58 28.09.2012 03:37


Hamilton confirmed to go to Mercedes!
I can only hop now that McLaren can get Kimi on board.
But the available seat is rumored to be going to Perez...

I can't see that happening though/
Perez is part of the Ferrari development program...

#195 RE: Silly Season 2013 by xecksx58 28.09.2012 03:38


I think:
Perez should go to Lotus,
Kobayashi should stay at Sauber,
Kovalainen should replace Grosjean at Lotus,
Kimi should go to McLaren, :D

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