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#106 RE: Apple's Stories with her Tree by Appletree 21.05.2013 21:03


The force of nature

This is the favourite time of the year for me and the tree. Tho I suspect it cant even figure out anything right now. Its drunk. Drunk because of the fluids running in its vains from the bottom of its roots to the highest branch. Its humming and swinging. I jumped down to the ground just in case . I dont want to be seasick. One day it even claimed it saw a gorilla in the forest! Yeah, right.
But I love the fragile little buds and their formation to the green vails that sway in the winds, I love the delicate light green that turns into stronger and deeper one. Its the course of nature. Everywhere. From small bud to a leaf,to flower, to fruit, to berry...and I am waiting , Lotus.
The southern winds blow now in our land and so they did blow in Spain. Silent creeper just came out and took what has been his so many times. But we know he wants more and thats the point..I know he wants to win, more than ever, but I know he will not dress like a clown and monkey around for a price of his dignity. The question is, which team would do that to him.
Once again I am surprised about the fact the silver arrows have desided to go forward by going backwards. But there were already whispers, Pirelli has run out of chewing gum. Wonder how many bubbles will burst after Canada.
The bulls have pretty much had their way so far but in mildly warm Spain they were not running away anymore. I started to wonder if the Bull would see the day, it has to turn and start to defend itself. If you are looking behind you cant escape properly. The cooked lobsters are snipping with their claws, the black bud is trying to open its petals and once the broken arrows start eating track instead of tyres the great magician of the Bull, Merlin of the F1 will have a hard days night after one another.
I stayed near my tree just in case and listened the humming of the forests. I considered to stay over night on branches of the pine tree as they dont make leaves and are so much more safer alternative, if you dont want to fall to the ground every other hour. My tree was playing with shapes of the leaf . Not with the colours this time.
I closed my eyes and heard the humming like it was saying
Kimi is a force of nature, the burning sun, the invigorating rain of black Lotus.Its time to florish.

#107 RE: Apple's Stories with her Tree by Denorth 22.05.2013 10:02


thank you, appletree <img src=" title="ty" /> another great story

#108 RE: Apple's Stories with her Tree by Olga 22.05.2013 11:13


<img src=" title="ty" /> <img src=" title="hug" /> Apple!

through winds and rough weather, he is flourishing.... <img src=t" title="hat" />

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Zitat von Denorth
thank you, appletree another great story

+1000 <img src=t" title="hat" /> <img src=" title="momo" />

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Thanks apple!
Its time to flourish! <img src=t" title="hat" />

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Yeah, it's time to flourish!! <img src=t" title="hat" />

Thank you Apple <img src=arts" title="hearts" /> <img src=" title="hug" />

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Here in my northern country we are melting. Amazingly this is now one of the hottest place in Europe. I am from the bottom of my heart a northern lady. This is so not my weather...but the tree..its humming all the time. It has been playing with the leaves and popped one day full of white flowers which turned into leaves of glass that shone in the sun like big diamonds.
" Err..getting ready for something?" I leviated in the air and a bunch of bees were trying to cool me off. We had made a peace for a while.
" Its time. " Tree said with dreamy voice.
Its Monaco. The perfect little play for rich people, in which they have their dose of exitement and adrenaline at the streets they usually go shopping tiny swimming suits which leave nothing to quess for your imagination. Well, its nice to have some action in your living room and you dont need 3D classes to watch the race. It happens in your arms. I dont know tho, were they so thrilled to have Grosjean, Massa and Maldonado in their lounch.
Someone have taken the cold air from me and I was sure going to find out who. So I was floating there in my nature colours and picked up the god of luck ,who was getting heavily drunk.( on the other hand he looks always like he had smoked something..) He was laying by side the swimming pool and his arrows flew here and there.
" Are you sure you want to do it this way?" I asked him.
"Its Monaco. No one cares about luck here. Its all about getting the pole. Everybody knows it. The only exiting element here are the barriers. Anyone could hit them so I am shooting my arrows in the air and let the.....oh,shit!"
"Yep..let the luck deside.." I laughed and continued.
First I saw something light blue. Then something more. The one who thought he is Titanic and the one who just was. The ice berg. Stubborn, ice cold, showing only the surface and hiding the rest of it. Its smashing.
" could not just let it be?" I asked Kimi.
"Tree lady! Where have you been? ..I thought about it..but if I hadnt done it here, it could have been worse in many other places. Better now than later. "
"Maybe you could have chosen a bigger place like football stadium instead of this match box? "
"It looks better here. " Kimis grinned. For a moment I saw a boy in him, that boy who was driving rally , the mud in his face and the pure joy in his eyes. He had a light of ice around him.
"You know...this morning I saw a deer in my yard. Under my tree. I wasnt up there , but closing on it and it didnt go away, at once. It looked at me and I looked at it. It took a step further but stayed there and I got closer and closer. Then , when I almost saw the iris of its eyes, it turned around and left. But as it got a bit further ,it turned to me, looked at me and then left peacefully. In no hurry."
Kimi looked up and sighed.
"I sense a lesson coming"
"No lesson. Just a story." I grinned.
But then I saw the winner. Why I didnt taste anything? I know he has the same northern blood in his vains..but he is the citicen of the world. He comes from nowhere and everywhere. But still he has the place in history now with his father. But that he is . Just a name in history.
Then I looked into the eyes of Alonso. He looked like something is eating him inside. Slowly, never leaving him alone..I saw a shadow following him..but could not see what it was.
I sighed and flew back to my tree, still hot and moist ..but this time I pray the ice berg gets there..where it belongs.

#113 RE: Apple's Stories with her Tree by Denorth 05.06.2013 16:37


another masterpiece! I was wondering would it be the place for punching story there and good to read about other things :)

#114 RE: Apple's Stories with her Tree by Olga 05.06.2013 18:29


:up <img src=" title="ty" /> <img src=" title="hug" />

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So it has always been at this side of the world. After warm wawe comes the cold breeze just to remind you , you live at the place where the summer is just visiting, stopping by ,teasing with its tender and delicate touch on your skin and the next moment it slaps you on the face . But thats why we live at the moment when the summer comes. We dance in the rain because its summer, we get our cloths of because its summer, we laugh, cry, and make love because its summer and during the lightest hours at the midsummer night we go back to the times people still honoured the nature and its gods.
Its also the favourite time of the tree. Because the insects that eat its leaves( I know it makes them to taste awful and once it used stuff that made the insects to fall in love with birds) vanish at the very moment. Not to mention tree loves humans who come back to nature just for the one night.
I saw the tree had marple tree leaves ,flashing them in red and white like I wouldnt figure out it wanted me to remember what happened in Canada. Ofcourse I did. Here we have a little habit during the midsummer night. We gather seven herbs from the nature and at midnight you see your future wife or husband..or ex-wife or husband, depends, what ever..but the trick is you see to the future..or past.
So I jumped down and began my journey to the finnish forest which can be very surprising place during the midsummer..see me blushing? I walked straight to the shore..and found the yellow iris.(in finnish cranes sword)
So Vettel, this is to may have a big fight against you and during you either stumble on your sword or you rise it above your head.
I didnt have to walk far as I found the ostrich fern( in finnish eagles wing) .
Alonso, this will take you far..but be aware, sometimes too far.
I had enough of insects and made my way to open fields..and there I found the spreading bellflower.(in finnish magpies bell)
This flower I give to you ,Bottas. You rang the bells all over the f1world..Remember the saying: The honour is gone but the reputation increases.
I didnt have to look for long the flower I love..Forget me not. (in finnish pet)
Sooo....Felipe..I know you will need this.
I found the next one, its not difficult as it grows everywhere and shines in the colour of snow..the gipsy laces( in finnish dogs pipe) .
Grosjean..somehow you are like a laces..fragile but showy. Foreign legion can be your destination , just a hint.
Whats next? Did I have all the colours? I have yellow, green,white, Where is red...but hey, I found Ox-eye-daisy. Its a must have . (in finnish difficult to translate but day..anyway)
This flower I give to you Webber. Somehow you remind me of the ox..stubborn, straight, proud. Will you do your last fight?
I had something in mind. Somehow it was suitable for the moment. And there it was, sticky catchfly.(in finnish it could be best translated as tarry hill flower) .
This flower I give to you, Kimi(once I get it off my hands..) because it was really sticky for you in Canada..but on the other hand. You cacth the guys and and stick to it, to the end.
Well, there , I thought and jumped to my tree. One by one the bonfires showed up to the waterfront and I heard music. I sat down and sighed. The sweet notes of our national hymn were floating in the air.
How about that Kimi?

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all talk about leaves makes me think that there is weed <img src=" title="rasta" /> grows under the tree <img src=" title="ha" />

Good story, apple, thank you

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<img src=h" title="hih" /> <img src=" title="rasta" />

<img src=" title="ty" /> <img src=" title="hug" /> Apple!!!!!!!!!!

#118 RE: Apple's Stories with her Tree by YiNing 25.06.2013 17:13

Thanks Apple <img src=" title="hug" /> Are we going to hear the Finnish national anthem this weekend :)

#119 RE: Apple's Stories with her Tree by Sonny 25.06.2013 19:09

You'll smell some <img src=" title="rasta" /> on this forum if we hear the <img src=" title="suomi" /> national anthem !! <img src=" title="bliss" />

#120 RE: Apple's Stories with her Tree by Appletree 25.06.2013 19:45


You are all in <img src=" title="pipe" /> but nevermind. Its going to get better when we hear the national anthem. <img src=" title="ha" />

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