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Minttu has a new blog
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Thanks to Kimi Raikkonen Space:

Minttu smiled and said:
Robin is a happy baby. We are not getting married this summer. The wedding will probably take place abroad, but we would like to wait until Robin gets older so he can be a part of it as well. I would like to support Kimi during race weekends and I can write my blog anywhere. I don't want to get caught up in work because at the moment, family is the most important thing in my life. (Thanks Boglárka for translation)

#138 RE: Iceman 2015 by WHATEVER 27.05.2015 06:03


Interesting post on Minttu's blog...

#139 RE: Iceman 2015 by Denorth 27.05.2015 19:20


It's a bit 'dry' in English, isn't it? As if it was translated using Google. I bet it is more interesting to read in Finnish

#140 RE: Iceman 2015 by Appletree 28.05.2015 19:42


Actually its dry even in finnish. I wonder how much the magazine tidy up her blog.

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#142 RE: Iceman 2015 by WHATEVER 29.05.2015 17:48


Christning of the Aceman

#143 RE: Iceman 2015 by Denorth 02.06.2015 10:17


very interesting article on Kimi's qualy issues by James Allen

#144 RE: Iceman 2015 by Olga 03.06.2015 18:38


i really want to see what will happen in Canada....

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#146 RE: Iceman 2015 by WHATEVER 12.06.2015 15:38


From KRS

Out of the top 100 highest paid athletes of 2015, Kimi Raikkonen is ranked number 32 earning $27 million this year.

Other Formula 1 drivers included in the list are Lewis Hamilton (15th with $39 million), Fernando Alonso (17th with $35.5 million) and Sebastian Vettel (21st with $33 million).

Kimi Raikkonen
Source of Wealth: Racing
Salary/Winnings: $25 M
Citizenship: Finland
Endorsements: $2 M

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#147 RE: Iceman 2015 by Jalumi 14.06.2015 19:13


Kimi visited his motocross team in Italy yesterday

Maggiora Park.png - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

CHcI7bCW8AA_AUD.png - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

CHcKMaDWwAACCSi.png - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

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Love such pictures

CHeyaUSWUAA0l54.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

#149 RE: Iceman 2015 by WHATEVER 15.06.2015 01:35


for the pics Andrea

#150 RE: Iceman 2015 by Jalumi 18.06.2015 18:24


Uh, Kimi was

Kimi Raikkonen slams F1 media over 2016 Ferrari paycut reports
By Glenn Freeman Thursday, June 18th 2015, 16:07 GMT

Kimi Raikkonen has slammed Formula 1's media for speculating about his Ferrari future, following reports he could have to take a paycut to keep racing in 2016.

The Finn's future beyond the end of this season is unclear at the moment, with Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene saying earlier this year an extension to Raikkonen's deal "depends on his performance".

Raikkonen said during pre-season testing "there is an option in the contract", but he added at the time he wouldn't "worry about it".

When asked in Austria on Thursday about rumours of a paycut for 2016, Raikkonen criticised those in the media speculating on his future.

"I heard something about that - I'd be interested to know who wrote it," said the 2007 world champion.

"First of all you have no idea what my contract says. You never have.

"It's the bullshit nonsense you guys come up with all the time. It's fine with me.

"Have you seen my contract? So you just come up with bullshit - yes or no?

"You don't know the contract but you write stuff. You write stuff that's not true.

"Maybe you should start writing some things that make sense."

After admonishing the press, Raikkonen finished with: "Write what you want, I don't really care."

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