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#211 RE: Iceman 2014 by Boudica 12.03.2014 22:19


Ted Kravitz @tedkravitz
Kimi: 'Ferrari a more relaxed team than when I was here last' and reports he & g'friend r having baby are 'bullsh*t'

#212 RE: Iceman 2014 by WHATEVER 13.03.2014 18:56


New Kimi's official website is up:

#213 RE: Iceman 2014 by Olga 15.03.2014 14:09


did you guys see this????????? by Lorenzo da Luca

#214 RE: Iceman 2014 by icemaid 15.03.2014 14:30

Olga, why is Kimi shoving her away?

"Me, Iceman no need umbrella, go go go"

Our boy is angry!

#215 RE: Iceman 2014 by Jalumi 15.03.2014 15:20


Yes, ist mood was not good. Its also in video I post in the Australia thread.

#216 RE: Iceman 2014 by Spinster 15.03.2014 17:17


He has a helmet and was very angry

#217 RE: Iceman 2014 by miezicat 15.03.2014 17:33


Why you see that he was very angry? he probably was pissed but to me it just seems that the women wanted to go to the right or straight on and Kimi wanted left which he showed with his hand.

#218 RE: Iceman 2014 by Sonny 15.03.2014 20:45

Quote: Jalumi wrote in post #215
Yes, ist mood was not good. Its also in video I post in the Australia thread.

Can you please use one language when posting? Danke!

#219 RE: Iceman 2014 by WHATEVER 16.03.2014 05:19


The other day I wanted to write "the" and wrote "die" without noticing I was mixing languages

#220 RE: Iceman 2014 by Jalumi 16.03.2014 05:30


I will try!

But btw: you mixed them too!

#221 RE: Iceman 2014 by miezicat 23.03.2014 22:50

Kimi today in Mill, watching his team racing in Dutch MX1 Championship round

#222 RE: Iceman 2014 by Jalumi 24.03.2014 19:23


f1racing-apr2014-kr-1_krs.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

f1racing-apr2014-kr-2_krs.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

f1racing-apr2014-kr-3_krs.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

f1racing-apr2014-kr-4_krs.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

#223 RE: Iceman 2014 by Spinster 24.03.2014 22:09


He can look so very different

#224 RE: Iceman 2014 by Olga 25.03.2014 10:32


found this pic in twitter, its not recent but i like it!

#225 RE: Iceman 2014 by miezicat 31.03.2014 16:09


thanks to Tania
La Stampa 29-03-2014-page-001.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)


Formula 1 according to Kimi Raikkonen is throttle, brake, wheel and track. Nothing else matters, including the 21 opponents with whom he finds himself on the track on Sunday. Some he admits to not even know. The Finn, 34, is the oldest driver. "It's true Ė he confirmed - I read it somewhere." It is not an attempt of humor, itís him naturally. He came to Ferrari in 2007, won the first World Championship post- Schumacher and left at the end of 2009. He came back this year to the team with Fernando Alonso. "I do not know if he is the strongest teammate I have had. I'll try to beat him like I did with all the others. And I'll be disappointed if I donít succeed."

The season start in Australia has gone bad, only a seventh place. In 2007 he began with pole position and win.
"2007 has nothing to do with the new rules. This yearís car doesnít fit me, is not what I want. We're working on it, but unfortunately we have not yet solved the problem."

What do you need?
"It's a matter of setup, I canít have the car that I like. We have little problems here and there, but if we can put together the things we have learned two weeks ago in Melbourne we should be doing already a big step forward. We drove one race, we should not panic."

The Mercedes flies, you are not worried?
"No. We want to do better, win races, but it was not a disaster in Melbourne. The disaster is when you donít score points. With the people we have and which are working hard we can improve. "

In which areas the F14T is weaker?
"There are many little things that can make a big difference. There is not a single problem to be solved."

In Malaysia in 2003 you won your first race: it feels like a special Grand Prix?
"It's a race like any other."

Alonso is the strongest teammate that you ever had?
"It's hard to say. Every season is different, every car is different. Sometimes a car is more suited to the characteristics of one driver than of another. He is certainly very good but I donít care to do a ranking. "

He puts pressure?
"No, in my career I have always tried to beat my team-mate, as itís normal: I want to do well and I'm disappointed if I do not."

Once he said that Massa is faster than you ...
"I do not care what people say."

If you would have to bet an euro on a driver for the world title, from what we have seen so far, who would you choose?
"Who has won in Australia ( Rosberg, ed) gained the most points and so is the driver to beat but the championship is long. The Mercedes seems strong, we will see in the next races."

Vettel says that the noise of Formula 1 with the turbo became shit. Do you agree or not?
"It doesnít seem to me that the noise has changed. It's just a little lower.Ē

Speaking of Vettel: do you believe that he will return soon to winning?
"Like us he had problems in the first race but I am convinced that he has a good car and will be able to recover."

What has changed for the better or for the worse in Maranello compared to your first experience?
"It's changed little in the team. There are the rules that are different and this has had a big impact on the cars. "

The Ferrari team will be your last?
"I have already said several years ago (laughs). Yes, now that I'm back I'm sure it will be my last team also because I will not go on and on. Then I will start the second part of my life. Meanwhile, I try to do my best."

Are you thinking about a new challenge after Formula 1?
"I'll see at the day when I stop. I have not planned anything, I donít think I will have many occasions to race. I'll spend the free time like now."

Is Formula1 better than rally?
"If I was not happy I would not be here."

Have you followed the story of Robert Kubica?
"I know how hard it is to drive off the circuits: you pay much more for errors than in Formula 1. If you try to push to the maximum in each curve like on the track, sooner or later something happens to you."

What is the most enjoyable collateral effect of F1? Women, money, fame?
"The track has so far absorbed the majority of the time of my life. We are paid well, but it is not easy. And then in F1 there are so many things that are neither interesting nor pleasant."

If you have seen the movie "Rush" you maybe miss that world: your hero is Hunt or Lauda?
"I saw the trailer. The sport has changed, in those days it was more exciting and fun, as well as dangerous."

some of the questions also answered here

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