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APRIL 19, 2015 · 7:38 AM

Manufacturers want to stick with V6 for new 1000bhp formula

The F1 engine manufacturers have agreed than any move towards 1000bhp engines for 2017 has to involve using the current V6 as a starting point.

None of them wants to go in the V8 direction that has been suggested by Bernie Ecclestone, and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says that the V6 plan now has priority.

“The discussion about a 1000bhp engine has been around quite a while,” he said. “And I appreciate very well that it needs to be a spectacular formula, and if that’s the way forward then we should continue to work on it. But there are various groups coming together in terms of how the 2017 rules can look like in terms of power unit, and in terms of the chassis side. Yesterday there was a very valuable meeting, Charlie [Whiting] was there, Bernie was there, and concepts have been put in place to make it a spectacular new formula in 2017.

“All engine manufacturers are pretty clear that the current engine architecture with a hybrid component needs to stay in place. This is the direction we’ve headed to, and this is at least at the moment the current status between Ferrari, Renault, Honda and Mercedes.”

Wolff says that the current engines will in any case gain power as they are developed, and that a change to the fuel flow rules would be the easiest way to provide an extra boost.

“I think by 2017 those engines, between all manufacturers, are going to have north of 900bhp. Then it’s a question of how do you want to market that? Does it make a big difference between having 950bhp or 1000? I think there are pretty easy tools to increase the horsepower, and this is increasing fuel flow. If you want to increase the fuel flow by 10kgs an hour or 20kgs or whatever it is, then you are going to have more than 1000bhp.

“But you need to redesign crucial components of the engine, you need to make them more reliable, and that again involves a lot of development costs. We all understand that we want to have a spectacular formula, not only on the chassis side but also on the power unit side, and this is what’s being discussed at the moment – how to achieve it.

“There’s a governance in place and for 2017 you need a simple majority in the F1 Commission to change the rules, and this is the reality. So if you’re being a hardliner and you’re blocking everything, you’re going to be run over. So at least let’s stay on the table and discuss in a sensible way what we can do and what is for the benefit of the sport and the good of the sport, and this is what we’re trying to do.”

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All eyes on unconfirmed Ferrari, Mercedes seats

By Mircea Serafim April 19, 2015 Motorsport

Maurizio Arrivabene says Kimi Raikkonen approached him to enquire about staying with Ferrari in 2016.

In the Bahrain paddock, rumours are swirling about the possibility of a Ferrari ‘dream team’ for next year starring Sebastian Vettel alongside Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton’s contract negotiations with Mercedes appear terminally stalled, with a source at the German giant admitting: “If Ferrari tries to sign a driver with an unlimited amount of money, it would no doubt succeed.”

Boss Toto Wolff is trying to stay calm.

“We have seen teams without any drivers in November,” he told Britain’s Sky, “and we are in April, so we are feeling ok.”

Clearly, Ferrari is leaving the door slightly ajar for now, with Arrivabene revealing in Bahrain he has told Raikkonen to his face that he is not ready to sign him up.

“He (Raikkonen) asked me about the contract and how to proceed,” the Ferrari team boss told Finland’s MTV3. “I said ‘You just have to be good on the track’.

“‘And if you do it, the contract is yours’. It is therefore very simple,” the Italian explained.

“I think Kimi is someone who appreciates this, and I appreciate that he did not send in his manager to talk to me about it. We know each other and we met eye-to-eye.”

1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve thinks Raikkonen has a good chance of retaining his seat, even though he has not yet proven a match for Vettel in 2015.

“If he keeps driving like this, why wouldn’t Ferrari keep him?” the Canadian told Turun Sanomat newspaper.

“The whole team seems to be in good spirits with a lot of energy. So who else would they take?

“If Lewis Hamilton is available, he would probably be Ferrari’s first choice, but I don’t think Ferrari cares so much if Kimi wins races or not.

“There is not really the need for two winning drivers. They need one driver to win and another to be a strong support,” added Villeneuve.

So for now, all eyes are on the unconfirmed seats at both Ferrari and Mercedes.

“Only fools are confident,” said Wolff, “and it’s only a contract once it is signed.”

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So Kimi is now a perfect driver no. 2

Good support, no fuss...

It's OK, give him the seat, the car will be even better next year and then, when nobody expects it, he will be World Champion again.

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lets not forget, life can have strange turns...

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Todt and other FIA delegates “safe” following Nepal earthquake
John Wall April 26, 2015

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Analysis: Why Formula 1 is having a calendar shake-up for 2016
By Jonathan Noble Wednesday, April 29th 2015, 14:42 GMT



April 3 - Australia (Albert Park)
April 10 - China (Shanghai)
April 24 - Bahrain (Sakhir)
May 1 - Russia (Sochi)
May 15 - Spain (Barcelona)
May 29 - Monaco (Monte Carlo)
June 12 - Canada (Montreal)
June 26 - Britain (Silverstone)
July 3 - Austria (Red Bull Ring)
July 17 - Europe (Baku)
July 31 - Germany (Hockenheim)
August 7 - Hungary (Hungaroring)
August 28 - Belgium (Spa)
September 4 - Italy (Monza)
September 18 - Singapore (Marina Bay)
September 25 - Malaysia (Sepang)
October 9 - Japan (Suzuka)
October 23 - USA (Austin)
October 30 - Mexico (Mexico City)
November 13 - Brazil (Interlagos)
November 27 - Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina)

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Even though I would love to have more races, I wouldn't want to have them if it means the teams and drivers will suffer by it. It's all money for Mr. Ecclestone, he has more than enough but he wants more.

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FOM statement - 2016 calendar
29 Apr 2015

It would appear that the proposed 2016 calendar has been leaked. This calendar has not yet been approved.

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So Christian Horner finally married the Spice Girl last friday
I just think it's funny, don't know why
I wish them the best.

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Wasn´t Jos F1 driver?
He looks a bit hmmm stressed

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If I understand correctly this is a page for the tickets for Monza with some discounts comparing to a normal price, but I don't speak Italian so can be easily wrong

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D, if you press over the little Italian flag where it says ITALIANO (on the top-right), a little window will open, there you can change language to English.

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thank you!

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Quote: Denorth wrote in post #13
thank you!

how about taking your student and coming to Monza??? then you can take her for a romantic trip to Venice!!!!!!!!!!!

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Quote: Olga wrote in post #14
Quote: Denorth wrote in post #13
thank you!

how about taking your student and coming to Monza??? then you can take her for a romantic trip to Venice!!!!!!!!!!!

not sure if they serve ramen there

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