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#781 RE: Iceman by miezicat 18.05.2013 22:00


Zitat von Boudica
No sign of Kimi, perhaps he will only join up, in Finland or sometime tomorrow.

the start is tomorrow morning so maybe he will be there then. or he is just at the parties. <img src=h" title="hih" />

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found it in fb...people there say its from last year

#783 RE: Iceman by Jalumi 19.05.2013 09:21


<img src=" title="ty" /> I think they are true, he dont wear the golden shades in the last time. <img src=h" title="hih" />

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Apparently Kimi got second place today for something in the gumball rally. But I dont know, it doesn't seem right and the picture also looks old. ... hpdudeson/

#785 RE: Iceman by miezicat 19.05.2013 18:36


Zitat von Boudica
Apparently Kimi got second place today for something in the gumball rally. But I dont know, it doesn't seem right and the picture also looks old. ... hpdudeson/

no, that has nothing to do with Gumball. It's an old tweet from Jukka from the Dudesons after Bahrain GP. I don't know why that comes up now.
Gumball has no time keeping and ranking anyway. and still no sight of Kimi <img src=" title="dunno" />

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Zitat von miezicat

Zitat von Boudica
Apparently Kimi got second place today for something in the gumball rally. But I dont know, it doesn't seem right and the picture also looks old. ... hpdudeson/

no, that has nothing to do with Gumball. It's an old tweet from Jukka from the Dudesons after Bahrain GP. I don't know why that comes up now.
Gumball has no time keeping and ranking anyway. and still no sight of Kimi

Yes, I know the gumball rally isn't a rally in a traditional sense. That is why I thought the tweet didn't make sense, perhaps he will appear tomorrow in the Finnish leg of the event.

#787 RE: Iceman by Olga 20.05.2013 07:44


I just saw the gumball rally made the bbc world news. people were saying that it is just a parade of very expensive cars and rich people. but it seems it is for charity us they collect money from events for underprivileged children. a lot of champagne is involved here :)
not a word for Kimi.... <img src=h" title="hih" />

#788 RE: Iceman by miezicat 20.05.2013 10:51


seems Kimi had some other plans

Kimi Raikkonen was preparing to Monaco in Vantaa in the suburbs

F1 star Kimi Raikkonen was spotted this weekend Hakunila, where he took part in Vantaa Extreme Run event. Räikkönen was site of the event included a gorilla dress, which she is about attracted the attention of Tampere, Finland. Räikkönen's entourage had an access to a sauna truck.

Extreme Run event in Vantaa latter the sports park built on an even harder and more challenging 16 mile course, which is offered kovemmallekkin endurance athlete challenges. The track was including more than ten meters high, "Goliath of the stairs," plunging into the water cannons, overcome car wrecks, water hazards, and crawl through the pipes. More detailed information is not whether Raikkonen participate in the event as a participant or just a spectator.

F1 season continues next weekend in Monaco. The exercises are run in Monaco on Thursday. Raikkonen arrives in Monaco on the spot on Wednesday. ... -suomessa/

Raikkonen celebrating in Finland?!

Metropol has learned that the whole nation Formula One driver Kimi Raikkonen would have been yesterday, Vantaa, organized by the Extreme Runia. Helsinki Metropolia had echoed rumors that Kimi would have moved in a larger entourage of a familiar monkey suit. The party Ella had been used, among other things, a sauna truck. Formula will continue until the next Monaco next weekend, that Kim is still a good starting some time to enjoy the summer in their home country.

<img src=" title="dunno" />

#789 RE: Iceman by Jalumi 20.05.2013 11:30


<img src=" title="blink" /> Again in a monkey outfit? <img src=h" title="hih" />

#790 RE: Iceman by YiNing 20.05.2013 12:41

So the elusive Kimi could have been anywhere.... did anybody actually see him ??? <img src=" title="hmm" />

#791 RE: Iceman by miezicat 20.05.2013 12:46


Zitat von YiNing
So the elusive Kimi could have been anywhere.... did anybody actually see him ???

good question. <img src=h" title="hih" /> If he was there in gorilla suit how do they know it was him? <img src=" title="hmm" />
at least we will see Kimi soon anyway <img src=" title="ii" />

#792 RE: Iceman by WHATEVER 20.05.2013 18:39


EXTRA EXTRA! The truth about Red Bull contract for 2014 and the constant use of sunglasses revealed!

Kimi's latest Q & A with Heikki Kulta
English part
(He answered one of my questions <img src=" title="bliss" /> )

Ye from China asked:

Do you see F1 more as “work” or ’’enjoyment”?

Kimi’s answer:

If I would not enjoy it, I would be somewhere else. But, obviously, there is pretty much of work, as well. Any way, it has always been like this. It’s fifty-fifty and as long as it feels fun, I like to do it.

Ingrid K asked:

Is it likely that you will be able to do fewer pitstops than Vettel/Alonso as season goes on?

Kimi’s answer:
It depends on the race. Obviously, everybody learns more and more of the tyres. But if there is a race, while we have certain compounds in a certain track, we could do it. But beforehand it’s impossible to say.
Plsanswermyquestion asked:

It seems that the E21 is very sensitive to setup – especially in qualifying?

Kimi’s answer:

I would say, that E21 does not differ from my previous cars. More or less they have all been like this. It’s not that different, you need a perfect balance to go fast. Some cars react to setup very precisly, but with some it’s tricky to get it right to go fast.
Sakae, a Sebastian Vettel -fan from Japan, asked:

Has contract with RBR been offered to you, and are you accepting it?

Kimi’s answer:
No, I haven’t been offered a contract from Red Bull.
tina asked:

When was the last timeyou felt being under pressure in the race?

Kimi’s answer:
Of course, there is always some pressure. But it’s myself, who puts that pressure on me. That is not anything special. While there is a race, I know the tyres wear heavily and, the end of the stint, it will he rough, I feel a little bit distressed, but it’s not that hard pressure.

Daniel asked:

What do you think of James Allison’s departure from Lotus?

Kimi’s answer:
For sure, I would rather keep all the people with us instead of letting them go, but this is F1. You never know, what happens tomorrow. They still have good people at Enstone. It’s impossible to say, if there will be any affect with his departure next week, next year or will there be any affect at all.

Bogi asked:

How about, are yo moving to Ferrari next year, to race next to Fernando?

Kimi’s answer:
In theory I would not mind that, but. obviously, I never decide with whom I race in any team.


In which ways do you feel your driving or approach to F1 has changed over the years based on your experience? Do you feel wiser now?

Kimi’s answer:
I think the experience helps me in certain areas of racing. For example you know some ideas how to setup the car in a certain circuit with some basic details and which things you have to look more precise.

Peter asked:

You’ve had plenty of cool helmet designs over the years. Which design has been your favourite so far, purely from an aesthetics point of view and excluding any emotional ties to achievements gained with the design?

Kimi’s asnwer:
There is not a certain design, I would call my number one favourite. They have been some what different, some have been very nice, but for me none of them is better than than the rest. Hopefully you like the next one.
Peter asked again:
What sort of things do you try to achieve during a safety car restart and can you tell a little about the strategies you choose and why, ie. keeping the drivers behind bunched up, staying right behind the guy in front or creating a buffer behind you etc?

Kimi’s answer:
I focus on getting the tyres and the breaks working properly straight after the re-start. That’s the main issue. Of course I want to be as close as possible behind the safety car.

And more Peter asked:

The gearboxes have seen some tremendous development during your career, from the double clutch McLaren to the current seamless gearboxes. How much of a difference do you see as a driver from that development when you’re driving?

Kimi’s answer:
It was different with the gearboxes in smaller Formulae, but, for me, since 2005 they haven’t change that much. It doesn’t make a difference with the driver, I would say.

Denis asked:
Why are you always wearing Oakley sunglasses when you don’t wear helmet? Is it a matter of style only or do you really care about eyesight protection so much?

Kimi’s answer:
I have a deal with Oakley, but, for sure, I like to use sunglasses any way. My eyes are quite sensitive. ... astaus-on/

#793 RE: Iceman by WHATEVER 20.05.2013 18:42


Finnish part: (Google translation, Nicole is nowhere to be found <img src=" title="dunno" />)

And the answer is

Subject F1, 20/05/2013 24:04, heikki.kulta


I was in Barcelona Kimi Räikkönen double concentric interview, part of which I used to blog followers sent to ask questions. Whole story on tape was 17 minutes and 1 second.
I promised valkata best off focusing on sports issues, and now this, then Kim's real answers to what I had time for him to present. Good questions were bound to do, when Kim was busy getting the tactics of the time of driving.
As promised, I did my interview with Kimi Raikkonen in Barcelona just before the Spanish Grand Prix. I had fifteen minutes time from the team, we exceeded it with a couple of minutes, but still many good questions were not asked.
Here is the Q & A with Kimi Raikkonen. First the English part, and after a That the English part:
Luigi's question:

I've always wanted to know why the 2005 McLaren hanskaasi fit so well and the result came about. September was a good balance, the term rings or aerodynamics?

Kim's response:

It was the total package for all of them, but yes, the car was good. Nyttenkin we have a good car, and it was a good run. It McLaren, however, was as good as a whole. Of course, the rules have changed a little bit rings. Then the Michelin tires were good and all things fit. Then it was possible to still decide for themselves which tires does each team ran and got a few such rings as you wanted. At the law was of course to play.

Follow-up question:

In what areas of Lotus should be further improved his car, so we can expect from you the same kind of domination than in 2005?

Kim's response:
- It is useless to think about. There are different times and by different rules. We now have a car that has all the branches of a little bit better than last year's car. Thus, the grip is a bit more than last year.

Kimi has raised the question of iron.

How long does it stay in your mind race, and how long it will take to recover Kropa?

Kim's response:

- There are games out there for a long period not - depends, of course, if it went well or badly, but they are not at that point worth thinking about. The body feels it knows yes one day, sometimes even a few days. If the time even when some big kanttarin over, some place can become sore and ache at some point. But it usually does not take long at all, when everything has already been used.

Jalmari questions

Hi there! If you were to decide to what types of engines (3.0-liter V10, 2.4-liter V8; 18000rpm and 20000rpm, 1.6-liter V6 turbos) would you like to drive a Formula 1 races

Kim's response:
They do not matter, it does not actually driving it any more. In the past when the V-tens, speeds were a bit higher, but it's self-driving contributed nothing compared to today.

What about the change turbo for 2014?

Kim's response:
I can not say anything. Maybe at first can be a bit more difficult before they are to work properly, and all of the management, but I do not think that today it no longer is in no way strange.

Are you refuel for or against?
Kim's response:
There is not really any difference. We've driven past 100 liters, when there was only one set of tires throughout the race. It's not that any difference in what is now the car is a bit slower, but basically it all works the same way.

BK's question:

Is reactivity ever measured?

Kim's response:

F1 driver's reaction speed is measured at every moment, as you drive these cars. All displayed data's.

Jan Tengström question:

Is there a reason your entertainment, Lotus, the fact that you have a central role in the future of the whole team and the team is fully behind you?

Kim's response:
Yes reason is that entity. Of course, if good results are obtained even that will help. Then all are much happier. But all in all, on top is a great feeling.

Follow-up question:
Is it then to come home?

Kim's response:
- No, it's not like that now. Yes my home is, however, a bit different than this one here ...
Ismo Mäkinen question:

Hello Kimi, is it true that your nickname is / was dumb?

Kim's response:
- I do not know.
Anton's question:
How much a work-out facility, a workout or aerobic exercise?
Kim's response: It includes biking, running, playing ball games, fitness circuit at the gym, as well as the power and endurance training.

Follow-up question:

Could the poor condition driver get along?

Kim's response:
There is probably feeling like to run races, perhaps in the old car was able to drive.
Kohto asked the question:
Do you drive yet karting training in mind, for example the off-season?

Kim's response:
I do not even remember when I last drove go-carts. In some indoor track time, but that was a few years time. Yes probably some of the drivers are driving, but I have not gotten it done.
John's question:
Does James Allison transfer to another garage for next year's plans?

Kim's response:
- No, not in any way affect me.
Joren question:

Do you read magazines about yourself or races, or whether to have subsequent races on TV?

Kim's response:
- Yes, they should read between. They come in a journal, and if at all wants to read something in the newspaper will be against those things. I do not really get them tarkoituksenhakuisesti. During races, I think, if they happen to come to rerun when I himassa.

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<img src=" title="ty" /> W <img src=" title="hug" />
I never hoped for it <img src=" title="oi" />

#795 RE: Iceman by Olga 20.05.2013 20:33


<img src=" title="ty" /> <img src=" title="hug" /> W

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