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#1 F1 GP Japan 2017 by Jalumi 06.10.2017 22:26


Next race weekend. I hope it will be a better than the last two races
Seems Kimi is in a good mood

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Seb and Kimi believe the car can be on the pace-also in the wet

Suzuka – An encouraging first session and a nearly useless second one sums up the first day of practice at the Japanese Grand Prix. After setting first and fourth best times respectively in the morning P1, Seb and Kimi limited their running to an installation lap each in a rain-soaked afternoon session. “Today we were expecting to have difficult conditions in the afternoon, so we focused on the morning session,” said Kimi. “We did a little bit more running and generally, we worked on our programme like every other Friday. Overall it was not bad and the feeling was ok. In the afternoon we did not even try to learn anything; we are limited on tires and we have to save the full wet compound in case qualifying is run in wet conditions. It’s a pity because we did not do a lot of laps, but at least we have got some ideas. As for tomorrow, let’s wait and see what happens in the morning and then through the day. Whatever it will be, we are going to do our best”. Seb added: “I think we had a decent morning. We tried a lot of things and it was good to feel the power of the car. This afternoon was expected to be wet. We would have loved to run a little bit more, but you can’t do the right amount of driving, because you don’t want to “burn” your tire supply in these conditions. The results of the last two races were not good, but the car is strong. We have every reason to be confident and I am sure that on Sunday we’ll be able to show what we can do. If tomorrow’s qualifying is wet, then we should improve. The last qualifying in wet conditions happened in Monza and it was not a good result. In Malaysia it was a little bit better, but we hope we learned our lesson. It’s up to us to get it right. Whatever the weather will be, I hope we can show our potential”.

#3 RE: F1 GP Japan 2017 by Jalumi 06.10.2017 22:41


Nearly no running in FP2 because it was raining a lot. But the teams were busy with paper boat racing

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Kimi Raikkonen reaction and impressions after FP1 and FP2

The opening day of track action at the Suzuka Circuit got underway beneath overcast skies with specks of rain turning into heavy drizzle towards the end of the opening 90 minutes of practice. The rain became heavier through the afternoon and was positively lashing the 5.8km circuit by the time the clock ticked down to signal the start of the second 90-minute session. Originally scheduled to begin at 0500 GMT, the start of the session was delayed by 45 minutes as drains overflowed and rivers of water coursed down inclines at the undulating track. World championship leader Lewis Hamilton went fastest in that session, setting a time of one minute, 48.719 seconds, kicking up a dense mist of spray as he toured the circuit, nearly 20 seconds off Sebastian Vettel’s morning best on a dry track.

However, Scuderia Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen both appeared unconcerned by the loss of track time on Friday as a result of heavy rain hitting the afternoon’s free practice in Suzuka.

“We kind of expected it to be a wet afternoon.” – Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen told reporters after the end of a truncated second free practice session, due to the heavy rain – “We’d run a little more laps in first practice and it was okay. Everything felt fine so we have a good idea in the dry how it is.”

The Finn added that there had been little point in completing anything more than an installation lap in the rain: “We did not even try to learn anything.” – he shrugged – “Obviously it is very limited on the tyres. In case if it’s wet tomorrow and in qualifying then we have to save the full wets.”

The forecast is indeed for more showers on Saturday. However the race itself is looking set for dry conditions, which should help Scuderia Ferrari given their strong pace in dry conditions: “If it is tomorrow wet the whole day, we will do some running in the morning.” – the Finnish driver concluded, as reported by Italian national sports newspaper based in Rome Corriere dello Sport at the end of the second practice session ahead of the 2017 Japanese Grand Prix.

Kimi Raikkonen has taken a new engine for this next race, which will take place at the Suzuka track on Sunday. It’s the latest spec of the Ferrari power unit, which is reported to be lighter than its predecessor. However, the Finnish driver said that he did not notice any difference in the limited running he’d had with it so far at the Suzuka circuit.

#4 RE: F1 GP Japan 2017 by jpp47 06.10.2017 23:33


If only Kimi could win a GP at least ! Since Lotus nothing ! He deserves it !

#5 RE: F1 GP Japan 2017 by Jalumi 07.10.2017 07:26


Quote: jpp47 wrote in post #4
If only Kimi could win a GP at least ! Since Lotus nothing ! He deserves it !

Your words in who evers ears. The morning started not good Kimi crashed in FP3. A gear box damage is possible

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#6 RE: F1 GP Japan 2017 by Jalumi 07.10.2017 07:46


Raikkonen gets Japanese GP grid penalty after gearbox change

Kimi Raikkonen will take a five-place Formula 1 grid penalty into Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix after Ferrari changed his car's gearbox after damage sustained in practice.

Raikkonen crashed at Degner 2 during final practice at Suzuka, bringing out the red-flag just over halfway through the one-hour session.

The rear of his Ferrari got away from him mid-corner and Raikkonen couldn't gather it up before he hit the barriers, damaging the left side of his car.

Once the car was returned to the garage, Ferrari inspected the unit and decided to change it ahead of qualifying later.

Rules dictate gearboxes must last six consecutive events, with a driver incurring a five-place grid drop for an early change.

The only exceptions to these rules are for non-starters and non-finishers (for technical reasons) of the previous race, neither of which apply in Raikkonen's case.

#7 RE: F1 GP Japan 2017 by jpp47 07.10.2017 09:50


Bad news this grid penalty want help Kimi for a nice race result! Unless he plays it like Vettel did it latest race

#8 RE: F1 GP Japan 2017 by Jalumi 07.10.2017 10:14


P11 tomorrow

Raikkonen says practice crash compromised qualifying effort

Kimi Raikkonen says his crash during final practice meant he went into qualifying unsure about his car.

The Ferrari driver set the sixth-quickest time in the session but will take a five-place grid penalty as his team had to to replace the gearbox which was damaged in the crash.

Raikkonen said his team “did a great job” to rebuild his car in time for qualifying. “But obviously you pay a price for mistakes.”

“I made a mistake today, we had to change the gearbox and obviously was far from ideal to prepare for qualifying. Especially after yesterday’s little running on the track.”

Raikkonen made it into Q3 but then abandoned his first attempt at a lap. He said the car “felt OK, but obviously when I had to really push I made a mistake in the first run in the last qualifying and then pretty average lap time on the second.”

“But it’s a bit tricky after the mistake that I did then obviously not really knowing where we should be,” said Raikkonen. “I think it’s the consequences of missing or crashing in the wrong moment of the weekend.”

“Obviously it’s not an ideal starting position but we should have a good car so we’ll see what happens,” he added.

Raikkonen’s team mate Sebastian Vettel qualified third. He will start the race from the front row of the grid alongside Lewis Hamilton as Valtteri Bottas, who originally qualified second, also has a five-place grid penalty for a gearbox change.

#9 RE: F1 GP Japan 2017 by Jalumi 07.10.2017 10:15


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#10 RE: F1 GP Japan 2017 by Jalumi 07.10.2017 23:24


It will be P 10 (forgot the Alonso penalty).

This looks like art, but this are Kimis tyres marks from the crash

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#11 RE: F1 GP Japan 2017 by Bradamante 08.10.2017 00:02


I will have to lose precious hours of sleep to watch the race. Let's pray for a good race at least.

#12 RE: F1 GP Japan 2017 by Jalumi 08.10.2017 08:38


Boring race From P10 to P5 and Kimi said he was pushing Seems Ferrari has some problems. Poor Seb

#13 RE: F1 GP Japan 2017 by Bradamante 08.10.2017 08:41


No fastest lap for Kimi for 0.00... , pity. But today there was little to do. 5th is the best given the pace of Mercedes and RedBull.

#14 RE: F1 GP Japan 2017 by Jalumi 08.10.2017 08:44


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#15 RE: F1 GP Japan 2017 by jpp47 08.10.2017 15:17


Very sad weekend for Kimi. Hope next race will be sweeter for him

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