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#46 RE: F1 Monaco GP 2014 by YiNing 23.05.2014 15:31

I LOL in the office when I read this on the AS Forum....


Posted Today, 11:58

as65p, on 23 May 2014 - 12:49, said:

I wonder how KR himself seemingly didn't notice IF he was allegedly given 2nd rate mechanics and engineers.

No wait, I know the answer: He is too cool to care!

It's okay, us fans are used to it. It's his fault the gearbox pissed itself yesterday, it's his fault his engineers are 2nd rate. It's also his fault that Ferrari have been incompetent for the past 4 years. Alonso on the other hand is perfect, he practically rebuilt that broken suspension in Malaysia all by himself. He's a mechanic, engineer, a team principal and a driver all at the same time. He practically poops gold and turns water into wine. Meanwhile Kimi is too cool for all of that and every mechanical problem or setback he suffered means he's too cool to care about anything. In fact he's too cool for the entire planet and should just propel himself to space where he can expand his coolness until it takes over the universe and beyond.

His entire engine could blow up, car could fall into pieces, it would still be his fault because he's too cool to repair and assemble the car himself or cherry pick his engineers. Goddamn, let's conclude everything right here: KIMI IS JUST TOO COOL TO EXIST, GUYS.

Edit: But wait, there's MORE: his coolness is so epic it cuts a black hole into another dimension where the entire population is formed of mini Kimis that are even cooler than the man himself. Imagine that.

#47 RE: F1 Monaco GP 2014 by Jalumi 23.05.2014 23:55


"I´m a driver!"

#48 RE: F1 Monaco GP 2014 by YiNing 24.05.2014 10:51

#49 RE: F1 Monaco GP 2014 by Jalumi 24.05.2014 12:09


6th in FP3, close to Mercedes. Lets see

f31t254p24234n2.png - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

#50 RE: F1 Monaco GP 2014 by Olga 24.05.2014 13:41


Kimi got very close to alonso! for the moment thats the only thing we need ...

#51 RE: F1 Monaco GP 2014 by Jalumi 24.05.2014 15:55


P6, big gap to Alonso because the yellow flag Rosberg caused. Lets see what he can do tomorrow

He was in great mood after the quali

Reporter: "Kimi, are you happy with 6th?"
Kimi: "I'm over the moon"

#52 RE: F1 Monaco GP 2014 by Jalumi 24.05.2014 16:39


He nearly

#53 RE: F1 Monaco GP 2014 by Olga 24.05.2014 18:31


Kimi Raikkonen Space

Kimi: "I'm not happy with this qualifying, because even though we worked hard on the set-up, making several changes, my feeling with the car didn't improve much. Right from Thursday I had to fight to find the best solution and the time lost during the second free practice session certainly didn't help. On top of that, we are not able to make the tyres work well here and in that situation, it's not easy to put together a good lap, especially on a track where you don't get a second chance. Sixth place is not ideal, but neither is it a disaster and tomorrow we will do our best to get the most out of it all."

#54 RE: F1 Monaco GP 2014 by Olga 25.05.2014 09:24


from Kimi's onboard camera

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#56 RE: F1 Monaco GP 2014 by YiNing 25.05.2014 12:45

Nadège ‏@cheshire974 9m

Kimi Raikkonen missed the driver parade and Fernando Alonso in french #GPMonaco

Hmmm.... still sleeping

Edit: Sky said he's resting, got indigestion....

#57 RE: F1 Monaco GP 2014 by Appletree 25.05.2014 13:07


I hope he can drive..They talk here about yesterdays quali . Not anything yet about Kimi but maybe I didnt hear it in time. The thunderstorms went by just a minute ago.

#58 RE: F1 Monaco GP 2014 by YiNing 25.05.2014 13:12

[img]Nicola Pohl ‏@NicolaBILD 7m

Thank's god Kimi has his private nurse at the track. Girlfriend Minttu just arrived at Ferrari hospitality![/img]

Since Minttu is there, I guess Kimi should be in the paddock too.

#59 RE: F1 Monaco GP 2014 by Jalumi 25.05.2014 13:33


Kimi is in the car.
I hope he dont feel too bad

#60 RE: F1 Monaco GP 2014 by WHATEVER 25.05.2014 13:36


All the best to Kimi

He needs all the best wishes and good vibes we can send

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