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#1321 RE: Iceman by WHATEVER 07.11.2013 14:35


So Bernie, go get Kimi's money because Kimi should get a good race in Austin (if karma exists) and even more important, I want to see Kimi in the cowboy black hat in the podium

#1322 RE: Iceman by Jalumi 07.11.2013 15:50


I forgot about the black hats
But yes, I want to see Kimi on the podium even with this stupid hat

#1323 RE: Iceman by WHATEVER 07.11.2013 17:48


Actually I like the way they look with the hat...

#1324 RE: Iceman by Olga 08.11.2013 11:28


According to Turrini and Claudio's translation Kimi was in Maranello yesterday! I am thrilled for the new beginning! ( i dont want to think of anything dark or negative right now )

Yesterday Kimi is back home

Formula1 November 8, 2013

Not that it can happen to anyone, huh.

In the historic headquarters of Ferrari, as perhaps someone already knows, there are avenues and lanes dedicated, with a lot of official dedications, to drivers who have won the F1 world championship with "the Red".

So, to be clear, still there isn't an "Alonso alley".

But yesterday, Thursday, in "Raikkonen Street", it has suddenly materialized the holder of the road.

He, Kimi.

For the first time in Maranello, after almost four years.

Legend, that as in the West is stronger than the truth, narrates that at the time of entrance, the little Blond has exclaimed: 'I'm finally back home'.

But come on, that if is not true, it is likely, therefore wonderful.

The purpose of the visit: the formalities, the procedures, the measures for the seat, a look at the turbo engine, a salute to old friends of the First Time. As well as, of course, dialogues with important people, wow!

"I wonder if you find me again", Gianni Togni (*an Italian '80 singer) sang when I was twenty.

Well, they found themselves.

I celebrated by drinking vodka with the company of vice numen (*numen is Leo's appellative given by his followers) Odin and the fundamental cloggaro (*as Leo calls who constantly read his blog) johnny99.

May fate smiles to us, Kimi.

Ps. However, if in 2014 the unthinkable happens, in 2007 style, we'll pass to "Raikkonen Square". But to me, it goes well then, the eventual opening of "Avenue Alonso".

#1325 RE: Iceman by Olga 08.11.2013 11:42


also....a dear Italian friend of mine ( Räikkönen ‏@KimiMatias_F1) took the time to translate another Turrini article...title is something like " All the secrets of the Kimi story "

I dedicate the following lines to the couple Odin-Mazgiorg (side A)and to the couple Cat's Eye-Abraham (side B).

This is the true story of Kimi-bis, assumptions on which and for which I assume full responsibility, regardless of the outcome of the operation, that can only be evaluated in a couple of seasons.

I also accurate for the benefit of AA, meaning ANTI ALONSO and not as Alcoholics Anonymous, though often the AA are expressed here by simulating a widespread state of intoxication, I specify, I said, that there is nothing personal. I respect very much the Finnish as a driver, but I know him less than Fernando and, in any case, after Senna I didn't want to be a 'friend' of a driver anymore. Also, I never wrote that Kimi is stronger than Alonso, I think they are two champions, I think it will be nice to see them run together for the TEAM I love.

As for the story of Dubai, I could tell about it only if Kimi won the championship again with Ferrari at the first attempt.

And now, let's go:

1) In June of 2012, while I was in Poland for the European Football Championship, I heard that Raikkonen has offered to Cavallino. At the time seemed imminent liquidation of Massa, so the little-blond has made ​​his move with timely effectiveness.

2) In July of 2012, before leaving for the London Olympics, I went to dinner with Stefano Domenicali. The other two diners were my lady and Fernando Alonso, who was celebrating his birthday.

3)We agreed (conditio sine qua non, that we are here ourselves) that we would not have talked about F1. And so it was. With one exception. I asked Fernando, "but if by chance in the future Raikkonen will be your mate, what will be your reaction?"

4)Alonso's reply: It is not true that I want weak partner, all the mess with Hamilton was born because the entire team was deployed with him. If Kimi came here I would not have any problems, we estimate, we respect each other, then we'll see who goes faster on the race track.

5) Always in that summer. Dom (Domenicali) had two meetings with the Holy-Drinker (Kimi). There was an agreement in principle, as I was told in London during the final basketball USA-Spain.

6) Was lacking though the presidential ratification. Montezemolo was not opposed to the idea, but not enthusiastic. we met each other at a late summer afternoon, when the seat of Massa still dancing. Feigning innocence, threw beyond the name of the Little-Blond. The president was very honest: not now, he said, now would be premature.

7) And so in practice a year passes. Incidentally, here as well, for a long time, has been made a lot of confusion epilogue of the first experience of Raikkonen in Maranello. It 's true that it was decided to focus on Alonso, another champion. Option not scandalous, if one thinks without blinkers. But it is not true that Ferrari has 'disgraced' Kimi, this is a fantasy ultras suckers. It 'was the media circus of the waiters to take action, imagining that please the boss. The servants never fail, but to say that the Montezemolo's jokes on the 'twin' were offensive is ridiculous, then what should say Alonso after the presidential post boost Hungary this year? If someone argues me that Ferrari has changed his mind, oh yesss, perfect, he changed his mind, it is forbidden by the laws of nature? (I don't mind I argue that since 2009 was launched the Dream Team).

8) Among other things, I knew that Domenicali was always kept in touch with Raikkonen, even when the blithely Little-Blond cheerfully capsized into rally.

9) 2013, the beginning of July. The rumor spread that Raikkonen has signed for Red Bull (who sponsored their rallying). I met the Dom and I inquired concerning this hypothesis. He looked at me and laughed. I didn't understand. Tell me why you're sneering, I ask him. Answer: for now, just know only that Red Bull wants the Holy Drinker seriously, but he hasn't signed and he won't sign it. Not for them.

10) At this point, things are made ​​(finally!) to run. I know that Alonso was informed before the Hungarian Grand Prix. He was told that this was the intention of the Scuderia, that there was a negotiation in progress and that the Ferrari was expected that Fernando would honor its commitment to long-term whoever was designated as his partner.

11) Alonso said: works for me. If you think seriously or not is another matter, however, and we'll find out just living.

12)In Budapest Raikkonen has signed a pre contract for the 2014-2015 period. The document was subject to the final approval of the lawyer Montezemolo.

13) I have written to you the famous story of used safely during the break in August. On my paper logbooks have been more explicit, giving it as done. I took a big risk, but I knew I could trust. And it was very funny, in the following weeks, encounter, at every level, the incredulity of those who just wanted to be there, he could not accept it, he had to renege on judgments indefensible, and so on.

14) When the article came out on my newspapers with the announcement of the return of Raikkonen, there was a line at the beginning of the workpiece: Montezemolo has decided. The President gave me a call from his emissary to inform me that instead he had not yet decided. I sent him a text message. Text: and then decide, this is the right thing to do and you know it very well.

15)He did.

16) In conclusion, the Patagonia is the ideal place for those who must be prepared to play as a goalkeeper in the team ice hockey Fanano.

LEO TURRINI (italian journalist)

#1326 RE: Iceman by alex jo ice 09.11.2013 01:58


i like it really it sound crazy

#1327 RE: Iceman by Olga 09.11.2013 09:06


Quote: alex jo ice wrote in post #1326
i like it really it sound crazy

Alex!! the things that can happen while "we sleep" ....

#1328 RE: Iceman by Olga 09.11.2013 09:08


8.11.2013 – 13:08:40

According to Italian sources, Kimi Räikkönen has visited Ferrari’s factory in Maranello this week. Räikkönen was getting his seat fitted. Räikkönen’s contract with Lotus is due to run to the end of this year and his contract would not allow him to visit Ferrari before that. However Lotus hasn’t fulfilled their contract obligations, such as paying Räikkönen’s salary on time, so Räikkönen is likely free to visit Ferrari already in November.

Quantum Motorsport has promised to pay Räikkönen his unpaid salaries. Räikkönen has given Quantum one week for that. If the money doesn’t show up in his bank account by the beginning of next week, then Räikkönen will not drive for Lotus in USA and Brazil. The media speculates about Räikkönen driving a Ferrari in the last races this season. However there are no confirmations to those claims.

#1329 RE: Iceman by Sonny 09.11.2013 11:35

for all of the wonderful articles, Olga.

I was definitely one of those who were strongly opposed to Kimi returning to Ferrari. But as time passes, I see that Kimi definitely wants to be back (with Ferrari). And Lotus currently is a team that doesn't seem capable of winning championships.

#1330 RE: Iceman by Denorth 09.11.2013 12:36



Lotus's Kimi Raikkonen has Ferrari seat fitted for next season
By Andrew Benson Chief F1 writer

Kimi Raikkonen has visited Ferrari for a seat fitting ahead of his return to the team next season.

The Finn was measured up for his new car and met with team principal Stefano Domenicali on Thursday.

It was the 2007 world champion's first visit to Maranello since he last drove for the team in 2009.

Fernando Alonso, who Raikkonen joins as team-mate in 2014, is continuing his recovery from back pain suffered during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last weekend.

The Spaniard is still experiencing discomfort from the impact he suffered as he bounced over kerbs avoiding Toro Rosso's Jean-Eric Vergne on his way to fifth place.

Alonso has had a series of tests this week, all of which showed no injuries, but he is taking anti-inflammatory tablets to reduce the pain in his back.

Ferrari expect the double world champion to be fit to race in the US Grand Prix from 15-17 November but Alonso will have final tests on his back on Tuesday before flying out to Austin, Texas, for the race.

Raikkonen's seat fitting revealed that he was more or less identical in terms of size and weight to Alonso.

#1331 RE: Iceman by WHATEVER 09.11.2013 14:00


That's a good thing for designing the car, right? Both drivers being almost same size and weight?

#1332 RE: Iceman by YiNing 10.11.2013 09:18

TS saying Kimi going to have back surgery next Thursday, so will skip next 2 races

The backsurgery ends Kimi’s season
F1 | Turun Sanomat 09:34 | 0

The Formula One season of Kimi Raikkonen is over!

The Finnish star of Lotus F1 Team – keeping third position in the drivers’ championship with 183 points – will go through a backsurgery on next Thursday, and because of that cannot race in the two last Grands Prix of USA and Brazil.

Raikkonen has had problems with his back for a long time. During the practise in Singapore in September the pain got so bad, that Kimi would not have been able to participate the qualifying and the race without a cortisone injection.

Now after the race in Abu Dhabi a week ago Kimi’s back has been even worse. He has not been able to sleep properly without painkillers.

– The experts were recommending the surgery, and it will be done next Thursday in Salzburg, Steve Robertson, the manager of Raikkonen, breaks the news to Turun Sanomat.

After the operation Kimi is cannot do anything for four weeks. This means the current season stops here.

– Obviously, it is a disappointing way to end the relationship with Lotus after two successful seasons on Kimi's return to F1. However, Kimi cannot afford to delay anymore. It is crucial to correct the problem now to start 2014 fit and healthy, Robertson points out.

Most likely the car number 7 will be driven in Austin by Davide Valsecchi, the Lotus test and reserve driver. Valsecchi has tested the E21 car for two days in Barcelona and Silverstone. If Valsecchi gets the drive, he will be the first Italian to race in a Grand Prix since Jarno Trulli in 2011.

Turun Sanomat


#1333 RE: Iceman by Olga 10.11.2013 09:42


seems this true

i think he decided not to put himself in danger anymore. maybe he feels the team is not behind him 100%, he never got paid, he must be at his best for next season and there is no reason to fight under these circumstances. and of course his back may have gotten really worse...

i hope he does well with his surgery! but i'm very sad first of all for all the fans attending the last gps...

#1334 RE: Iceman by Jalumi 10.11.2013 09:50


I´m so sorry- for him and especially for YiNing and Sonny.
I was in sorrow because the 21G jump, seems I was not wrong.

#1335 RE: Iceman by Appletree 10.11.2013 10:42


Quote: Olga wrote in post #1333
seems this true

i think he decided not to put himself in danger anymore. maybe he feels the team is not behind him 100%, he never got paid, he must be at his best for next season and there is no reason to fight under these circumstances. and of course his back may have gotten really worse...

i hope he does well with his surgery! but i'm very sad first of all for all the fans attending the last gps...

This. Team is not behind him , altho I dont think they would harm him , but they just were not focusing on his car anymore. Its possible to have an accident where his back injury would have gone worse, and as it seems he hasnt been paid, he might as well go to the back surgery , he needed. This gave him more time to recover and I wouldnt be surprised it even Ferrari had adviced him to do so.

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