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#16 RE: Welcome here! by ish678 31.10.2013 14:44



I'm liking the look of the new place already :D Thanks for all the hard work!

#17 RE: Welcome here! by an1th 31.10.2013 16:11

Me too - finally here


#18 RE: Welcome here! by luviceman 31.10.2013 16:16



thank you miezicat and all for your effort and your support for keep running the forum
and WHATEVER for your post to remind me all are here

#19 RE: Welcome here! by Kriss 31.10.2013 18:00


I'm here

thanks miezi

#20 RE: Welcome here! by momo 31.10.2013 18:05



#21 RE: Welcome here! by Olga 31.10.2013 18:17


one big hug from me momo! great avatar, looks like my grumpy nanny

#22 RE: Welcome here! by icemaid 01.11.2013 02:56

Seems like the chat is still not working for me.
How about others?

#23 RE: Welcome here! by Sonny 01.11.2013 03:39

We are emailing support daily in search of a resolution.

Supposedly, the support staff logged into the forum and were able
To access the chat room. But we are expressing how no members are able to access the chat.

We will keep everyone updated, and hopefully we can share news of a
Resolution in the near future.

all for your patience!

#24 RE: Welcome here! by Olga 01.11.2013 07:29


hey guys! seems the old coffee forum is extended till the 3rd of November, so this means we can use the old chat for fp, quali and race!
if something happens, i will post a link for a temporary chat here!!

#25 RE: Welcome here! by Sonny 02.11.2013 06:33

Update to all Forum Members:

I know you have grown accustom to certain codes associated with our many smilies. Unfortunately, the new forum does not allow certain codes to overlap. For example: if you would type : no (without a space) and : nod , the smiley would appear as the : no smiley with a "d" on the end. We are unable to get around this. As a result, we changed the name of a few smilies! Please familiarize yourself with the new names. And please don't hesitate to mention to any admins (Miezicat, Olga, Boudica and myself) if you would like additional smilies.

Thank you so much for your continued patience during our transition,


#26 RE: Welcome here! by miezicat 02.11.2013 11:15


The support team had a look the chat again and experienced now the same problem as us. Technicians will try to fix it.

This forum is the english version of a german forum so it's possible there are some mistakes in translations and you might notice some german words. If you do, please tell and we can change that.

#27 RE: Welcome here! by Olga 06.11.2013 16:41


the support team fixed the chat room! si it is there for you to test, and of course for all of us to and for the next races.... holy

support group and miezi

#28 RE: Welcome here! by Jalumi 06.11.2013 19:59


Its great! Miezi

Yes! We need to cheer for Kimi during the last 2 races

#29 RE: Welcome here! by WHATEVER 06.11.2013 20:28


Chat works

#30 RE: Welcome here! by Spinster 06.11.2013 23:14


Thank u everyone for making this new warm home! Love u all...

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