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According to "Le Matin" Swiss daily newspaper, Kimi told them he has not been paid for the whole season and consequently arrived in Singapore yesterday only instead as what he was supposed to do i.e 1 day earlier. Furthermore the paper says that most Lotus subcontractors have also not been paid and the debts should amount actually around 100 millions € !!! Lopez tried to sell part of the team to Renault but this was refused.............. So Kimi in conclusion says that he went to Ferrari cause not being paid but should had Lotus fulfill their obligations maybe he would have stayed. He in addition added that as not being paid he could also stay home but the reason why he is present in Singapore is not for Lotus but cause he loves to race....

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Thanks to _TaniaS_

As for the prospect of sitting out races closer to the end of the season ahead of his switch to Ferrari for 2014, Raikkonen told the Finnish broadcaster MTV3: “Of course, anything is possible.

“But until now I am going to all of the races. I do not have any interest in not driving — that’s why I race, because I like it.

“I also don’t want anything bad for the team — if I didn’t come here to drive, it would do nothing to improve things,” he said.

“I hope and believe that the salary payments will be handled at some point.” ... jwxo3-bGF9

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Translation from Nicole <img src=" title="ty" />

Moko welcomes his buddy Kimi back home

F1 | Turun Sanomat 08:36
Kimi Räikkönen has millions of fans all over the world, but I doubt anyone can beat the emotionality of Moko, who's persona the whole F1-paddock knows as just 'Moko'.

Moko was born in Senegal, he loves Marimekko's colours and he became a die-hard Ferrari-fan when Jody Scheckter, as the first African, won the WDC in 1979 with the red car.

After that Moko has experienced big emotions when following especially Räikkönen's driving.

– I am happy now that Kimi returns back home nex year. I spoke with him some time ago and he told me: "Moko, I'm coming home".

– What a duo it will be - Kimi and Fernando Alonso. Now they only have to get a good car, because if the car is bad then it destroys the legacy of these two top drivers.

Moko, who has made his fortune in diamond-business, says he has followed Räikkönen's career starting from Sauber.

– When we met I immediately noticed that this boy has a mind of his own and a killer instinct. I was immediately interested in his personality. When Kimi looks at you he sees and is a aware of everything. Kimi is a completely amazing guy once you learn to know him more deeply.

He still has his lucky cross

– It was a great day for me when Kimi decided to come to Ferrari for the first time. As usual I was in Australia following the opening race and it was under the trees in Albert Park when Kimi walked by with Todt. I shouted to him: "Hi, mister Raikkonen." He stopped and walked back to me.

– I told him that I wanted to welcome him to the house. I was worried over how he would do. I took one of the many crosses hanging around my neck and gave it to him. I told him that it would bring good things and that Kimi would win the race with the cross. Kimi just smiled, but he took it - and he won. Kimi told me some time ago that he still has the cross.

– What I have experienced with Kimi is something that you don't see in F1 - a genuine human being.

– Kimi is a very special person and he always remembers where he is from. He still has the same buddies, he is very loyal to his friends and he always remembers everything. I am proud to have met his family. I met his Granny (Sirkka Pietilä) only once in Nürburgring, but we developed a very special relationship.

The winning racing outfit best memory

Moko was naturally in Brazil when Räikkönen became WDC in 2007.

– Kimi came from the podium celebrations and he asked me to come with him. He gave me his soaked racing outfit, the one he used in that same race. Todt told me to take it since Kimi wanted to give it to me. I told him that I need to take it to the cleaners, but Kimi adviced me to keep it the way it was, because he had written a dedication to me on it.

– That was my life's highest moment, Moko says with a deep feeling - and walks into Ferrari's hospitality-area like it was his home.

Turun Sanomat, Singapore

HEIKKI KULTA ... 322470364/

It must be this guy. I remember him on some pictures with Kimi.

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Very nice story, <img src=" title="ty" /> for posting it. Say thanks to Nicole from me for it too please.

Yes it must be him, I also remember seen pictures of him with Kimi. So he goes to every race! wow, lucky guy.

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Raikkonen not ruling out missing Korea GP
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Sep.23 (GMM) Kimi Raikkonen has not ruled out skipping next weekend's Korean Grand Prix.

Although mounting the podium after starting just 13th, the Finn struggled with back pain throughout the Singapore weekend, almost having to sit out qualifying.

Many paddock cynics made a link between the 'injury' and the driver's now tense relationship with Lotus, after Raikkonen announced he is leaving for Ferrari next year because he hasn't been paid.

But McLaren doctor Aki Hintsa, who like Raikkonen is Finnish, confirmed to Turun Sanomat newspaper that he treated the 2007 world champion in Singapore.

Hintsa said he injected Raikkonen with cortisone.

"I am glad we were able to get him in a condition so that he could drive," he said.

Hintsa said Raikkonen has a damaged joint between a rib and the spine, causing "a lot of pain".

Raikkonen refused to say if he will definitely be ready for Korea in two weeks.

"Not for sure," he was quoted by AFP when asked if he will be recovered. "We have to see."

As ever in F1, however, the cynics and the rumour-writers are connecting the dots, recalling that earlier in Singapore, Raikkonen had hinted he is technically free to sit out the rest of 2013 due to Lotus' contractual breach.

"I like to race, obviously that's the only reason why I'm here," he had said.

Undoubtedly, the tension between Raikkonen and Lotus is building.

After the Ferrari-bound Raikkonen finished third, chief engineer Alan Permane said: "Of course it's good for the team and good for Kimi.

"But without Romain (Grosjean)'s problem, he would have beaten him (Raikkonen). So that's good for us to know," he told Turun Sanomat newspaper.

Germany's Auto Motor und Sport said Raikkonen is now only communicating with his bosses via text message.

And team owner Gerard Lopez said Lotus "didn't deserve" Raikkonen's revelation about his unpaid salary.

"I like Kimi," he told Spain's Marca newspaper, "as a driver he's brilliant, but if he's really only going to Ferrari for the pasta, I think it's Ferrari who need to be asked the questions, not us."

If Lopez sounds a little sensitive, it's because Raikkonen's comments coincide with rumours Lotus is in severe financial distress.

Lopez told Auto Motor und Sport that reports dozens of similarly unpaid engineers are also on the market are simply wrong.

"Five have gone, but we are also getting Nicolas Hennel from Ferrari, and a few more as well," he said.

"We are the only team that built a longer-wheelbase car, which is basically half a new car costing a seven-figure sum. We showed to Kimi that we are serious.

"We gave him a good car and a good environment, so the fact that he says these things now, neither us nor he deserves," added Lopez.

Geez... Kimi only said one sentence (of truth) and so much butthurt reaction from team <img src=" title="roll" />

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why do I get the feeling that Lotus was not extremely happy with Kimi's 3rd place? <img src=" title="hmm" />

IMO he should have said something more diplomatic (no Renault deal yet, no new sponsors, etc). Kimi is Kimi so maybe he had his very good reasons to talk about his salary.
Lotus is more focused on Gro's bad luck than Kimi's achivement. Points for the team means more money to Kimi. Even their funny guy on twitter was different. Maybe it's better to skip Korea. <img src=" title="hmm" />

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I ve always gotten the idea that Permane doesn't like Kimi a lot. I dont understand why they are making such an issue out of this, drivers often leave teams.

#1178 RE: Iceman by Kriss 23.09.2013 14:45


and I thought leaving Ferrari was ugly <img src=" title="sad" />

maybe Lotus lost more than just their driver <img src=" title="hmm" />

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yes, it seems that they are not that happy with good results anymore. I see two reasons:
1. with poor results they had a chance to play their favorite 'blame game'
2. no points earned by Kimi would help them to get 3rd place in WCC, so they won't get any extra money from his points from Bernie. Only Kimi will get from them :)

#1180 RE: Iceman by YiNing 23.09.2013 15:33

Zitat von Denorth
yes, it seems that they are not that happy with good results anymore. I see two reasons:
1. with poor results they had a chance to play their favorite 'blame game'
2. no points earned by Kimi would help them to get 3rd place in WCC, so they won't get any extra money from his points from Bernie. Only Kimi will get from them :)

that's my guess too <img src=" title="five" />

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According to news both Lopez and Bouillier stopped talking with Kimi after his Ferrari-move was announced. They have only kept in contact via SMS-messages. Hence Kimi blurting out that he has not been paid was not the reason for the cold relationships.

Tense emotions in Lotus-camp

F1 | Turun Sanomat 01:24

One could clearly see during the weekend how Räikkönen's decision to go to Ferrari caused some kind of resentement in Lotus-camp. The relationships have cooled off remarkably since the last race.

After the race not even Alan Permane warmed up to the question what it feels like, when a leaving driver fights in this way for results.

– Of course it was good for the team and good for Kimi, but Romain Grosjean would had beat him without the DNF. That information alone is good for us, Permane snapped.

Turun Sanomat, Singapore

HEIKKI KULTA ... usleirissa


Kimi-Lotus Relations Have Gone Icy Cold
The Racing Nerd September 23, 2013 No Comments

Compilation of translations by our foreign correspondent:


Kimi was asked if he would take the delayed payments to court:

- I don’t know. I hope the very best for this team. They gave me the opportunity to come back to F1, but of course there is a reason why we make up contracts, Räikkönen replied.


Kimi’s Ferrari-deal didn’t come as any surprise to Gerard Lopez and Eric Boullier. However the relationships cooled off immediately. Räikkönen and his bosses started to communicate by SMS-messages only.

- Kimi has always got his money and he will get his money this time also, Lopez assured.

According to rumours Kimi’s camp has already threatened to sue Lotus.

Lotus has deliberately delayed Räikkönen’s salaries to the end of the year. That way they have tried to pressure him into staying in the team.

Yesterday their debts to Kimi grew with over 550 000 euros. The team should pay Räikkönen about 37 000 euros (50 000 dollars) for each WC-point. … 54092.html

Kulta writes this:

You could clearly see how Räikkönen’s decision to go to Ferrari caused some kind of irritation in Lotus-camp. The relationships have cooled considerably since the last race. … usleirissa

The relationship between Räikkönen and Lotus have cooled off considerably ever since his Ferrari-switch was announced. When the team tried to take out everything from Grosjean’s weekend, Räikkönen came and took Grosjean’s season’s strongest trophy.

The end result showed what kind of a loss Räikkönen’s departure causes the team. … n+postilla

Räikkönen and Lotus in a major dispute

- I like Kimi. He is a fantastic driver, but if he is going to Ferrari to eat pasta, then Ferrari can answer your questions. It’s not our business, Gerard Lopez told Marca-magazine when they asked about his relationship with Räikkönen.

Auto Motor und Sport claims that Lotus would not had paid salaries to tens of their engineers. Lopez rubbished all claims and said that things are good.

Räikkönen has stated that he will drive until the end of the season for pure joy, although his salaries would not had been paid.

#1182 RE: Iceman by Sonny 23.09.2013 17:13

This is getting pretty ugly between Kimi and Lotus. I guess you could start to see the differences in the lead up to Kimi's decision to drive for Ferrari next year. Most of the team went silent and very little was said from Lotus.

It's quite sad they are portraying themselves this way. Life goes on. And as boudica said, drivers change teams quite frequently. As much as they try to paint a bad picture of Kimi, they are actually only painting a worse picture of themselves.

The comment from Permane was ridiculous. Kimi has about 100 more points than Romain. And destroyed him last year. I'm not sure what their agenda is.. Because it's impossible to try to say Romain is better than Kimi.

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on other forum 'eat paste' was explained - in Spanish culture 'pasta' used as a word for 'cash' (since Lopez is Spaniard). So they are directly saying - 'he goes there to get money'

YEAH - because you don't pay fucking ANY!

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i dont understand how suddenly it is a crime for someone to get paid for his job....and a crime to say it when you are not paid.... <img src=" title="hmm" />

especially if this is something that happens all the time....

#1185 RE: Iceman by Sonny 23.09.2013 17:59

Zitat von Denorth
on other forum 'eat paste' was explained - in Spanish culture 'pasta' used as a word for 'cash' (since Lopez is Spaniard). So they are directly saying - 'he goes there to get money'

YEAH - because you don't pay fucking ANY!

I'm not a Spanish speaker.. But we use a very similar synonym for "money" when speaking English here in the USA. So I suspected it was a literal translation with a deeper meaning.

I don't understand the money/contract situation between Raikkonen and lotus. If Kimi has a huge incentive package (I.e. Earns a certain amount of money per points) with a low base salary: I can understand why Lopez waits until the end of the season to deliver the payments. But it sounds like Kimi is saying the payments aren't meeting certain deadlines that are in the contract. For example: I have a strong feeling certain dates are written in the contract saying all payments must be made on these dates (scattered throughout the season). And Lopez is deferring all payments to the end of the year..

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