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#166 RE: F1 News and Translations - 2014 by Olga 10.12.2014 17:47


now they said they'll make an announcement on Thursday.....

#167 RE: F1 News and Translations - 2014 by Jalumi 10.12.2014 19:19


I´m so calm since I know Seb and Kimi are together

#168 RE: F1 News and Translations - 2014 by Sonny 11.12.2014 06:01

Jenson keeps the seat!!

#169 RE: F1 News and Translations - 2014 by Sonny 11.12.2014 06:05

Button secures 2015 McLaren seat
11 December 2014 Updated 00:05 GMT
By Andrew Benson - Chief F1 writer

Fernando Alonso, left, recently said of Jenson Button: "He is a very talented driver, a great character and good person. People like him are good for our sport."
Jenson Button is to partner Fernando Alonso at McLaren next season.
The team are to announce their driver line-up at a news conference at their factory in Surrey on Thursday.
But BBC Sport has learned they have decided to retain Button after weeks of leaning towards Kevin Magnussen.
Button, the 34-year-old 2009 world champion, will continue into a 16th season and has his wish granted to test himself against the man widely regarded as the best in F1.
McLaren signed Alonso some weeks ago, but had been vacillating over the identity of his team-mate.
McLaren's 2015 partnership
Fernando Alonso Jenson Button
33 Age 34
Spanish Nationality British
2 World titles 1
236/32 Races/Wins 268/15
97 Podium finishes 50
Chairman Ron Dennis had been keen to retain Magnussen, 22, but the continuing delays over making a decision have tipped the balance back in favour of Button.
The two were evenly matched for pure pace in 2014, with Button out-qualifying the novice 10-9 in 19 races.
The Englishman scored more than twice as many points as Magnussen over the season.
McLaren had intended to retain Magnussen on the basis that the team's data had suggested he was fractionally quicker and had youth and promise on his side.
But Button's strong finish to the season, his experience and perhaps unrest at boardroom level over Dennis's position has influenced the team to go the other way.
Magnussen may be retained as reserve driver for 2015.
McLaren, as well as representatives of both Button and Magnussen, were unavailable for comment on Wednesday.

Magnussen and Button have remained on good terms despite being pitted together for one seat at McLaren
The farrago over the identity of the team's second driver has detracted from the impact of McLaren's signing of double world champion Alonso.
This is quite a coup considering his standing in the sport and the fact McLaren have succeeded in luring him away from Ferrari.
Ferrari had their least successful season for 21 years in 2014 but still finished ahead of McLaren, largely thanks to the efforts of Alonso.
But the Spaniard was convinced by the arrival of new engine partner Honda and a restructuring of the team, including the signing of key personnel, that they were more likely to give him the chance to secure the third title he has been seeking since he won his second in 2006.
Alonso is reputed to have signed a deal worth $40m (£25.5m) a year, which would make him the best-paid driver on the grid.
His contract is believed to be for two years with the option for one more, but Alonso will almost certainly be able to leave at the end of 2015 if McLaren's performance is not up to expectations next season.
Button will be on a one-year deal at a salary reduced by at least half from the reputed £12m he was earning in 2014.

#170 RE: F1 News and Translations - 2014 by Jalumi 11.12.2014 11:37


The Yankees was right!

McLaren ‏@McLarenF1 4 min ago
#McLarenDrivers2015 confirmed: Fernando Alonso & Jenson Button, the new era of McLaren-Honda:

B4kWCvjCAAA6P9r.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

#171 RE: F1 News and Translations - 2014 by WHATEVER 15.12.2014 22:29


I'm happy Magnussen won't be crashing on to Kimi's car next year

About Button... should we be or for him

#172 RE: F1 News and Translations - 2014 by Jalumi 16.12.2014 01:44


Happy that he will run 2(?) more years. because he need to 'work' with Mr hairy Alonso.

#173 RE: F1 News and Translations - 2014 by Jalumi 01.01.2015 11:02


We have no Jenson thread, but this are so nice pictures that I want them to post.
All the best Mr und Mrs Button Have a happy life together and we want so see some mini smurfs

JB2.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

JB3.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

JB6.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

JB8.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

#174 RE: F1 News and Translations - 2014 by YiNing 01.01.2015 22:37

Congrates to them both !! beautiful couple Just wondering why all the picutures I saw are all blury....

#175 RE: F1 News and Translations - 2014 by Jalumi 02.01.2015 09:47


They are not official? Paparazzi?

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