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#31 RE: F1 Singapore GP 2014 by YiNing 20.09.2014 19:21

Singapore GP: Software glitch caused Raikkonen's qualifying issue
By Ben Anderson and Matt Beer Saturday, September 20th 2014, 16:46 GMT

Ferrari has said a software problem was to blame for Kimi Raikkonen's missed opportunity in Singapore Grand Prix qualifying.

The Finn looked set for one of his strongest performances of a difficult 2014 Formula 1 season as he topped Q1 in Singapore, but the car issue forced him to abandon Q3 after one run, leaving him seventh on the grid.

When asked by AUTOSPORT to describe the problem, Raikkonen replied: "I think it was some electronic thing, so when you tried to apply power it just cut off.

"Hopefully it is just a small thing, but it was big enough to destroy our qualifying in the end."

Ferrari technical chief Pat Fry apologised to Raikkonen for the issue.

"We are sorry that he had a software problem on his final Q3 run, because he could definitely have got a better result," said Fry.

Raikkonen said that the Q3 issue had not overshadowed the breakthrough he made with the Ferrari on Saturday.

"We've been struggling with the car a bit all weekend, but we kept changing it and we changed it for qualifying, which was good," he said.

"It was one of the few times that we have changed it to something really good that I wanted.

"Unfortunately we had a problem, but there was a lot of potential today and it was nice to have a good feeling with the car."

He also felt he had yet to show his full potential before the software glitch.

"I know I kept messing up the middle sector all the time and there was a lot of potential on the other sectors," said Raikkonen.

"There was a good feeling with the car and I could put it where I wanted.

"It was feeling easier to drive, so it's a shame what happened today, but that's our sport.

"Sometimes you hope it would happen during a different weekend when you're having difficult times."

#32 RE: F1 Singapore GP 2014 by Denorth 20.09.2014 21:50


read somewhere that the unit that converts heat into power (MGU-H) doesn't work efficiently in Singapore due to short straights. This lead me to a thought. Can it be that actual engine of Ferrari is not THAT bad, judging by their competitiveness in Singapore? Together with talks about that heat retaining paint that was tested on Marussia it might make sense.
Those MGU-H units have no legal power restriction IIRC and cars and more energy they can harvest, more power they give to a driver.

I know it's only my opinion and all the talks are smoke and mirrors, but can we have: Ferrari says that engine is not good, while it's comparable in reality to Merc one. Ferrari would get a permission to evolve it and by this would get a chance not only make MGU-H comparable to Merc one but also hoping to make engine MUCH better than Merc one. If this is what they do - I hope for a great 2015. but possibly it's just wishful thinking.

#33 RE: F1 Singapore GP 2014 by an1th 21.09.2014 01:07

But it does make sense .

Also, Ferrari did mention that they suffer because they had no experience in hybrid tech, and that is where Renault and Merc had an advantage because of their road car divisions.

#34 RE: F1 Singapore GP 2014 by YiNing 21.09.2014 19:34

Kimi Raikkonen: “Today’s race was really frustrating, because despite the fact we were quick, we weren’t able to finish where we wanted. My start was good, I moved up a few places and everything was working perfectly. After the first stop, I lost a place to Felipe and from then on, I found myself stuck behind a Williams for the entire race.

“Unfortunately, every time I managed to get close, I lost aero performance on the rear and on top of that, tyre degradation was very high. It’s a real shame I was never able to run my race, even if we already knew that straightline speed is our opponents’ strong point. I’m not happy with eighth place, but on the positive side, we have seen improvements this weekend. I’m sure that if, from now on, we don’t have problems, things will go better.”

#35 RE: F1 Singapore GP 2014 by Jalumi 21.09.2014 19:55


Kimi looked not so happy in the interviews afterwards

A boring, boring race! And for this some drivers suffered a lot. Seb had nausea and stomach cramps after the race and Magnussen und Kvyat had problems too because the heat. Is it worth it? I hope they feel well soon

#36 RE: F1 Singapore GP 2014 by claudie 21.09.2014 20:18

He had lots of bad luck today and yesterday but they are making improvements so i think that this weekend hasnt been too bad.

Besides Ham got the lead! Cant stand Rosberg :/

#37 RE: F1 Singapore GP 2014 by Jalumi 21.09.2014 21:02


I can´t stand Rosberg and Hamilton. And one of them will get champion. And Kimi..... no words
This is not my F1 year

#38 RE: F1 Singapore GP 2014 by miezicat 21.09.2014 21:55


Magnussen tweeted he is fine and that media exaggarated. Seb is also said to fine again. Hope Kvyat is too.

Quote: Jalumi wrote in post #37
I can´t stand Rosberg and Hamilton. And one of them will get champion. And Kimi..... no words
This is not my F1 year

only good thing of today was that Seb had a good race. other than that it was Singabore

Kimi team radio after race

#39 RE: F1 Singapore GP 2014 by Jalumi 21.09.2014 22:27


Quote: miezicat wrote in post #38

Kimi team radio after race

You found it! Miezi

#40 RE: F1 Singapore GP 2014 by f194girl 22.09.2014 07:08


We need this season just yet persevere and hope for the next year, unfortunately. There is little progress at Ferrari, so maybe with a lot of luck we´ll see Kimi one the podium...

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