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Zitat von YiNing
I think they should call it Kimiring rather than Kymiring :)

Yep, it would be super.. <img src=" title="five" /> but the name comes from the region we live. Its called Kymi. or Kymenlaakso.Also the river Kymijoki runs thru the region. I live about 15 km from the track. Shame its not going to be f1 track. <img src=" title="sad" />

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Lotus's hopes of keeping Kimi Raikkonen for F1 2014 set for boost
By Jonathan Noble Tuesday, July 30th 2013, 08:40 GMT

Lotus's hopes of convincing Kimi Raikkonen to stay next year are set for a boost later this week, with the team hoping to finalise its investment deal with Infinity Racing.

The Enstone-based outfit announced recently that the group of investors were to buy a 35 per cent stake in the team to help provide a much more secure financial setup.

Such a deal would not only give the team the foundations it needed to shore up its technical progress, but would guarantee the stability that Raikkonen has been looking for.

Although there have been doubts about the Infinity Racing deal coming off after team owner Gerard Lopez revealed recently that things had not progressed as fast as he hoped, AUTOSPORT has learned that matters moved forward significantly last weekend.

Key figures from Infinity Racing held talks with Lotus chiefs, and their presence at the Hungarian GP was viewed as a positive signal that the deal was back on course.

Team principal Eric Boullier hopes that matters will be finalised in the next few days.

"I think by the end of this week everything should be clear," Boullier told AUTOSPORT.

"The deal gives us more than optimism for the future.

"It gives us the means to bring all the resources to go to the next step in terms of stability, size and, let's say power."

When asked if the financial boost provided by the Infinity Racing was what Raikkonen was looking for to commit to Lotus, Boullier said: "It is not the main thing, but it is one of the things yes.

"We are not the biggest team after the big four, and clearly the strategy we had since the beginning is that you have build in cycles.

"We put everything all in to make the team better, and now we are better we can attract sponsors and investors. That is what we are doing now.

"It obviously takes more time than expected, but we are talking about a big deal.

"And once this deal is cleared, which it should be this week, we know for the next years, many years, the platform will be one step up."

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I find it really interesting when Boullier says:

"It is not the main thing (money).."

I wonder what he means <img src=" title="hmm" />

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latest news

1. Indian GP is cancelled for 2014 and will happen in spring of 2015 (if they sort our tax issues)

2. New Jersey guys got credit from UBS bank of 100mil USD for their GP preparation. Expecting 240,000 visitors, average price for a ticket $563, Paddock Club will cost $4,255

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What's the source for the NJ GP? I had read sources quoting much lower numbers. Unless that is the total for the weekend??

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Indian Grand Prix dropped from Formula 1 in 2014, but back for 2015
By Jonathan Noble Tuesday, July 30th 2013, 16:45 GMT

The Indian Grand Prix has been dropped from next year's Formula 1 calendar - but is set to return at the start of 2015.

After intense speculation about the future of the event amid tax issues with Indian authorities, F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone confirmed on Tuesday that the race was off.

But rather than being dropped because of the tax matters, he says that its private owner Jaypee has shied away from a 2014 grand prix because of calendar issues.

Dieter Rencken: F1's calendar convolutions

It wants to move the race to a March slot to fit in with other flyaway events – and reckons having two races within the space of six months does not make sense.

Ecclestone told the Indian news agency IANS: "When we signed the five-year deal with Jaypee, we were keen on going to India in the first half and Jaypee wanted it to be in October.

"We gave in at that time, but now it looks we will have the race early 2015. It was too close.

"Therefore, after speaking to promoters, we think it is best not to have a race in 2014 and have one in 2015."

The ditching of the Indian GP clears the way for Ecclestone to slot in the Russian Grand Prix in October next year.

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Hey Sonny, it's actually quite old news, here it is ... -prix.html

UBS in drive for $100m New York grand prix
Swiss investment bank UBS has been appointed by the organisers of the planned New York Grand Prix in a bid to secure $100m (£65.7m) of funding to enable the race to go ahead in 2014.

By Christian Sylt

9:00PM BST 30 Jun 2013

Comments3 Comments

The 3.2-mile track is on public roads in Port Imperial, New Jersey. It snakes alongside the Hudson river and would give the race a spectacular backdrop of Manhattan's historic skyline.

The plans are close to the heart of Formula One's chief executive Bernie Ecclestone, as he has been trying to hold a grand prix in the New York area since the 1980s. There have been numerous false starts, most recently in 2011 when New Jersey governor Chris Christie announced with great fanfare that the race, known as the Grand Prix of America, would take place in June 2013.

In August last year, Mr Ecclestone tore up the contract for the race when payment deadlines were missed. However, in May he signed a new 15-year agreement after the organisers agreed to hire Chris Pook, one of his close confidants and former chief executive of F1's American rival IndyCar. Mr Pook is working alongside Leo Hindery junior, who is the promoter of the race and managing partner of private equity fund InterMedia Partners.

In 2011, Mr Hindery provided an initial $10.3m investment in the race organising company Port Imperial Racing Associates (PIRA) and, since then, it has obtained an additional $10.1m loan. It will require a further $100m to get off the grid, according to an investment memorandum released by UBS in early June. It adds that "incoming investors may choose to leverage current team's expertise or could acquire 100pc of PIRA".

F1 circuits typically cost over $250m to build, but using public roads avoids this expense. The downside is that there is no asset for investment to be secured on. Mr Hindery has confirmed that no public funds will be invested in the race.

The UBS memorandum states that the funding is required to complete the engineering work and build the Club of America VIP hospitality area, where guests will get a close-up view.

UBS forecasts that corporate hospitality tickets will cost $4,255 each and, along with general admission, will generate 80pc of revenues. It adds that the average ticket price is expected to be around £358 ($563) compared to £288 at the British Grand Prix which took place yesterday.

The organisers expect a total crowd of 240,000 over three days, slightly less than the 265,499 spectators who attended the inaugural United States Grand Prix in Texas last year.

UBS is the investment bank of choice for companies connected to F1 because it is an official partner of the sport. It was one of the first banks which signed up to be a bookrunner for the flotation of F1, due in the next 12 months.

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Turrini, translated by Nicole

Leo Turrini

July 30, 2013

Sorry for the delay.

It must be true that Budapest often changes the history of Formula One.

TEAM, 4. The rating is based upon the car’s performance. The F138 has stopped ever since Barcelona. It actually went backwards. All new innovations have failed. It’s a miracle, that between England, Germany and Budapest, thanks to an amount of favorable circumstances, Alonso has lost only 3 (three) points to Vettel. Indeed, it is incredible.

There has apparently been an embarrassing flop in the developments. Its it because of the wind tunnel in Cologne? I do not know, although this is an excuse vaguely alike Berlusconi (ie: it is always the fault of others). There are humans with responsibilities , management level (Domenicali) and design (Tombazis and company)? Not even in this do I have a definite answer. The data and figures again speak for themselves. And they are daunting.

ALONSO, 4. It’s not good in a situation of collective discomfort to almost harshly emphasize the shortcomings of your team. It’s not good because you are a leader and you have to understand that the claims you make in the public media have monstrous effects (if you are in Ferrari). If in connection with the utterances of Fernando his manager goes to talk to Horner, maybe even more of this and that, then he is the dog chasing its tail.

I mean it. I can understand if this was an outlet for frustration (time goes by, another title escapes, etc.) from Alonso, but the method he used wasn’t a masterpiece of elegance. But if he is implementing a strategy style Prost, well, then I am angry, because you do not play with other people’s feelings.

I will end this with a detail, which is not a revelation. On Monday morning I was depressed after Hungary. So I sent a text message to the number 335 45, in short, to di Montezemolo’s cell phone. I wrote to him: Make sure that this thing with Fernando doesn’t continue, it would be appropriate if you would immediately shut him up.

He replied after a nanosecond. “You can be sure of that.”

He did it. You may think what you want of him, but this is my president.

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<img src=" title="ha" /> <img src=" title="ha" /> Turrini is so funny

I mean it. I can understand if this was an outlet for frustration (time goes by, another title escapes, etc.) from Alonso, but the method he used wasn’t a masterpiece of elegance. But if he is implementing a strategy style Prost, well, then I am angry, because you do not play with other people’s feelings.

I will end this with a detail, which is not a revelation. On Monday morning I was depressed after Hungary. So I sent a text message to the number 335 45, in short, to di Montezemolo’s cell phone. I wrote to him: Make sure that this thing with Fernando doesn’t continue, it would be appropriate if you would immediately shut him up.

He replied after a nanosecond. “You can be sure of that.”

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Zitat von Olga
Turrini, translated by Nicole

Leo Turrini


He replied after a nandosecond. “You can be sure of that.”


corrected it for Turini <img src=h" title="hih" />

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thanks D! <img src=" title="hug" />

i want the NY/NJ gp to happen.....

Maria will be on the 7th heaven <img src=h" title="hih" />

and...a nandosecond and wow! how the tables can turn! <img src=" title="firework" />

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translated by Nicole

The true story of a Kimi-encore (Ferrari)

By Leo Turrini

July 31, 2013

Of course the summer will be long.

When cars are parked the chatter is running. As you have noticed. It's always true that everyone is talking to everyone, Alonso's manager with Horner, Hamilton's father with waiters in Montana, et cetera.

Below is for diehard fans of the sport, the true story Dreamed (by me) / Feared (by Abraham) / Speculated (by dogs and pigs) of the COMEBACK of the Holy Drinker to Maranello.

The lines that you are about to read are strictly authentic.

1) Kimi already got an offer from Ferrari last summer. You may recall that we talked about it here, both with hope and terror.

2) Kimi got the offer in summer of 2012 when it looked obvious that Massa would be torpeded.

3) Surely the reason for the Blond to respond to the contact was the fact that Lotus was slow to pay and Raikkonen would had been a fool not to go there (remember the sumptuous liquidation in 2009 that he got from Ferrari's cashier).

4) I understand that for those who had a theory of the Crime (Kimi stabbed in the back by a horde of barbarian and unworthy bankers) it's hard to swallow the fact that the Finn still has friends and fans in Maranello, and that's the point; if he wouldn't, then he wouldn't had been offered a proposition. On his own terms of course; he would not had come back for free, that's for sure.

5) In 2012 nothing was done due to LCDM using the veto.

6) LCDM has not cooled his heated mind, but I reminded to him that it was him, Ferrari's president, who called Berger in 1993 and Berger was as strong as Raikkonen.

7) The same scene is repeated now. Lotus is not paying Kimi, although they are obviously very pleased with the results he produces on the track.

Raikkonen has been talking for some time with Red Bull, for commercial reasons, because they are tied to other areas and everybody knows it.

9) After Silverstone GP and before the the Grand Prix of Germany, Kimi spoke with Stefano Domenicali. To confirm if the interest was the same as it was a year ago, and then if the interest would be mutual, what could they do.

10) But is the interest mutual? That is, has LCDM has changed his mind about it? I do not know.

11) Alonso had been informed of this meeting before all thie mess in Hungary, and he said the same he said in 2012, that he had no problems with it.

12) Then again, does he say or not what he thinks about it, I do not know that either. For example, when Vettel says he would be fine with having Raikkonen in Red Bull it's a lie in my opinion, if it was up to Seb then he would take Ricciardo to the team.

13) Will it all end up in nothing, the Comeback of the one with Blond hair? Likely. What would be the right thing to do? If you ask me, then it would be today, yesterday, forever. Ferrari would have two cards to play on track if a great driver would stand beside Fernando, because Red Bull will get stronger if Mateschnitz chooses the Finn.

This is the state of the art, these are the facts. Greetings and kisses.

cant say that i dont like it... <img src=h" title="hih" />

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Red Bull Racing contre Lotus F1 Team : La bataille autour de Kimi Raikkonen ... -Team.html

Red Bull Racing vs. Lotus F1 Team: The battle over Kimi Räikkönen

Wednesday, July 10, 2013, by MarcL

The next three weeks will be crucial for the Formula 1 drivers' market. In fact, while Red Bull Racing tries to seduce Kimi Räikkönen, Lotus F1 Team doesn't want to let it go!

Since a couple of weeks the observers in the paddock have been deciphering the attitude of the 2007 World Champion. With more or less success ... A smile of Kimi Räikkönen to Sebastian Vettel and not even a look to Romain Grosjean is seen as the justification for a transfer. Each race it is the subject of the question, which gets an invariable response from the mouth of the Finn. However, it should also be noticed that the tension between Red Bull Racing and Lotus F1 Team over this issue is rising.

Rumours walk at a brisk pace today. However, one thing is now certain: Red Bull Racing will have the money to put on the table as an argument. An offer of 12 million Euros for three years, with a premium of 500,000 Euros per race win and a probable World Champion premium (pro forma) of 4 million Euros is in the air in Milton Keynes. The technical aspect is cloudy. Renault will supply the engine until 2016 officially, but it's Infiniti that will pay the bill. For his part, Adrian Newey has a contract until 2014, but there is no indication of an extension which, in any case, will happen after the first tests of the car for the 2014 season, like in 2011 . A short-lived technical guarantee! Kimi Räikkönen knows well, having experienced it in 2005/2006 but also in 2007 with Ross Brawn, what it represents. To date, Red Bull Racing can only make promises.

In addition, it is Red Bull Racing that has decided to speed up the game of transfers. Imposing a date (August, 31) for a second driver alongside Sebastian Vettel. While Kimi Räikkönen took the habit to renew its contract with Lotus F1 Team after September.

Even Lotus F1 Team has arguments. Kimi Räikkönen has agreed a contract based on performance and renewable annually, which allows him more movement. The Finnish sportsman accumulates currently 7.70 million Euros and he will reach 12 million Euros, according to the projections in the current season. Which is not ridiculous! Especially today, when the calculator is a must on one side or the other. Mark Webber won only seven GPs since 2010, a sign that does not go in favour of Red Bull Racing's desire to have a strong second driver alongside Sebastian Vettel. At Lotus F1 Team Kimi Räikkönen is the undisputed leader and he's allowed to get away with everything, or almost.

Red Bull Racing's difficulty consists in seducing with the work. In fact, Kimi Räikkönen will have to accumulate several hours of simulators and "debriefing" with the engineers. But he will also have to do 15 or 20 days of promotion at least. In this game, the Lotus F1 Team structure is much more advantageous. The money problems of Lotus F1 Team? Virtual, according to the Finnish driver's entourage, who has always been paid and who also foresees the team dynamics, which correspond quite well to his state of mind. So, will Kimi Räikkönen be at Red Bull Racing next year?

The fans wish it and start with criticizing openly Lotus F1 Team on social networks, the rupture is visible. But the man who will decide is the 2007 World Champion. He doesn't intend to be in a hurry and his agent, Steve Robertson, not any more either. A sign that never fails! Unless this is a huge manipulation, which will be widely told in the coming months ...

F1 - C’est l’heure des vacances pour le Club des Cinq

F1 - It's holiday time for the Famous Five

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The five world champions involved in the 2013 Formula 1 season can leave for holidays with the satisfaction of the task accomplished, the pleasure of a job well done, because thanks to them the Hungarian Grand Prix last Sunday was outstanding from start to finish.

It was a bit like a hard-rock concert at a summer festival, with thousands of fans burned by the sun, lots of noise and damn good musicians on a white-hot Hungaroring. Special mention for the diamond-stud-earring-pierced guitarist, Lewis Hamilton, the crazy bassist Kimi Räikkönen and the blond singer, Sebastian Vettel, gone up in this order onto the podium.

Hamilton first, between two recording sessions of his upcoming album in a London studio, gave a performance that he himself has placed, right after the race, at the top of the "play list" of his exploits in F1: "This is perhaps one of the most important wins of my career," said the Briton, conscious of the amount of work he had to do to get there.

In six months, Hamilton went through the basis at Mercedes-AMG, got to know the members of the German team, accumulated test sessions and "debriefing" with the engineers. He saw the wins and pole positions of team-mate Nico Rosberg and welcomed the progress of the silver star marque, because he knew that his turn would come.

Since the beginning of the summer, it's a festival: three poles in a row at Silverstone, Nürburgring and at the Hungaroring last Saturday, on the circuit where then, on Sunday, he won for the fourth time in seven appearances. As a result, Hamilton, fourth with 124 points, has the means to go for the title, when there are still nine rounds to run and thus a maximum of 225 points to distribute.

Räikkönen, phenomenal

"It's too early to talk about the title, although anything is possible in F1," said Hamilton on Sunday. Except that he is at just ten points off Räikkönen and nine points off Fernando Alonso, after a totally remarkable half a season: nine times out of ten in the Top 5 in a car that used far too much the tires. This is no longer the case, and that changes everything.

In terms of regularity, Räikkönen's got quite a bit of it. On Sunday, in front of thousands of his Finnish fans, the bassist of the band was great once again. He's one of the pillars of today's F1, both efficient and popular, as discreet in the paddock as he's phenomenal on the track: one win and five second places in ten rounds, always able to score points (27 GPs in a row), often on the podium (75 in total).

The way he closed the door to his possible future teammate – Vettel – at the end of the race, will surely make think the German triple world champion during his holidays. At the press conference, "Baby Schumi" arrived dazed by the violence of the rally with "Iceman", and then he came to his senses and admitted that he was not good enough. He remains the idol of fans with his blonde curls and lovely thin voice.

The other two members of the Famous Five have not been entitled to the podium but didn't show demerits. Spaniard Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), 5th, didn't got the start of his dreams but limited the damage. Briton Jenson Button (McLaren), 7th, has enlivened well the party, on a Hungaroring that he appreciate a lot, like Hamilton. And as he is not jealous of the success of his former team-mate, he let him pass a little bit more easily than Vettel ...


Kimi Räikkönen et le jeu de miroir ... -Team.html

Kimi Räikkönen and the mirror effect

Friday, August 2, 2013, by MarcL

"There is not the least foundation in this rumor. These are the typical fantasies that always exist in this period ..." says Renato Bisignani - the spokesman of Ferrari – to everyone who has wanted to hear him for 24 hours. The rumour of the return of Kimi Räikkönen in the Scuderia is thus nipped in the bud. This was its destiny, but, above all, this was used for something important.

Bild newspaper had detailed Ferrari's offer as follows: A salary of 11 million Euros plus bonuses, the possibility of practice hockey and motocross. No contract term fixed and no real detail in the end. Only the figure of 11 million Euros is to remember. Because it serves as a psychological bolt for negotiations, the real ones, those that are happening behind the scenes between the entourage of the 2007 World Champion and the duo "Red Bull Racing - Lotus F1 Team."

Indeed, Steve Robertson – the manager of Kimi Räikkönen – is a specialist of the method. When he had the task of negotiating Lewis Hamilton's contract with Ron Dennis in August 2007, he had let it be understood (always through Bild) that the future 2008 Champion had received an offer of 35 million dollars from the structure of Maranello. Further back, it was the same tabloid that had announced the signing, in August 2005, of Kimi Räikkönen at Ferrari for a salary of 275 million dollars. In short, Bild and Steve Robertson ... It's an old story that goes far beyond these two examples. The German daily acts as a detonator for the English representative of Kimi Räikkönen gets the number he wants. It has always worked, I must say!

Some observers in the paddock think there must be an alternative to Red Bull Racing for the Finnish driver. The offer of the Scuderia Ferrari provides it. Except that it's not true in reality! It serves as a message to the Lotus F1 Team as a priority. In fact, we know that Red Bull Racing has proposed a three-season contract (2014/2015 and an option for 2016), with a salary of 12 million Euros per year, a bonus per win equivalent to Sebastian Vettel's (500,000 Euros) and probably a bonus for the World Champion title.

Currently, Lotus F1 Team pay Kimi Räikkönen 3 million Euros and 40,000 Euros per point scored. At that rate, the Finnish sportsman should reach about 12 million Euros. An effort is needed ... Last Thursday, a meeting between Eric Boullier, Steve Robertson and Kimi Räikkönen ended with a proposal from the English team. Proposal indexed by the introduction of the investment fund Infinity Racing Team in the capital of the Enstone team for 40 or 50 million Euros approximately. The total number is not defined yet. The concern is that Kimi Räikkönen is essential for the maximum recovering/maximum development and he now knows that his presence will be paid by these new investors. The trial of strength can start and the auction as well.

Indeed, the piece of news about the link with the Scuderia Ferrari indicates that the base salary desired by Kimi Räikkönen is 11 million Euros. Minimum ... While the offer proposed by Lotus F1 Team turned around a fixed wage significantly revalued upward with a bonus per point equivalent or slightly increased. Which would place Kimi Räikkönen at Jenson Button's level in terms of annual salary. Except that Steve Robertson would rather it was at the level of the duo "Fernando Alonso - Lewis Hamilton." So 20 million Euros per year!

This manoeuvre explains, above all, a reality ... There is an acceleration around the future of Kimi Räikkönen. An announcement is expected in late August 2013. Not a public announcement! It will be just the moment when the Finnish Champion will tell Lotus F1 Team if he continues or not within the structure of Enstone, in order to discuss the 2014 season with Red Bull Racing then. ... 6384216294:

Red Bull aurait réévalué son offre pour Kimi Raikkonen. Passant d'une enveloppe de 18 à 22 millions d'euros par ans (toujours 3 ans de contrat). Ce qui signifie que le salaire de base (sans les primes) qui était de 12 millions d'euros, dans l'offre initiale, passe à 16 millions, comme Vettel.

It seems Red Bull has raised its offer to Kimi Räikkönen. Passing from a payslip of 18 to 22 million Euros per year (always three-year contract). This means that the base salary (excluding bonuses) that was 12 million Euros in the initial offer, passes to 16 million, as Vettel's.

#479 RE: F1-news and -translations in 2013 by Ragingjamaican 08.08.2013 23:47


One of those articles indicates that his friends say that he has got paid and there's not been an issue with pay, yet Raikkonen himself has said the opposite once questioned about it?

#480 RE: F1-news and -translations in 2013 by Olga 09.08.2013 09:41


Betulla!!!! <img src=" title="ty" /> <img src=" title="hug" /> great articles!

well, lotus team has financial problems. seems that even much lower paid people had not been paid. i think this is not a reason to get angry at the team, just worried about the team's capability in general. If Kimi is paid fully or not and to what extent we cant know i guess. i think that he will evaluate the situation and decide what HE feels is the best and most important for HIM.

i at least will wait and support him as a fan to whatever he decides.....

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