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Sergio Perez Q&A: We are racers, not Sunday drivers 07 Jun 2013

Q: There was a bit of bad blood between you and Kimi Raikkonen in Monaco. After two weeks digesting it, how does it feel?
SP: It’s over and I don’t want to speak about it any longer. One thing I can say is in the last couple of years people were overtaking there and I did nothing wrong. I was trying to overtake and Kimi shut the door. I tried my best to avoid contact but I touched his rear tyre and subsequently had to retire from the race. End of story. It’ the nature of racing to overtake and I will always do the same again. We are racers and not Sunday drivers.

Q: So the approach - being aggressive in the race - will not change here?
SP: Exactly. You only have to change if you do something stupid - and in Monaco there was nothing stupid about my move. I just wanted to overtake and the driver in front of me shut the door, so there was nothing I could have done to avoid him. I will go into this race here as aggressive as always - but also being fair.

Q: On the team radio Kimi was a bit hot tempered - a very unusual condition for the ‘Iceman’ - saying that you might need to cool down and that a slap in the face would help you with that. How do you cope with such a comment?
SP: It shows that we are all human and that sometimes emotions take over. True, in the race both of us were pretty angry and after the race he attacked me in the media. But hey, that is pretty normal - even for an ‘Iceman’. Nevertheless, I respect him a lot.

Q: Aside from Kimi’s comments, other drivers have also criticized you because of your ‘aggressive’ driving style. Do you think this is justified?
SP: Everybody is allowed to have his opinion. This is down to personal preferences. But as Monaco right now is the catalyst for this discussion, I can only repeat what I just said before: I have done nothing wrong. I tried to overtake at one of the few spots where overtaking is possible in Monaco and my opponent has shut the door. So I am not really bothered by any of these comments. ... 14648.html

Hey, at least he's not making it personal against Kimi. I remember him always speaking very highly about Kimi, so I know the part of having respect for Kimi is true.

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New Jersey F1 Race "Gets Serious" ... erious.php


Was it the farce that was the run-up to the first Korean Grand Prix in 2010 that led to a general loss of faith in new races, or has Formula One had a long-term problem with its debutantes?
As a rookie journalist in 2010, I elected to skip the Korean event as I couldn’t afford to commit to the cost of a non-refundable plane ticket for a race that looked like it might not happen. At the time, paddock colleagues confessed they could not remember a new event with worse pre-press. The track was homologated about five minutes before the race started, breaking all established precedents (and bending a few FIA regulations in the process).
Since Korea, every new race has been subjected to news stories claiming the event won’t go ahead.
In 2011, the big news surrounding the Indian Grand Prix was the tax furore which, if unresolved, would have seen the teams and drivers paying income tax to the Indian government for the four days they had spent working in the country. The circuit was still being built when the F1 circus rolled into town, but the race was a success and Buddh hasn’t looked back.
Austin – which in hindsight was probably the most successful debut race in F1 history – was also subject to media scare stories. There were the financial issues, the hasty (and lawsuit-tinged) departure of Tavo Hellmund, and millions of pieces about the Texas Major Events Fund, the inevitable traffic chaos, and the shortage of hotel rooms.
And then there was New Jersey, which should be making its debut next week. Except that it got knocked off the calendar last year when it became clear that money problems weren’t going to fix themselves in time to make the race possible.
The delay was seen by many to be a cancellation, the inevitable outcome of race organisers attempting to play chicken with Bernie Ecclestone. And no one plays chicken with Bernie and wins.
But construction work continued unabated along the Hudson River, and this week the New Jersey race organisers have been a very visible presence in the Montreal paddock. The message is simple: New Jersey is on.
After months of silence from the Grand Prix of America, today has seen a flurry of press releases from the organisers, who have poached Marty Hunt, formerly director of facilities at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas. Hunt will be joining the Jersey team as director of race operations.

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Sonny, <img src=t" title="hat" /> <img src=" title="hula" /> <img src=" title="ii" /> <img src=" title="yes" />

maria will be <img src=" title="run" />

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"If you look at the moves I did, I did it to people like Jenson, Fernando and Kimi, who are really thinking on the world championship, so I never thought Kimi was going to shut the door," he said.

<img src=" title="facepalm" /> that's the problem of his thinking. He thinks because they fight for the championship they will just let him past when he comes <img src=" title="roll" />
He doesn't see any fault with him at all! <img src=" title="mad" />

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Glad that Kimi will have none of that even if it meant losing some good points. <img src=" title="annoyed" />
Maybe he will rhink twice doing the same to Kimi again but not to Alonso, etc...

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Zitat von icemaid
Glad that Kimi will have none of that even if it meant losing some good points.
Maybe he will rhink twice doing the same to Kimi again but not to Alonso, etc...

You're right, let's hope so.

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Don't think he will change.... Brundle tweeted yesterday he filmed the trackwalk with Perez and Perez said he will do the same to Kimi again... Will see later or tomorrow before the race what exactly he said on Sky.

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« The GP of Thailand (or not)…
A point of interest

June 8, 2013 by Joe Saward

The FIA Press Conference on Friday in Montreal was a fairly dull affair with little of value being said. However the one significant point was a remark made by Ross Brawn that hints that there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye. Let us not forget that Ross Brawn has been rumoured for some months to be a man in the hot seat with rumours that he on the verge of being edged out by Mercedes. Thus it is entirely illogical for Ross to put himself in the firing line. So why did he say the following: “Let’s wait and see what the Tribunal finds and then we can go from there. It was my decision to do the test so that’s a fact and let’s see what occurs at Tribunal.”

Unless Ross has become suicidal in his more mature years or he must no something that guarantees that he is not in trouble at the Tribunal. You do not throw yourself on the bonfire for no reason…

And Ross is anything but naive so even if there was only a small percentage of chance that he would run into trouble he would not have said what he said. He must KNOW. ... -interest/

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Perez says FIA's Whiting pinned Monaco clash blame on Raikkonen

Sergio Perez has revealed that he has the full backing of FIA race director Charlie Whiting over his controversial collision with Kimi Raikkonen at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Raikkonen was furious with Perez after they came together while fighting for position in Monaco. The Finn famously told his team that he felt like punching his Mexican rival.

But although Raikkonen remains adamant that he was an innocent victim, Perez says that he has spoken to Whiting about the matter and been told that he was not in the wrong.

"I talked with Charlie straight after race, so for me it was clear - Kimi knew I was there, he did two moves under braking and he [Whiting] agreed that it was Kimi's fault," said Perez. "The stewards also thought it was a racing incident."

Perez admitted that he had been aggressive with his rivals during the Monaco race, but is adamant that there is no reason for him to change his ways because his job is to beat the opposition.

"Of course at the end of the day you know which drivers you can do risky moves with, and to overtake in Monaco is quite risky," he explained.

"Once you are committed to a move, there is no way to go back, especially in Monaco. One you do the move, you have to trust the guy in front to give you room. I had it with Jenson [Button] for example or Fernando [Alonso] with me, and it is something Kimi didn't do.

"Right now I today feel Kimi didn't give me any room and, if you speak to Charlie Whiting, he has the same view on that.

"But I have moved on from it. At the end of the day you have to look and see other drivers in that position are losing more than I did, so my approach will be the same."

He added: "I still believe that I have done nothing wrong - apart from trying to overtake the people in front of me.

"I think I would be worried if I felt I did something wrong, or something stupid. I think I have done nothing wrong so there is no reason for me to change. I have my full team behind me and I feel no reason to change."

<img src=" title="mad" />

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Charlie Whiting is an idiot, if he think Kimi was in the fault why didn't they investigate it? talking behind the back is not the right way to handle this, and the way he handled the Mecerdes testgate just shows he has no clue...

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Zitat von YiNing
Charlie Whiting is an idiot, if he think Kimi was in the fault why didn't they investigate it? talking behind the back is not the right way to handle this, and the way he handled the Mecerdes testgate just shows he has no clue...

can't agree more! those idiots <img src=" title="fury" /> <img src=" title="mad" /> <img src=" title="nurse" />

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<img src=" title="five" /> <img src=" title="ha" /> <img src=" title="nurse" />

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aahhh yes, this too : <img src=" title="doctor" />

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Just shut up Sergio! <img src=" title="hmph" />

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avatar ... re-mexican

Perez's former Sauber boss defends under-fire Mexican

Monisha Kaltenborn admits she is not surprised with his boldness, because that's how Perez is

Jun.9 (GMM) Sergio Perez's former boss has leapt to the defence of the Mexican, following bitter criticism of his increasingly aggressive racing.

After Monaco, where the McLaren driver clashed with title contender Kimi Raikkonen who admitted his desire to punch Perez, many criticised the 23-year-old, but McLaren predictably backed him.

But also now defending Perez in the wake of the criticism is Monisha Kaltenborn, whose Sauber team brought Perez and his sponsor Telmex into the sport in 2011.

Sergio Perez, McLaren MP4-28
Sergio Perez, McLaren MP4-28

Photo by: XPB Images
"Everybody knows what kind of driver Sergio is," Kaltenborn is quoted by Brazil's Totalrace.

"You have to accept his aggression and also know that he is not yet so experienced, so there is a necessary time for that.

"Maybe in two years something will have changed, but I don't see a problem with respect to his aggressiveness," she added.

"In the last race, two of his moves were successful and only one went wrong. And it's attitudes like these that make races exciting."

Kaltenborn also said Perez does not seem very different to many drivers who went on to become great.

"I'm not surprised with his boldness," she said, "because that's how he is.

"If you think about the great drivers, they all went through it -- making mistakes and learning. It's the same with him; he's very young."

Some have even compared Perez to the legend Gilles Villeneuve, but the exciting Canadian's son Jacques - the 1997 world champion - does not agree.

"It's true about the aggression," Villeneuve told Spain's AS newspaper, "but my father was cleaner, and had more respect."

However, Villeneuve thinks it is Raikkonen who should have been punished for the Monaco accident.

"He clearly closed the door because he knew what was going to happen (be overtaken)," said the French-Canadian.

"But of course everyone likes him (Raikkonen), everything is ok," Villeneuve added.

"He says something and everyone in the press room laughs, even if it's bad. I don't understand that."

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