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#31 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by Suomileijona 01.12.2012 16:14

He seems to look like: why do I have to suck this thing! <img src=" title="oi" /> A bit ashamed of it...

#32 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by Jalumi 01.12.2012 18:28


<img src=" title="ha" /> What a sweet <img src=" title="spinne" /> -dog <img src=" title="lol" />

#33 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by Spinster 02.12.2012 15:49


you like my new doggie style? <img src=" title="ha" />

Anyway he is as sweet as I <img src=" title="spinne" />

#34 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by Olga 10.12.2012 07:58



<img src=" title="greetings" />

#35 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by Sonny 10.12.2012 14:18

Great to know we are under 100 days! <img src=t" title="hat" />

I bet there are a lot of transport companies who are <img src=" title="tap" /> waiting for Bernie to finalize the schedule so they can book their travel.. In addition to a lot of fans!

#36 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by Sonny 10.12.2012 14:52

A look ahead to the 2013 Schedule controversy:

The current schedule is as follows (

17/03 Grand Prix of Australia
24/03 Grand Prix of Malaysia
14/04 Grand Prix of China
21/04 Grand Prix of Bahrain
12/05 Grand Prix of Spain (Barcelona)
26/05 Grand Prix of Monaco
09/06 Grand Prix of Canada
30/06 Grand Prix of Great Britain
14/07 Grand Prix of Germany
**21/07 (European GP ?)
28/07 Grand Prix of Hungary

25/08 Grand Prix of Belgium
08/09 Grand Prix of Italy
22/09 Grand Prix of Singapore
06/10 Grand Prix of Korea
13/10 Grand Prix of Japan
27/10 Grand Prix of India
03/11 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi
17/11 Grand Prix of USA (Austin)
24/11 Grand Prix of Brazil

I bolded the German and Hungarian GP's. The German GP has been moved forward one week, from 14/07 to 07/07 to make space for a (presumed) European GP to take place one week prior to Hungary.

The trouble begins with the German GP. Will the Nurburgring solve their current financial difficulties enough to confirm the contract with Ecclestone? Or will the German GP return to Hockenheim for a second year in a row? Regardless, this move will surely have ruffled the feathers of MotoGP organizers. The MotoGP schedule had been confirmed prior to Bernie re-arranging the German date to make way for a 20th GP (due to the failed attempt for a NY/NJ GP). MotoGP had confirmed to race at the Sachsenring on 07/07. These circuits are seperated by less than 500km and will surely irritate fans who planned to attend both events during the German summer.

In addition: the noteworthy Goodwood Festival of Speed date had to be adjusted from it's annual 07/07 date as a result of Bernie's move. Currently, the Festival has not released a new date as they explore their options.

But let's take this a step further. Who will be willing to host the 20th GP on 21/07 ? The current circuits that are being named are: Valencia, Paul Ricard, Magny Cours, and Istanbul. And yesterday we received word that Red Bull are willing to host event at the Red Bull Ring (Austria). But which of these will actually work? Feel free to discuss..

#37 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by YiNing 10.12.2012 15:18

I think most likely could be the Austria A1 Ring, as Turkey won't have the backing from government.

I don't think it will be a big issue for Goodwood, they can easily change the date as they don't have that mnany events to juggle around. I remember I went twice in 2009 and 2010 they seems to always around (1 week before) the British GP time so it's easier for the teams to attend both events. I guess in this case they'll probably move to 21-23 June.

As for MotoGP, they already have the same date for Assen and British GP (and a few others too), so I think as long as MotoGP and F1 not using the same circuit it would be fine.

#38 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by miezicat 10.12.2012 20:24


it's just Marko telling that it would be possible but I doubt that. there are three main problems, money, there is a ridicolous amount to pay to Bernie, goverment won't pay and why should Mateschitz do it? then there is only small capacity of 40 000 people which also makes it hard to make profit. and then there is this noise control policy which makes a race impossible as one race would be over the limit already. so I don't see it happening.

#39 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by YiNing 10.12.2012 20:28

Ok, then maybe no point moving the German GP date then... <img src=" title="hmm" /> I can't see French GP happening either

#40 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by Sonny 11.12.2012 17:58

It's a little pre-mature to judge if moving the German GP a week forward will work out. I personally have trouble seeing any of the 'likely' candidates paying the hosting fees to Bernie.

We've had several years of two races in Spain. Now Spain only hosts one GP a year for very similar reasons to Germany having to alternate venues just to host 1 GP in their country: lack of money. It's hard for me to imagine Spain would agree to host another GP after they have negotiated with Bernie to alternate their venues (Barcelona - 2013). In addition, it would be quite difficult on the teams to transport from Spain to Hungary on back-to-back races. Over 1,000km separates these two venues.

France had the option to replace the NY/NJ GP months ago. The newly elected government does not seem interested to host a GP. I'm not up to date on France's current economic status. But if France really wanted a GP, why didn't they negotiate with Bernie months ago? If they didn't negotiate then, why would they consider it now? Would Bernie be willing to lower the hosting fee? Seems doubtful..

Istanbul seems to be in the same scenario as France. The government simply doesn't want to pay to host a GP. And do you blame them? Has this GP ever approached the seating capacity of 155,000?

And the newest arrival: the Red Bull Ring. <img src=" title="ty" /> very much to Miezi for the thorough response. It seems difficult to profit at a circuit that only has a 40,000-seat capacity. Even if organizers could find money to host the event, could you imagine the price of tickets? <img src=" title="whew" />

It will be interesting to follow how this all plays out. It doesn't seem like Bernie has a front-runner to host the GP he made room for. And it seems like more and more GP's are becoming doubtful for the following year due to exorbitant hosting fees. When will Bernie understand that the global economy is struggling massively? Even worse: I think this really paints Formula 1 in a bad light. We are less than 100 days away from the first race of 2013. And even closer to winter testing. And the 2013 Schedule isn't finalized. Dates have been moved which conflict with other significant events (Goodwood, Moto GP). And the saga continues on..

#41 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by Suomileijona 11.12.2012 18:41

Sonny, very good points! <img src=" title="ty" /> <img src=" title="hug" />

#42 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by Denorth 11.12.2012 20:19


Zitat von Sonny

And the newest arrival: the Red Bull Ring. very much to Miezi for the thorough response. It seems difficult to profit at a circuit that only has a 40,000-seat capacity. Even if organizers could find money to host the event, could you imagine the price of tickets?


EDIT: quite a fuck up from my side... Here is a correct one: ... 21110.html

this is a rough translation but you got the idea :)

#43 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by an1th 11.12.2012 20:40


Doubt if Redbull are gonna back a grandprix. They don't have to

#44 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by YiNing 12.12.2012 14:14

LdM and Alonso are leading in this AS poll <img src=h" title="hih" /> ... try6070871

Biggest Pain in Racing ?
Who do YOU think is repugnant beyond salvation..

Jp [ 24 ] ** [8.14%]
Kevin Harvick [ 5 ] ** [1.69%]
Danica Patrick [ 16 ] ** [5.42%]
Lewis Hamilton [ 14 ] ** [4.75%]
Kurt Busch [ 18 ] ** [6.10%]
Kyle Busch [ 18 ] ** [6.10%]
Takuma Sato [ 1 ] ** [0.34%]
Fernando Alonso [ 31 ] ** [10.51%]
Eddie Jordan [ 12 ] ** [4.07%]
David Croft [ 7 ] ** [2.37%]
Will Buxton [ 15 ] ** [5.08%]
Ryan Newman [ 1 ] ** [0.34%]
Kimi Raikkonen [ 6 ] ** [2.03%]
Sebastian Vettel [ 24 ] ** [8.14%]
Luca di Montezemolo [ 35 ] ** [11.86%]
gm914 [ 6 ] ** [2.03%]
Narain Karthikeyan [ 10 ] ** [3.39%]
Pastor Maldonado [ 11 ] ** [3.73%]
Marco Andretti [ 8 ] ** [2.71%]
Tony George [ 33 ] ** [11.19%]

#45 RE: Waiting :mad for 2013 season by Sonny 14.12.2012 04:02

In regards to the Race Calendar for 2013..

Bernie Ecclestone says Formula 1 still has too many teams

Ecclestone said the 2013 season would likely be 19 races, despite his shuffling of the calendar last week to make room for a 20th.
But he did say there was still the possibility of Turkey taking the new 20th slot on 21 July.
"I don't know - I'm waiting for a response from them," he said.
The Turkish government ruled out contributing to the race fee a day after the country's motorsport federation said such funding would be required.
Ecclestone told Reuters categorically that Austria would not happen. Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko said at the weekend that the company had reminded the FIA that it had a track with a full F1 licence, the former Osterreichring/A1-Ring which held the Austrian Grand Prix on and off between 1970 and 2003.
He added that France appeared to be no longer in the running for a race.

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