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#226 RE: Testing 2015 by Denorth 04.03.2015 14:26


I guess there in only one realistic theory of Alonso's accident left:

He was absent form a car for a fraction of the second, thus he lost control over it and crashed into the wall.
Why was he absent? He was abducted by aliens, probed (oops) and returned int the car but just a fraction of the second too late. Stupid aliens didn't relaise how dangerous it was!

Apart form all the jokes - wish him getting back to F1 soon.

#227 RE: Testing 2015 by Olga 04.03.2015 17:14


yes, apart from the jokes, i wish him a fast recovery too!!!

#228 RE: Testing 2015 by Sonny 04.03.2015 17:41

I definitely wish alonso a speedy recovery as well. It sounds like he is being asked to not drive the car, given the Aus GP will occur within 21 days of his concussion symptoms. If another brain injury would occur within 21 days from the original insult, the chances of brain damage later in life are higher.

#229 RE: Testing 2015 by Denorth 05.03.2015 14:34


just read that he couldn't recall 20 years of his life right after the accident and thought that he was a kart driver wishing to get into F1... That's actually quite scary.

#230 RE: Testing 2015 by Jalumi 05.03.2015 20:37


Its really scary and very worrying
If you put all together- informations from different sources, some facts don´t fit. And I want not to speak about the reason from the accident.
He was unconscious after the accident- according to photographs on site around 10 minutes. Then he was very confused. His physio Fabri Borra said to the medias he was so agitated they need to sedate him. Thats very unusual when you have a person, who has a head injury. For normal you try to monitor the consciousness state very close. And this is not possible, if you sedate the person! Sources said he don´t recognize other people, only his dad, thought he is still a Ferrari driver or now that he thought he is still a kart driver. This all sound not like a little "concussion". I´m not sure we will see him in Malaysia. I would not sit him in a car in the next time
Get well Nano!

#231 RE: Testing 2015 by WHATEVER 05.03.2015 23:35


Obviously there is a lot of information they're not telling, but what's even more curious is why they are not saying it.

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