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#16 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by Olga 14.11.2013 19:49


i wish Alonso the best for his health, but lately he is a copycat i think

US Grand Prix
Alonso fit to race despite skipping Thursday in Austin
ESPN Staff
November 14, 2013

Fernando Alonso has been given the all-clear to race at this weekend's US Grand Prix after passing a medical check in Austin.

Alonso's participation has never been in doubt but he has had to undergo mandatory medical checks after his car registered an impact of 25G while clobbering the kerbs in Abu Dhabi. He has suffered some back pain over the past two weeks and opted to skip Thursday's media sessions to rest, but passed the necessary medical test to race.

"Happy to have the "ok" from doctors and race this weekend," he tweeted. "Last day to recover and do my best to help the team!"

Alonso will be back in the paddock on Friday for the first practice session.

#17 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by Olga 14.11.2013 22:55


this is an email Davide Valsechi wrote after he was told he wont race in the place of emotional reaction ..

it is translated by my italian friend Sam Iaria....

this is the email Davide sent Daniele Rizzi.. (word-to-word)

"You don't know how sorry I am, I took a really bad shot yesterday. Bloody Eve, it is a bad defeat for me since I lost against someone who is not even special and it was almost withdrawn. Thanks all and please forward the email to others if you can. I wanted to tell you please do not put on the internet or on our page, photos or insulting words against the team that has the right to decide. Let us remember that we are lords and we must demonstrate the ability to lose with honor, the fact remains that we hope that the new Finnish goes wrong and that in Brazil the team will give us the opportunity that so much we want and we maybe deserve. Then, even if it's the last thing I do in my life, I'll take home some fuckin point..."

#18 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by icemaid 15.11.2013 05:36

Maybe DV will have a chance in Brazil, in F1 you never know...
Feels sorry for him, especially he seems like a Kimi fanboy.

#19 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by WHATEVER 15.11.2013 06:41


Here are some more words from him (translated by me at midnight and after a couple of drinks with friends, so have mercy)

"He called me yesterday morning (Eric Boullier), while I was going to the circuit, and said to me: 'Look David, let me explain: the reason is that there are new investors in the team - that's why is not only me in person to decide, but a group of people - and the fact is that Kovalainen has already had so many seasons in Formula 1, some with McLaren 3/4 years ago when he fought in the top with a competitive car which also won the championship, so his experience, his biggest name, his greatest appeal assured him the victory during the voting"

They had attempted to take Hulkenberg, but couldn't make it, they had tried to take Maldonado, but they couldn't make it and when it was time to vote to elect between me and Kovalainen, most chose Kovalainen. And when they asked me what I thought I told them, 'Look Boullier, I if I was in your place I would have taken Hulkenberg for sure! Even between Maldonado and me, I would have thought about it, but with someone that was almost withdrawn from F1 like Kovalainen, who has been the last three years with machines that raced in the back, that even him hasn't raced this year, and just for motivation and desire to give a break I would have taken Valsecchi. Yet, you are the boss and you can decide what you want and I accept it. 'Therefore, I am left feeling bad, but I accepted it in good way.
" Taken from an interview with Davide Valsecchi this evening to "Starting Grid"

#20 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by jpp47 15.11.2013 15:32


I must say I'm pretty happy for Heikki. Hope he does 2 strong races and is then able to show up

#21 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by Boudica 15.11.2013 16:26


I am happy for Heikki but feel bad for Valsechi also. I like them both. I think Lotus made the right call but it is not easy being a reserve driver these days, he just wants chance were he can prove himself.

#22 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by WHATEVER 15.11.2013 23:23


It feels realy weird for me to have a free practice in the afternoon :

Anyway, lets see how Kovalinen goes

At Lotus, Kimi Raikkonen produced what could be the most expensive sick note ever seen in our sport. Several drivers were in line to move into what is still a prime race seat, before it was announced yesterday that Heikki Kovalainen will make his much-awaited return to the category. It will be interesting to see how quickly he can get up to speed with the E21 that Romain Grosjean is now getting a lot out of.

A stop / start first Free Practice session in Austin means that time for drivers Heikki Kovalainen and Romain Grosjean is limited, however there’s still plenty do during the first day of the United States 2013 Grand Prix weekend…

Position: P11
Fastest Lap: 1:39.238
Laps Completed: 13
Position: P13
Fastest Lap: 1:39.487
Laps Completed: 18

Heikki Kovalainen finishes his first day’s running in 5th place, with Romain Grosjean in 8th and a total of 74 laps completed between them.

Position: P8
Fastest Lap: 1:38.255
Laps Completed: 33
Position: P5
Fastest Lap: 1:38.073
Laps Completed: 41

#23 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by Jalumi 16.11.2013 08:56



Heikki Kovalainen @H_Kovalainen
Note from today after practice - seem to have borrowed my friends underwear! Figured out my own will arrive tomorrow!


Heikki.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

toni vilander @toni_vilander
@H_Kovalainen keep using them... Seems to be working nicely! #jahanaa

#24 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by WHATEVER 16.11.2013 14:11


But for sure the shoes will be hard to fill

#25 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by Jalumi 16.11.2013 20:07


Quali is over. Gro on P3 Heikki on P8.
The Lotus is fast this weekend.
I miss Kimi

#26 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by WHATEVER 17.11.2013 22:19


No coments on the Race yet... Missing Kimi?

#27 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by Jalumi 18.11.2013 07:02


Sure I missed Kimi
It was a boring race to see. I dont know if it was only boring because Kimi was not there I hope Sonny and Yi-Ning had fun.
Sad, that Heikki make only P15

#28 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by Jalumi 18.11.2013 11:41


Kind words from Hami

Lewis Hamilton 'very happy' with U.S. GP but doesn't care for drivers' title placing
With Kimi Raikkonen sitting out the final two races to undergo back surgery, Hamilton's 12-point haul from Austin moved him ahead of the absent Finn into third place in the Drivers' Championship.

Red Bull's Mark Webber now needs to outscore Hamilton by seven points at next week's Interlagos finale to deny the Briton his first top-three season placing since 2008. However, Hamilton himself isn't bothered by the prospective achievement.

"It doesn't mean anything. Plus the guy that was in third is not even racing, so it doesn't mean anything to me," Hamilton insisted.

#29 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by Jalumi 18.11.2013 15:14


Some pictures from yesterday. Seb steal the hat from a poor cowgirl
BZTgGQ1CUAErgP9.jpg large.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

He was a bit yesterday.
s1_2.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

Seb make the other drinking Jägermeister It a kind of herbal liqueur
s1_5.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

s1_6.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

Seems Mark dont like it
s1_4.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

8 wins in one season. Great record Seb
s1_3.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

#30 RE: 2013 United States Grand Prix by WHATEVER 18.11.2013 16:09


I'm happy for him, but I think is best for him if next year he doesn't win.

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