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Two Swiss NHL players are guest of Sauber, they have played at EVZ before so they know Kimi. "A cool guy. The Finn was often in our stadium." ... 30878.html

Damien Brunner ‏@damien_brunner 6h
Finally got to see kimi racing for tomorrow! live from Montreal... good luck bud! #f1

Still, they did have a bit of a link to Formula One before this weekend, Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen once an ambassador for EV Zug and, by many accounts, a very good hockey player.

“We had an optional skate (during the lockout) and Kimi came out in his equipment. He toe-dragged (Detroit’s Henrik) Zetterberg!” Brunner said of the flamboyant offensive move that can embarrass its victim. “Hank even came out and took a few videos of Kimi.”

Read more: ... z2Vi3hQlks

:up <img src=" title="ii" /> <img src=" title="ha" />

toe-drag means dragging the puck with the toe of the stick

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Thanks Verena <img src=" title="ty" /> Always good to read nice articles about Kimi :)

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Thanks miezicat! <img src=" title="ty" />

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miezi! <img src=" title="ty" /> <img src=" title="hug" />

lovely article! <img src=arts" title="hearts" />

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Thanks to Wolfie

The all-time favorite of hockey stars

Kolumnit | Turun Sanomat 15:56

Icehockey is a big topic in Montreal's paddock. Of course the Canadian media is also fascinated by the F1-speed, but the discussions at tables turn easily into events in Stanley Cup.

Boston's Finnish goalkeeper Tuukka Rask has made a huge impression on the Canadian motorsport-media in the paddock - he is like the Kimi from rinks...

No Finnish icehockey players have been spotted in the F1-paddock, but two bright Swiss stars have arrived as Sauber's VIP-guests: Damien Brunner from Detroit Red Wings and Raphael Diaz from Montreal Canadiens.

Both confessed being huge Kimi-fans in Blick-magazine. As a matter of fact they said that Kimi is their reason for closely following F1-races. The guys have briefly met in the paddock but they know each other very well from before.

Brunner and Diaz played in Switzerland's league EV Zug during the NHL-strike. Räikkönen again is one of the league's shareholders. The NHL-players were very pleased when Räikkönen every now and then used to take part in Zug's practices skating and playing himself too.

Räikkönen has a lot of other hockey-pals in Montreal. Former NHL-star Patrice Brisebois from Canadiens, drives these days Nascar in Canada, so Kimi can exchange opinions about his experiences with him also on Gilles Villeneuve's track.

It's good to move from Gilles Villeneuve to his son Jacques Villeneuve, who among Finnish fans has the reputation of having a rude attitude towards Räikkönen.

However the current tv-commentator never scolds Kimi face to face. On the contrary.

In Montreal Villeneuve greeted Räikkönen with a big smile each time the men happened to run into each other. And I heard that in tv he even praises Kimi when he wins, just as much as he critisizes Kimi if his race doesn't go well.

Turun Sanomat

HEIKKI KULTA ... tosuosikki

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Some nice words from Peter Sauber:

Raikkonen Indonesia ‏@KimsterIndo 18m
Peter Sauber: It is unique, like Kimi makes few mistakes. He does not drive aggressively, but very clever. He has mellowed today than before

Raikkonen Indonesia ‏@KimsterIndo 17m
Peter Sauber: "Kimi was already special, but he had an incredible talent, something I have never seen before and afterwards again."

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In Spanish, but I'm sure it's not difficult to understand :) ...

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You were right YiNing! It wasn't difficult to understand <img src=h" title="hih" />

Nah, jokes apart, I'm glad most of you don't understant all the sh*€#% they say there about Kimi. I know it's supposed to be funny, but I felt it rude. <img src=" title="annoyed" />

But I still enjoyed the great drawings ! <img src=" title="five" />

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thanks to Nicole

While waiting for August

Turun Sanomat 8.6.2013 16:09

Red Bull, Ferrari, Lotus... There's a bunch of jobs for next season, even in the winning teams. The drivers' choices will start to be confirmed during the break in August, but I think that the best of the rest have already signed.

The decisions of the topnames will be written on the media-wall at the latest when the F1-crowd comes back from their summer break to Belgium GP.

At the time of Canadian GP you still get evasive answers to straight questions. Hence one needs to put the body language of those drivers who are in the rumour mill under observation. The more at ease a guy is, the more certain it is that his contract negotiations are proceeding.

Many paid attention to Kimi's laidback appearance in Montreal. It just increases the revs in stories about the Finn's matters going in the right direction.

In Lotus Kimi is like in Strömsö (wolfie: Strömsö is a place where everything is nice and easy), but in this case the grass over at Red Bull looks fascinatingly more green. Switching from a winning car to an even more winning car is tempting, especially since this time Räikkönen is not hindered by any options, he can do exactly what he wants next year.

Räikkönen already drove in Red Bull's camp in WRC-rallies and mogul Dietrich Mateschitz has confessed himself that he is a Kimi-fan, just like Gerard Lopez also has confessed. Räikkönen's image is like tailor-made for both teams.

Mark Webber has been in some kind of slumber after Sebastian Vettel robbed him the bull's eye, which was given to him by a team order. The deep silence around Webber has been going on for some time, but it's known that the man has dreams of going to Ferrari alongside Fernando Alonso.

According to Swiss sources they know that Vettel's teammate will be either Räikkönen or Daniel Ricciardo, although the world champion himself would prefer Timo Glock most.

Turun Sanomat

HEIKKI KULTA ... dotellessa

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Kimi in the Bahamas, thanks to Maili:

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Zitat von WHATEVER
Kimi in the Bahamas, thanks to Maili:

kimi looked as if he hide something with his left hand :)

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Zitat von vida

Zitat von WHATEVER
Kimi in the Bahamas, thanks to Maili:

kimi looked as if he hide something with his left hand :)

Thought the same when I saw the pic <img src=h" title="hih" />

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His handbag? <img src=h" title="hih" />

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Zitat von icemaid
His handbag?

<img src=" title="ha" />

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Zitat von icemaid
His handbag? <img src=h" title="hih" />

<img src=" title="shh" /> Icemaid! Its his secret! <img src=" title="tap" />
<img src=" title="lol" />

Maybe he only want not to hug the guy next to him.... <img src=" title="dunno" />

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