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#16 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2014 by WHATEVER 25.07.2014 13:29


I want Vettel for FIA president

Q: The drivers are arguably Formula One racing’s biggest asset - how would you use these assets to better connect with the fans? In Hockenheim you dedicated much of your free time to them, but there are 18 other races - and 21 other drivers…
SV: I haven’t really thought about that. Probably it would help if we had less technical possibilities to explore on the cars - then we would have more time for the fans. A simpler and noisier Formula One for the fans. The fans don’t get to see us 22 guys a lot, simply because we are so busy. People do have a slightly incorrect view of what happens at the track: I am racing Lewis (Hamilton), for example, but the only time I see him outside of the car is at the drivers’ briefing and at the drivers’ parade. Everybody is so busy in his own team, so busy with meetings - and that is a change from how it was in the past when drivers could socialise more with the fans. Maybe we should think a bit more in that direction again.

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Should we start doing the no-rain-on-Sunday dance or not?

Edit: Not
It seems only scatter showers are expected.

Everybody is sliding like rally.
Starting with the softer tyres now...

12:56 Team-mate splits after those soft-tyre runs:
Hamilton to Rosberg, -0.238s
Vettel to Ricciardo, -0.827s
Alonso to Raikkonen, -0.293s
Magnussen to Button, 0.654s
Bottas to Massa, -0.401s

Thanks to: 11AndyKR11


#‎AS : "We saw the problem with the rear wing."
#‎KR : "What problem with the rear wing?"
#‎Spagnolo : "Short activation on the main straight."
KimiRäikkönen is told he has an issue with the rear wing
‎FP2 #‎HungarianGP

#18 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2014 by WHATEVER 25.07.2014 15:05


Some nice comments from Edd Straw during FP1:

08:56 Raikkonen pits. This is his best FP1 performance in ages.

08:50 EDD STRAW has spotted minor offs for Maldonado and Vettel at Turn 2. "It's quite bumpy here when you are on the outside there at mid-corner and exit."

He adds that Raikkonen is very smooth through that section, and "potentially looks stronger than Alonso".

08:49 Raikkonen has a lock-up at the penultimate corner, but unlike others he keeps the car on track and only misses the the apex by a small amount.

08:47 A purple first sector from Raikkonen now, he is loving that part of the track.

08:07 EDD STRAW at trackside: "Alonso is the first driver to come through quickly. He takes a big bite of inside kerb at T3, which unsettles the car onto the following straight. Raikkonen, by contrast, stays off that kerb."

#19 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2014 by WHATEVER 25.07.2014 15:23


Tons of Finnish flags are spotted in the crowd...

Raikkonen sixth, on 1m25.730s at 1.248 from Ham in P1

Alo fourth 1.25.437

13:29 A couple of drivers have bailed out of this session a little early. Both Ferraris have pitted.

#20 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2014 by WHATEVER 26.07.2014 06:37


Kimi Raikkonen, P1 - 1:26.421, 3rd; P2 - 1:25.730, 6th
“In the first free practice session, we managed to do a good job, testing various solutions on the programme and I was feeling reasonably pleased with the handling of the car. Then, in the afternoon, I went out for a second run on the medium tyres, because the behaviour of this compound seemed worse as the temperature went up and that affected the handling of the car, while on the soft I had no problems. In the second part of the session I did a race simulation with both compounds: unfortunately when I fitted the mediums I had a problem with the left rear and I had to pit earlier than planned. The telemetry didn't show any problem on the car, so I hope that the data will point us in the right direction for the next two days.”

Pat Fry, Ferrari chassis director
“The Hungaroring always presents a major challenge for drivers and also engineers, especially during free practice. All the teams know this track lacks grip and, especially on Friday, one has to adapt to the gradually improving conditions, as the rubber gets put down on the surface. Today, because of instability that seemed to affect other cars as well as ours, we had to pay particular attention to set-up, trying to improve the balance at the entry and exit to the corners. This track is very demanding on the aerodynamic front and today’s high temperatures had a significant effect on tyre behaviour, although it's due to get cooler for the rest of the weekend. The lap is particularly short and will make managing the ERS system very interesting during the race and this is an area where we are learning a lot race after race. The performance level over short and long runs are similar to those seen in recent races and it looks like being a very tough weekend. Overtaking opportunities are strictly limited and so, more than elsewhere, you need to get the best possible result in qualifying.”

#21 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2014 by Jalumi 26.07.2014 10:18


Tweet: FlorianKoenig1: Kimi #Raikkonen supporters even on the highway to the track! #HUNGARORING #F1

BtdBLWYCAAA43p_.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

Good morning Kimi

BtdGwqrCIAArAj6.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

Hot day expected

BtdKk6_CMAEq_-M.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

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Alonso 6th, Kimi 7th in FP3.

For now, seeing him right after Alonso is progress... Let's keep hoping for better, we have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

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Thats all what I want to say!

#24 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2014 by Jalumi 26.07.2014 15:38


And it was only Ferraris fault! In the Sky interview Kimi said, he ask twice, if he should not go out again! And the box said, he is safe!

Kimi: "The plan was to go out but the team said we are fine, I questioned it a few times to be 100% sure. The end result is what we can see."

And I thought Lotus was bad in strategy last year!

#25 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2014 by Sonny 26.07.2014 16:28

Miezi.. Maybe we were right when we said Kimi to Ferrari wasn't a good idea

#26 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2014 by Jalumi 26.07.2014 16:58


Sonny I´m Ja. You are to seldom in chat..... mix our names

But you are right. I was not happy about Kimi go back. And Ferrari don´t do much, to show me I was wrong so far.

#27 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2014 by jpp47 26.07.2014 17:15


Start to be fed up with Ferrari and Kimi always loosing vs Alonso. Regret the Lotus Years !!!!!!!!! At that time could see a smiling Kimi and results when now Kimi seems feeling bad and no results. Robertson should try to find another team for him before it's too late

#28 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2014 by Olga 26.07.2014 18:07


just a few thoughts...

first of all i dont like conspiracy theories in general, so i dont think ferrari wants kimi to do bad. but i do think that they have declined as a team, and probably kimi's side of the garage has the worst people. in a way its normal because alonso was the best driver in the team for so long. but perhaps ferrari should invest in better people.

i do believe that kimi should be doing his best. i cant believe that after his history with the team, he would do anything but his very best.and i also cant believe that his best is just not good enough anymore.

its a crazy statistically improbable combination of bad car+not suitable style+bad luck+back garage+a probable not so good kimi performance+whatever shit can happen will happen....

its really so tiring. i guess its for him too, but for the team as well. so it did not end this weekend...when will it end?

#29 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2014 by Sonny 26.07.2014 18:26

Quote: Jalumi wrote in post #26
Sonny I´m Ja. You are to seldom in chat..... mix our names

But you are right. I was not happy about Kimi go back. And Ferrari don´t do much, to show me I was wrong so far.

I meant to say Miezi

We were both vehemently against Kimi going to ferrari when the rumors first started. That's why I mentioned her name.

I haven't been around. I just got back from
My honeymoon last weekend and I worked 4x10 hour shifts and now Craig is in town !

Im also really losing interest in F1. Kimi is really struggling with the car.. And the cars are becoming so much less impressive to me. Mercedes is clearly ahead of everyone and one of their pilots will win the championship. And even that battle isn't fun to follow. Lewis is having so many more issues and bad luck compared to Rosberg.

If it wasn't for you guys at the forum, I'd probably stop watching all together! But I'll see you soon

#30 RE: F1 Hungary GP 2014 by Jalumi 26.07.2014 18:45


Me too!

I can understand people losing interest. Its the first time since a very long time I´m happy for the summer break.
Lets see what Kimi can do tomorrow.

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