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#181 RE: Iceman by Sonny 09.02.2013 19:44

Girls.. <img src=" title="roll" />

#182 RE: Iceman by Kriss 09.02.2013 21:55


<img src=" title="ty" /> he looks quite alright <img src=" title="ii" />

Was he filming on Friday? When? During his lunchtime? <img src=" title="hmm" />

#183 RE: Iceman by ish678 09.02.2013 22:01


LOVE the hair <img src=arts" title="hearts" />

#184 RE: Iceman by f194girl 10.02.2013 16:06


Zitat von miezicat
more pics :) ... 02/1704727

<img src=" title="drool" />

#185 RE: Iceman by WHATEVER 11.02.2013 00:30


Zitat von ish678
LOVE the hair <img src=arts" title="hearts" />

+ 1000000

(I mean, the abs too, but I don't want to <img src=" title="drool" /> much because he might be single again, but I'm not <img src=h" title="hih" /> )

#186 RE: Iceman by vida 11.02.2013 05:46


Hot hot hot....

#187 RE: Iceman by Olga 11.02.2013 10:37


cloudy retweeted this swiss article.... ... ebe-freund

#188 RE: Iceman by Sonny 11.02.2013 11:22

I am using a translator through my iPad.. This article states that Jenni is falling for a man she met at equestrian events? <img src=" title="dunno" />

#189 RE: Iceman by Boudica 11.02.2013 13:30


I just saw this on twitter as well, with google translate: (Apple just said this days before of course)

The two were seen as "the Finnish Beckhams', lived together on a luxury estate in Switzerland. Twelve years they were together, eight of them married. No wonder, makes the separation of Kimi Raikkonen, 33, and his wife Jenni Dahlman, 31, an uproar in Finland. known since last week, was that they want a divorce, the former couple dominated the headlines. A magazine devoted to the Love For even 47 pages.

The two had performed a marriage in two worlds, the media speculate on the separation principle. While he had gone because of the Formula 1 in the world, they have spent their time on rather jumping competitions. However, that was only half the story. There is also a new man in Jenni Dahl's life.

What was whispered in the equestrian scene for some time, is now namely official: R√§ikk√∂nen's estranged wife has been in the Swiss Equestrian Olympic champion Steve Guerdat, 30, ! love "Yes, they are a couple," confirms Willi Melliger, Reiter the legendary Calvaro, opposite the ¬ęSwiss magazine". "The two are a perfect match." Jumping-mate Pius Schwizer says: " The whole riding scene would know. And is thrilled about the beautiful message! " Guerdat itself does not deny the relationship, but they will not confirm. "About my love life, I'm not talking in public. That is and will remain a private matter. "

Jenni Dahlman with Guerdat shares a passion for horses. For decades it has inspired show jumper and was once trained by the famous Swiss rider Beat Mandli. you owns several horses, three of which she has set to Guerdats R√ľtihof Herrliberg ZH. the beautiful Finn is also successful for years worked as a model. In 2000, she placed second in the Miss Finland and Queen-of-the Year's-election in 2001, she was crowned Miss Scandinavia. ... ebe-freund

#190 RE: Iceman by WHATEVER 11.02.2013 13:36


Didn't Jenni (and supposedly Kimi too) congratulated his "good friend" Steve G. when he won gold at the Olimpics?

#191 RE: Iceman by Sonny 11.02.2013 13:38

Makes me want to <img src=" title="vomit" /> . Didn't Kimi pay for Jenni to be able to compete in Equestrian sport? And this is how she re pays him?! <img src=" title="tantrum" /> <img src=" title="sad" />

#192 RE: Iceman by Kriss 11.02.2013 13:42


Zitat von WHATEVER
Didn't Jenni (and supposedly Kimi too) congratulated his "good friend" Steve G. when he won gold at the Olimpics?

they did <img src=" title="mad" />

#193 RE: Iceman by Kriss 11.02.2013 13:44


Zitat von Sonny
Makes me want to . Didn't Kimi pay for Jenni to be able to compete in Equestrian sport? And this is how she re pays him?!

and probably she'll get enough money to continue <img src=" title="naughty" />

#194 RE: Iceman by WHATEVER 11.02.2013 13:46


Found it!

Kimi R√§ikk√∂nen has a special connection with an Olympic Champion ‚Äď He sent congratulations

F1 World Champion Kimi Räikkönen and his wife Jenni Dahlman-Räikkönen sent the warmest congratulations to London to the fresh winner of Olympics.

The Swiss Steve Guerdat won - with his horse Nino des Buissonnets - the gold medal in show jumping at London Olympics.
According to the Swiss Blick magazine, since 2007, Guerdat has also been the riding coach of Jenni Dahlman-Räikkönen, wife of Kimi Räikkönen. Guerdat got warm congratulations also from the F1-star who is resident in Switzerland.

- I know what it feels like to win something big, Räikkönen, who conquered the Formula One World Championship with Ferrari in 2007, said to the newspaper.

- I congratulate him warmly, and I wish him all the best - especially big parties.

Jenni Dahlman-Räikkönen is proud to be trained by the Olympic Champion.

- I'm so glad that I can practice with him. He makes a lot of work and has really earned the Olympic gold, Dahlman-Räikkönen said to Blick.

Guerdat, 30, returned to Switzerland on Thursday and at the airport received, of course, the hero's welcome. So far, Switzerland has achieved at the Games two gold medals and one silver. In addition to Guerdat, the Olympic victory has been reached by Nicola Spirig in women's triathlon.

Kalle Takala ... pos=ok-nln

#195 RE: Iceman by Sonny 11.02.2013 13:47

I'm not a lawyer (maybe V can help).. But I think she will get significantly less money by allowing her new relationship to come out in public in the midst of still being married to Kimi..

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