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#121 RE: 2013 Car Launches by YiNing 12.02.2013 20:02

These GIF are funny... <img src=h" title="hih" />

#122 RE: 2013 Car Launches by WHATEVER 13.02.2013 15:35


<img src=" title="ty" /> YiNing

<img src=" title="ha" /> <img src=" title="lol" /> <img src=" title="ha" /> <img src=" title="giggle" />

#123 RE: 2013 Car Launches by YiNing 19.02.2013 09:50

Williams launches final 2013 car

February 19, 2013 ┬ź Live Barcelona testing | Maldonado targets more consistency ┬╗

Pastor Maldonado and Valtteri Bottas unveil the new FW35

Williams has launched the FW35 - the last of the 2013 cars to be unveiled this pre-season.

The new car was revealed in the pit lane at the Circuit de Catalunya by race drivers Pastor Maldonado and Valtteri Bottas, while they were joined by development driver Susie Wolff. The car is 80% new with the team confirming it has "a new gearbox, new rear suspension, new radiators, a new floor, new exhausts, new bodywork, a new nose and a significant amount of weight has been saved as well."

Team principal Sir Frank Williams said he was hopeful that the step forward in performance and addition of Bottas will allow the team to challenge for race wins again this season.

"A group of talented people with good imagination and plenty of courage have been working together to build the Williams Renault FW35," Williams said. "We will have to wait until Australia to truly see what we have, but we believe it is step forward from last year's car which was also a very competitive vehicle. Pastor is a delightful character who is a massively determined racer, whilst Valtteri is quieter but still waters run deep and he is a highly gifted driver.

"Williams has been at the top many times over the last 30 years. It's the nature of the sport to have ups and downs, but when we are down we always fight our way back. I'm hoping that with the current team we have in place, our new FW35, the combined talent of Pastor, Valtteri and Susie, and the continued support from our partners; we will be in a position to challenge the very best." Williams technical director Mike Coughlan described the car as "better" and "more refined" than its predecessor.

"Given the rule stability over the winter, I'm pleased with the gains that we've been able to make with this car," Coughlan said. "It's a better, more refined Formula One car than the FW34 and I think everyone involved in the project can feel proud of the work they've done."

"The Coanda effect is going to be a big thing for us. There's been no rule clarification concerning this area of the car, so we'll work closely with Renault to maximise the available gains. Use of the DRS is more restricted this year, so we'll take some resource away from that and focus on other areas."

#124 RE: 2013 Car Launches by YiNing 19.02.2013 11:18

Front nose to back... almost a straight line <img src=" title="blink" />

#125 RE: 2013 Car Launches by Olga 19.02.2013 14:31


ferrari nose <img src=" title="eek" />

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