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#16 RE: F1 German Grand Prix 2013 by icemaid 05.07.2013 06:13

GPDA threaten to boycott German GP if tyres problem persists.
So may be we will only see Kimi & Lewis racing since both are non-members...<img src=" title="hmm" />

#17 RE: F1 German Grand Prix 2013 by WHATEVER 05.07.2013 06:29


Oh, that would be cool, would'nt it? <img src=h" title="hih" />

#18 RE: F1 German Grand Prix 2013 by Boudica 05.07.2013 08:27


Zitat von icemaid
GPDA threaten to boycott German GP if tyres problem persists.
So may be we will only see Kimi & Lewis racing since both are non-members...

Kimi's words makes perfect sense now:

It wasn’t ideal having bits of rubber thrown at your helmet for sure, but risk is all part of the game.

It wasn’t his or the tyres’ fault. If you have sharp edges on a kerb as seemed to be the case there last weekend then these things can happen no matter what tyres you have. It didn’t change our race anyway.

He just doesn't want to get involved in the political games of the GPDA.

Their claim to boycott the race is just like a toothless T-Rex, we all know it is not going to happen. Drivers have strong contracts, and teams have contracts and responsibilities. It would be almost impossible to go ahead with a real boycott. The GPDA has always appeared to be a bit of a weak organisation. They dont just have any real power. This just seems to be a way to make noice, and to show people that they still exist.

Kimi is obviously not in the mood for these games and empty threats. From the letter they have written, they infer that one person who supports them is not a member, this is obviously Lewis. Kimi on the otherhand will just let this blow over.

#19 RE: F1 German Grand Prix 2013 by Boudica 05.07.2013 11:53


Lotus is looking a bit faster here then what they were in Silverstone, but we'll see how it goes with the long runs in FP2.

#20 RE: F1 German Grand Prix 2013 by icemaid 05.07.2013 15:45

The graining on Kimi's soft tyres is horrible! <img src=" title="blink" /> :fear

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Breaking news for the girls.. <img src=" title="oi" /> Heikki Kulta writes Kimi has changed his hair style again..but there is something left on top of his head .so hope Kimi will be on podium..just because we need to see his hair. <img src=" title="ha" />

#22 RE: F1 German Grand Prix 2013 by WHATEVER 05.07.2013 16:21


Thanks to ely0611


Reporter: "Kimi, are you one of the drivers to be threatening to boycott this weekend?"
Kimi: "No, I don't care for politics. I just race and go home".

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Friday at the Nürburgring saw our Finn go fifth fastest in morning and afternoon sessions alike. With identified areas for improvement, it’s been a promising first day...

We tried quite a few things today; some were good and some were not, so we have a good idea of what to do tomorrow. Our long run pace wasn’t as good as it could have been as we were running with a different set-up which would have taken too long to change back in the session, but we now know which setup works better so it’s not a worry.

There’s no difference in the tyres when you drive with them; no difference at all. We’re not comparing them any more as we only have the latest specification here. When we did compare the older ones with these ones in Canada they were more or less the same so we didn’t expect any surprises.

It limits the setup changes you can make, but luckily we’re constrained more or less to the range we were working to anyway so it’s shouldn’t harm us too much.

I will race whatever happens
I will race whatever happens.

You never know. It wasn’t too bad today and hopefully we can improve, but I’m sure everyone else will also improve. ... -will.html

#24 RE: F1 German Grand Prix 2013 by Boudica 06.07.2013 07:02


Kimi barely did any long runs, and it looked like he had lots of grainning. And yet he sounds more positive then has in a while. Qualifying will be interesting, it seems like the new package has improved qualifying a bit.

#25 RE: F1 German Grand Prix 2013 by WHATEVER 06.07.2013 15:15


Good quali, now let's wait and see what he can do from P4. Looking good. IMO

#26 RE: F1 German Grand Prix 2013 by Kriss 06.07.2013 15:18


Zitat von WHATEVER
Good quali, now let's wait and see what he can do from P4. Looking good. IMO

Indeed <img src=t" title="hat" />
now we need a good strategy from Lotus <img src=" title="naughty" />

#27 RE: F1 German Grand Prix 2013 by WHATEVER 07.07.2013 16:25


Zitat von Kriss

Zitat von WHATEVER
Good quali, now let's wait and see what he can do from P4. Looking good. IMO

now we need a good strategy from Lotus

But we didn't got it, so P2 it is for Kimi <img src=" title="annoyed" />

But still not a bad result and we got to see some hair. Not the original haicut though...

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Thanks to Monica 92:

Kimi interviewed by Nathalie Pinkham:
"We tried to win but we couldn't, maybe a lap or two more..."
" We had a good last part of the race"
"It was difficult to overtake"
"Maybe with some more lap we could have won"
"I lost time 'cause I was stuck up behind a Mercedes"
"The double podium is surely a good result for the team"

Thanks to Anelise:


Anelise wrote:
Kimi Räikkönen Interview after Race at German GP 2013

#29 RE: F1 German Grand Prix 2013 by WHATEVER 07.07.2013 20:58


Thanks to _TaniaS_ ... conference

Q: Kimi, was it better for you that the radio had some problems and you couldn’t understand the guy from the pit wall?

Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN: No actually – I could hear them but they couldn’t hear me. I think it only worked in one part of the circuit and unfortunately today there was quite a lot to discuss and it didn’t work. So, not the ideal but we managed to do pretty well and obviously we want to win but today we didn’t have the speed. The race should have been a bit longer, maybe then we could have had a good chance – but we scored good points for two cars and we are getting back where we should be. So in the end not ideal but pretty OK for us.

Q: Kimi, moving to you. Obviously Lotus were in a strong position. They could make a tactical gamble, put Red Bull on the back foot. From your point of view, you got through, Romain let you through towards the end. But was there a scenario where you could have won this race today?

KR: Obviously not, because we didn’t win it. I was stuck behind the Mercedes after the first stop for a little while until I got past them. It cost me some time. After the Safety Car we were pretty OK and the cars, three of us, had similar speed and it’s very difficult to overtake anybody. I could run longer and we had a think about it, if we can try to run until the end but we had a massive problem with the radio. I could hear them but they could only hear me between two corners. So I’m wondering if we should have done it, take a gamble and try to go to the end because the tyres were pretty OK, my speed was pretty OK so it was hard to know what happens in the next ten laps. We decided to come in and put the soft tyres. We had good speed. Obviously I got some help from Romain to get past but that was… we would have had a big fight, anyhow. I could have probably passed him in a normal situation but obviously it would have cost me a lot of time. And as a team we try to win and I caught up with Seb but, like I said before, everybody was behind each other but we are too close on speeds and it’s so difficult to overtake then. We tried everything that we had and failed to win but I think for the team we did a good race and got both cars on the podium, so as a team we’re happy but obviously I lost some more points to Seb in the championship. We keep trying.

Q: (Kate Walker – GP Week) Sebastian, Kimi is one of the men on the short list to replace Webber as your teammate next season. In the closing stages of the race, we saw him giving you quite a bit of challenge. How do you feel about the prospect of being challenged by a fellow World Champion in equal equipment for an entire season rather than just a few laps?

SV: Well, I wouldn’t mind. I think he wasn’t nice today to me because of that but in the end of the day, to be completely straight, it’s not my decision. I think I have a good relationship with the team and to be honest, we spoke about that but not in detail yet. I think the team has no pressure to decide on anything, at least, that’s what they communicated with me. I think I get along fairly well with Kimi; we never had a problem on track, even if one day we might have and crash into each other which can happen, then I think we deal with it as grown-ups and talk about it and sort it out amongst ourselves, at least, I think that’s the relationship I have with him. I respect him a lot on and off track. But like I said, it’s not my decision.

Q: (Kate Walker – GP Week) Would you be excited by the challenge?

SV: Yeah, definitely. I think it’s strange in a way because I was looking up to Kimi when he was with McLaren for many years and trying to give Michael a very hard time but his McLaren broke down many times and now, since he’s come back, I’ve raced him again and I think there’s no doubt that when it comes to qualifying, to race, he does his job very well and gets the maximum out of the car, and that’s what – at the end of the day – is our job. He’s quite good at what he does. That’s my opinion.

Q: Kimi, give you an opportunity to respond to that.

KR: He seems to be a bit better. I don’t know what will happen in the future. Things will be decided at some point but until that happens there’s nothing to talk about. I would definitely tell if I know something just so that all these follow-up rumours and nonsense stops straight away. But right now, there’s absolutely nothing for next year and we will see. For sure, at some point, once we know we will tell but I don’t have any pressure to make any decision right now. Obviously I try to make the right decision for myself but it depends on many things; next year there are rule changes, everything else, so it can be a right or wrong decision. Whatever it will be, I will live with it and I’m fine with it. We will see when it comes.

Q: (Heikki Kulta – Turun Sanomat) Kimi, your best ever result in Germany. Does it taste any better than the previous ones or is it only victory that makes the difference?

KR: Obviously we are here to try and win races. We couldn’t today because we were not fast enough but for the team it was a good result after a couple of quite difficult races, so obviously for my championship it was not ideal, we lost some more points but it’s still a long season and if we keep putting ourselves in a position for at least fighting for first place then I think we can do it again but as I said, it’s good for the team and not so good for my championship.

Q: (Livio Oricchio – O Estado de Sao Paulo) And to Romain and Kimi, is the performance of your car also related to the new tyres?
KR: First of all, I don’t think it’s a 2012 tyre. The front tyre is exactly the same as all year. The rear belt is different but it’s not the construction of 2012. We tried these tyres in Montreal and they were fine. It’s not a very big difference to what we ran before so for us, I don’t think it made any difference. They felt a little bit better tyre in Montreal. I think the biggest difference is on high downforce circuits but the weather is hot so that’s probably what made the bigger difference for us.

Q: (Andrea Cremonesi – La Gazzetta dello Sport) Kimi, during the last laps, did you think about the opportunity of being with Red Bull and if that had an effect on your mood during the fight?

KR: Absolutely not. I try to win and it doesn’t matter if it’s a teammate or some other team. As long as we give ourselves a chance, I try to make it happen and obviously if there is a good chance to try to overtake I will try it but we never got that close so there was nothing to do really.

: (Jan Kotulla – Mannheimer Morgen) And to all of you, have you see the movie Rush and what’s your opinion about the movie?

SV: I haven’t seen it. I went to bed, so sorry Niki, he was very kind and invited me. I thought it was smarter to go to bed. So I have to wait.

RG: I needed to sleep too so I went to bed as well.

KR: No.

#30 RE: F1 German Grand Prix 2013 by WHATEVER 07.07.2013 21:53


F1 cameraman injured after being hit by tire from Mark Webber’s car ... 32616.html

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