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Good news

F1 teams can develop engines in season after FIA admits loophole
By Jonathan Noble Friday, January 2nd 2015, 14:43 GMT

Formula 1's current manufacturers will now be allowed to develop their engines during the 2015 season, after the FIA accepted there was a loophole in the regulations.

Mercedes' rivals Ferrari and Renault pushed hard in late-2014 for F1's engine freeze to be eased to give them more time to introduce much-needed upgrades, rather than having to complete all changes to a pre-season deadline.

But with Mercedes standing firm and refusing to concede much ground, it appeared that Ferrari and Renault's hopes of extra time were dashed.

However, as AUTOSPORT first revealed in December, the situation changed dramatically when it was suggested to the FIA that the engine rules did not actually stipulate when a final engine had to be lodged for 2015.

Although the FIA had always been under the impression that new engines would have to be homologated for the first race, this was never explicitly laid down in the rules.

An FIA spokesman said: "It was always envisaged, although not explicitly stated in the rules, that manufacturers would have to deal with modifications on the engine within the constraints of the rules, and then submit their 2015 engine [at the first race].

"It is simple, but when you read it [the rule book], it doesn't say that unfortunately."

Ferrari's technical director James Allison brought up the matter in a technical regulations working group meeting with the FIA at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and there were further discussions on the subject at a Strategy Group meeting before Christmas.

With the FIA admitting that the wording of the regulations was open to interpretation, it has subsequently told teams that the "most logical and robust" way forward is to accept that there is no actual date for 2015 homologation.

It means that manufacturers now have the option of introducing upgrades to their engines throughout the season - as long as they stick to the 32 development token limit that is laid down within the rules and do not exceed the four-engine per car limit for the campaign.

In a note that was sent from the FIA's Charlie Whiting to all teams over the Christmas period, it was made clear that the upgrades would be allowed to come on tap at any point over 2015.

"As it is not specifically stated... when a power unit may be modified in accordance with appendix 4 [of the technical regulations], we feel that the weighted items (32 in this case) may be introduced at any time during the 2015 season," said the note, a copy of which has been seen by AUTOSPORT.
Stoffel Vandoorne, McLaren-Honda, Abu Dhabi F1 test, November 2014

"The basic homologated power unit will remain that which was homologated for the 2014 season, including any changes made in accordance with paragraph 1 (c) of appendix 4 [of the sporting regulations]."


The interpretation that allows Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault to bring in developments over the course of 2015 will not apply to Honda because it is a new manufacturer.

Although the regulations do not specifically state dates for the Japanese car maker to submit its homologated unit, the FIA is standing by its view that it must stick to the February 28 date that the current manufacturers faced last year.

The Whiting note added: "As the existing manufacturers were obliged to homologate their power units by 28 February 2014 it would seem fair and equitable to ask a new manufacturer to homologate their power unit before February 28 2015.

"We therefore consider this to be a requirement for a new power unit manufacturer."


During discussions to frame the new turbo V6 regulations, an engine freeze was agreed to prevent costs getting out of control.

Once a power unit design was lodged with the FIA on February 28 2014, changes were only going to be accepted during the season for "reliability, safety or cost-saving reasons."
Mercedes F1 engine cover

However, each winter a limited number of modifications would still be allowed.

The scope of the change would be limited by a 'token' system that related to the individual components on the engine and its hybrid systems.

The entire power unit is made up of 66 'tokens' - which are weighted individually between one and three depending on how important they are.

Ahead of 2015, five of these tokens were 'frozen' completely - but there was scope to review the 61 remaining items if a manufacturer felt improvements were needed.

However, it would not be allowed to change all the parts. The rules are clear that only 32 tokens - approximately 48 per cent of the power unit - could be used for 2015.

The issue surrounding the recent FIA clarification relates to when these tokens need to be used by.

One view was that it had to be done by the first race, but Ferrari and Renault have successfully argued that a loophole in the rules means there is no deadline.

Longer term, the restrictions on how much development can be done increase each year.

So for 2016, 38 per cent of the engine can be changed, going down to 30 percent in '17, 23 per cent in '18 and just five per cent for '19 and '20.

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AMuS also writes that Ferrari would have been able to use only 27 token (of 32 allowed) until homologation date (because time too short) so now they changed development plan, they will take more time and will bring improvements on the PU in batches over the season.
Mercedes is on time but they will maybe hold 5 token back so they can react during the season if needed.
Renault will try to use most token at beginning of the season but they won't have split turbo.

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...sounds good!

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The media says Ferrari is planning to start the season with the 2014 PU to have more time to develop the 2015 version. Also that they opted for the Tombiazis-Fry pull-rod project rather than Allison's push-rod one at mid-season last year. So even though Allison is changing some things, the pull-rod can't be changed by the pull-rod now because it changes the whole structure of the car and there's no time.

Still Kimi is confident this year's car will be different and better, since he knows more than what the media knows, let's hope he can confirm it in the first tests...

Here are the dates thanks to Momo


Sunday Feb 1 - Jerez, Spain
Monday Feb 2 - Jerez, Spain
Tuesday Feb 3 - Jerez, Spain
Wednesday Feb 4 - Jerez, Spain

Thursday Feb 19 - Barcelona, Spain
Friday Feb 20 - Barcelona, Spain
Saturday Feb 21 - Barcelona, Spain
Sunday Feb 22 - Barcelona, Spain

Thursday Feb 26 - Barcelona, Spain
Friday Feb 27 - Barcelona, Spain
Saturday Feb 28 - Barcelona, Spain
Sunday Mar 1- Barcelona, Spain

#5 RE: F1 News and Translations 2015 by Olga 06.01.2015 16:59


i will just say that Kimi has been very unlucky with most of his teams...

but Alonso has been too in ferrari

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Sometimes I think the FIA are a bunch of clowns

The impact of F1's new Super Licence rules

16:13 – Alongside a minimum age of 18, 300km of testing and an examination on Formula 1's regulations, young drivers must have amassed 40 points over the previous three years across junior categories to qualify for the FIA's Super Licence from 2016. takes a look at the historical impact of the new rules.

Of the current 18 Formula 1 drivers, six would not have met the points criteria had the 2016 regulations been used at the nascent period of their careers.

The most prevalent are the likes of Jenson Button and Kimi Räikkönen, who spent only a very brief period in junior formulas. Button would have racked up 15 points, with Räikkönen on just five.

Another to miss out would be Daniel Ricciardo, who mustered 38 points across 2008, 2009 and 2010 prior to his mid-2011 HRT debut. Even if he deferred his F1 entry to 2012, he still wouldn't have met the criteria, with his eight points from 2008 replaced by seven for finishing fifth in the 2011 Formula Renault 3.5 Series.

Neither Toro Rosso driver would have qualified. Aside from his youth, Max Verstappen's 20 points for third in Formula 3 was insufficient while Carlos Sainz Jr. falls two points short, despite winning the Formula Renault 3.5 title.

Marcus Ericsson only gained 14 points in his three seasons of GP2 (a best of sixth place), though Sauber team-mate Felipe Nasr comfortably makes the grade due to his GP2 results.

Several other high-profile names narrowly scrape in.

Sebastian Vettel has just under 40 points for his achievements between 2004 and 2006, though the defunct nature of Formula BMW – in which he finished first and second in two different series in 2004 – means it is no longer listed by the FIA and thus impossible to quantify. Assuming a handful of points were allocated to the championship, Vettel would have qualified.

It's also debatable whether Felipe Massa would have made the cut, for his 2001 success in European Formula 3000 is difficult to compare to a current series.

Sergio Pérez gained 42 points for his achievements in British F3 and GP2, as did Red Bull's Daniil Kvyat with success in Formula Renault and GP3.

Valtteri Bottas would have held 50 points at the start of 2013, so too Fernando Alonso, who gained that tally from winning Formula Renault 3.5's predecessor (Euro Open by Nissan) in 1999 and placing fourth in International F3000 – which would become GP2 – in 2000.

63 would have been the score for Nico Rosberg, while both Lotus drivers comfortably make the grade, with Romain Grosjean racking up 60 points before his 2009 debut – and 70 prior to his 2012 return – and Pastor Maldonado's 2010 GP2 success boosting his tally to 68.

Lewis Hamilton would have gained 98 points, while the most qualified driver on the current grid is Nico Hülkenberg, who amassed 110 points in F3 and GP2.

Some drivers who competed in Formula 1 in recent seasons would have failed to qualify.

Caterham's one-off 2014 driver, Will Stevens, earned only 15 points from Formula Renault 3.5, while Giedo van der Garde – whose previous FR3.5 crown would not have counted – and Max Chilton did not achieve sufficient success in GP2.

Other noteable names are Jean-Éric Vergne, fellow Frenchman Charles Pic and Paul di Resta, whose stint in DTM would not have been recognised by the FIA.

Tweaked regulations also compensate for drivers making a return to Formula 1, with 15 starts required across three years.

However, it means drivers such as Michael Schumacher might have needed special dispensation to return to Formula 1 in 2010, while Pedro de la Rosa, who returned with Sauber in the same season, would have faced similar issues, having also missed three seasons.

Such regulations could also create a tricky situation should Robert Kubica ever be able to make a return to Formula 1 – indeed, the Pole would not have even qualified for a Super Licence when he made his BMW debut back in 2006.

Looking ahead to 2016, a couple of young drivers have already done enough to qualify for their Super Licences.

McLaren young gun Stoffel Vandoorne has a healthy total of 65, having won Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 in 2011 and finished runner-up in Formula Renault 3.5 and GP2 over the following two years.

Ferrari protege Raffaele Marciello is also on track with his European Formula 3 title from 2013 – which he has to his advantage for one more year – and the points he collected for his GP2 placing last year.

This is also interesting.
Who will be eligible to race in Formula One next year?

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about the PU I'm not sure, I'm reading different things.. if they can have only one homologated engine then they would have to start with 2014 engine and then idealy after 4 races they change to improved 2015 PU and can't use the 2014 PU again. Could be a problem if there is a engine failure and they would have to use another engine earlier already, 2015 PU maybe even not ready yet... and they one have 4 this year :/
or they they can start with an improved PU, just not all token used, and then later when change to new unit have further improved PU
Not sure how to read the rules, last would be better of course

I hope Kimi is right with being confident.. I'm not sure they can give him the feeling at the front with pull rod

I don't know why they didn't just put an age limit. why such a complicated system? Ok, it will mean that it will be difficult for pay drivers with bad results to get into F1 and the real talents will manage to get a licence but still.. also why they weight some series higher than others is strange

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BBC published the list of races they will show live in full:
29 March - Malaysia
19 April - Bahrain
7 June - Canada
5 July - Great Britain
26 July - Hungary
23 August - Belgium
27 September - Japan
11 October - Russia
15 November - Brazil
29 November - Abu Dhabi

to pick up bore-fest of Russia GP over one of those: Australia, Monaco, US, Austria... it's just a horrible choice.

#9 RE: F1 News and Translations 2015 by Jalumi 07.01.2015 18:49


#10 RE: F1 News and Translations 2015 by Jalumi 17.01.2015 18:55


Baby 1 arrived, still waiting for little Räikkönen
Congrats to Pinky and husband. But the name! Poor baby

Natalie Pinkham @NataliePinkham · 8 hours
#ItsABoy Please welcome to the world Wilfred Otto Walbyoff (Wilf to his pals) ...we are besotted! @OwainWalbyoff ❤️
17.1.15.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

#11 RE: F1 News and Translations 2015 by WHATEVER 18.01.2015 14:33


I didn't even know she was pregnant

#12 RE: F1 News and Translations 2015 by Denorth 11.02.2015 00:32


not really 'F1' news, but...

Do I remember correctly that Alfonso made a very loud declaration some time ago that he was moving back to Spain to be there and to pay taxes there, so they are used for good? Or my memory plays tricks? No, seems I am Ok.

Alonso admitted: "It's great to go home. I'm happy to pay the money. I'm not poor - just a little bit less rich now."

and now we learn that he actually moved to Dubai and a resident there, so obviously he did the same as with his Cycling team - talked lies and did a different thing.

"Fernando lived there and paid (tax) there. He never had anything in Spain since he upped and moved to England with everything he owned", sources close to the driver told MARCA.

..... In 2011, the driver changed to become a Spanish tax resident, and then moved on to Dubai, where he currently lives.

#13 RE: F1 News and Translations 2015 by WHATEVER 11.02.2015 05:04


Ist funny how I was amazed by Alonso's declarations about being friends again with McLaren/Ron Dennis and moving on. Or about Ron Dennis declaring Alonso didn't ask for number one treatment.

Until I read Denorth's post...

It's just the latest case of Alonso saying one thing and doing another.

#14 RE: F1 News and Translations 2015 by Jalumi 11.02.2015 06:15


He is fake, fake, fake

#15 RE: F1 News and Translations 2015 by Kurski 06.03.2015 21:37


This year Finland MTV commentators are again Oskari Saari, Mika Salo, Toni Vilander, Ossi Oikarinen, and pit raporter Timo Pulkkinen, but STCC women driver Emma Kimiläinen is new friday practice commentator few event, he first time Malaysia Sepang this job. Salo also only few race FIA steward and commentator job. F1 Studio back MTV channel, it was the last time in 2004, it host now to the former F1 commentator 2001-2003 Tomi Tuominen.

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